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"Quote." (Author, year, page number)

Why were the physical features of ancient china important?

The natural barriers helped to protect ancient Chinese people from invasion. To the east was the pacific ocean, to the south was heavy forest. There was also the Himalayas to help stop invasion.

What was the position of Women in AC? What were their rights and responsibilities?

Lower than men on the hierarchy. Expected to do what they were told. Rarely Educated, married to men that their fathers chose, husbands might have other wives. Typically cooked, cleaned, wove cloth, raised the many children that they were expected to have, helped out on the land.

Why was Shi Hunangdi an important individual?

Ended the warring states period, engaged the construction of roads (encouraging trade) and irrigation to stop floods. He also constructed the great wall of china and the building of his tomb with thousands to terracotta warriors. This shows that he was very powerful.

List three innovations/inventions of the Ancient Chinese.

The magnetic compass - invented around 250 BCE, revolutionized how sailors navigated the seas

Gun Powder - Invented around 850 BCE, fifty years after the invention it was used by the Chinese as a powerful weapon in warfare

Acupuncture - a faster way of healing by using needles

Define- CE

Common Era- Everything after the birth of Christ.

Define- BCE

Before Common Era- Everything before the birth of Christ.

Define- Primary source

Primary source- Physical or photo of an artifact that came from the time.

Define- Secondary source

Secondary source- A source about the event that was written after the event happened.

Why is the evaluation of sources important?

To make sure that the source is reliable and has accurate information.

How do you evaluate a source?

Author, perspective on subject, reliability, information revealed.