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Name the 5 causes of the Westward movement?
- Oregon has fertile land.
-texas is ideal for raising cattle and growing cotten.
-many americans believe in Mnifest destiny
-mormons seek a safe home
-Gold is discovereed in california
Nmae the effects of the westward movement.
-texas wins war for independence
-united statesannexes texas
-britain and the united states divide oregon
-united states defeats mexico in war
-cotton kingdom spreads
What are the effects today from the westward movement?
-united states streches from sea to sea
-californis and texas are the most popuious states.
-mexican american culture enriches the united states.
mountain men
the first white people to live in oregon country were hardy fur trappers.
a place chosen to meet the fur traders. It was a place that you wo;; have a fun time.
naecissa and Marcus whitman
the coupled married in 1836 and set out for oregon, where they planed to convert local native americans to christians.
-built there missions by the columbia river
-many settlers settled amoung caycuse land and spread diseases. this made indians mad. the killed the whitmans.
who claimed oregon?
-us made claim by lewis and clark.
-the idians have lived there before
-britain claimed it by sir francis drake in 1579
-us and britain made agreement that each country would own oregon and share the property.