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A large region in southeastern Europe

Black Sea

Obtained by the Ottomans, then lost by the Ottomans and obtained by the Russians

Mahmud II

He ruled the Ottoman Empire during the period when Greece had obtained half it's freedom back


Virtual slavery

Catherine the Great

Became the ruler of Russia after her husband died

Nicholas I

Came to the throne of Russia in midst of a revolt

Decembrist Revolt

A rebellion against Nicholas I

Michael Bakunin

The father of Anarchism


The concept of society without government

Fyodore Dostoevsky

A Russian writer who embraced Eastern Orthodoxy

Leo Tolstoy

A Russian writer who embraced the Sermon on the Mount

Alexander II

He abolished serfdom and freed twenty-three million people out of sixty-three million people in Russia

Battle of Plassey

This battle broke France's strength in India

Robert Clive

Defeated a much larger Indian force of eighty thousand

Charter Act

Gave the British crown control over all that the East India Company possessed


Indian soldiers

Sepoy Mutiny

Started when a rumor that meat grease had been rubbed on newly packaged rifles


A drug the British sold to the Chinese in order to gain a favorable balance of trade.

Qing dynasty

Also known as the Manchu dynasty, China came under domination as this dynasty weakened

Opium Wars

A war between Britain and China

Hong Xiuquan

The leader in one of the worst Chinese rebellions of all time

Taiping Rebellion

Hong's followers grew to over one million

Boxer Rebellion

The Society of Righteous and Harmonious fists


Became ruler at age four

Empress Dowager Cixi

Served as the actual ruler until Guangxu was fit to rule

Hundred Days' Reform

Implementing sweeping political, legal, and social changes in china.

Sino-Japanese war

The war in which Japan convinced Korea to separate from China, and so Japan gained control over Korea

Spheres of influence

Where all of the countries tried to influence China so they could have part of the Chinese land.

Treaty of Kanagawa

This treaty opened Japan into trading with other nations


Enlightened rule

Russo-Japanese war

This war forced the world to notice that Japan had developed into a world power.