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nationalist group by Giuseppe Mazzini whose goal was to fight for unification of the Seperate Italian states and overthrow austrians
Young Italy
writer and leader of Young Italy exiled because of his outspoken nationalism, unsuccessful when France comes to the aid of the people
Giuseppe Mazzinni
-wrote "il risorgimento"
-won crimean war with allies of g.b, france, and otto emp.
-deal w/ france: help defeat austria in exchange for savoy and nice
-tells king victor emanuel they can win
Camillo di Cavour
nationalist newspaper by Cavour when this movement for Italian unification and freedom for Austrian control occured
"Il Risorgimento"
provinces given to France by Cavour in exchange for support of Sardinia in the planned war
Savoy and Nice
member of young turks that went to s. america, where he learned geurilla warfare to use in the sicily revolt and war with austria; gave s. italy to king. v.e.
Giuseppe Garibaldi
followers of Garibaldi known for their colorful uniforms that gained control of Sicily and eventually controlled the southern part of the Italian peninsula after conquering Naples
Red Shirts
king given the kingdom of two Sicilies by Garibaldi that completed the unification of Italy after the 1866 and 1870 wars when Italian troops entered Rome; also got venetia and papal states by the 7 weeks war
King Victor Emmanuel
alliance between 3 nations that agreed to defend each other against any possible attack in 1882
Triple Alliance
Italy, Austria-Hungary, Germany
3 nations in Triple Alliance