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In his inaugural address, President Jefferson called for ___

reducing the power of the federal government

Which Supreme Court ruling upheld the sanctity of contracts?

Fletcher vs. Peck

Which artist painted scenes of the daily life of Native Americans?

George Catlin

Because cotton became a major cash crop in the South, the demand for ____ increased.

enslaved people

How did the purchase of the Louisiana Territory affect the size fo the United States?

It doubled the size

On which river did Lewis and Clark start their exploration?

the Missouri River

Why did Lewis and Clark travel a route that was longer than the straight-line distance between St. Louis and the Pacific Ocean?

They had to go around the mountain ranges

In the early 1800s, most educational opportunities were available to ____.

only those who could afford to pay for them

The music of Stephen C. Foster can best be described as a combination of ____.

African and European music. This created a whole new, American sound.

Why did many African Americans convert to Christianity in the early 1800s?

the Second Great Awakening stressed the equality of believers before god.

Why did the candidates in the election of 1800 write letters to leading citizens and newspapers?

to publicize their views

How did Thomas Jefferson assert control over the judiciary?

withholding some supreme court commissions and filling vacancies.

Midnight judges

Why did Jefferson purchase the Louisiana Territory?

because the Mississippi was an important trade route; this purchase gave the U.S. control of the river

Why was the Second Great Awakening popular?

1. Camp meetings were accessible and understandable

2. Promoted the idea that people were equal before God

3. Promised all believers could be saved

Which story features a headless horseman?

"The Legend of Sleepy Hollow"

Where did most Americans live during the 1800s?

in rural areas

Why had slavery been outlawed in most Northern states?

Farming in the north did not depend on slave labor.

Which two presidential candidates were tied in the election of 1800?

Jefferson and Burr

What was the significance about the election of 1800?

It was a peaceful transfer of power

How did Thomas Jefferson and Albert Gallatin reduce the national debt?

by cutting military spending

Why was the Mississippi River vital to western farmers?

they needed it to ship their goods to market

Jefferson worried that the purchase of the Louisiana Territory would be against the _____.


Which country sold the Louisiana Territory?


The plan to form a "Northern Confederacy" led to _____.

a deadly duel between Burr and Hamilton

In the early 1800s, American artists and writers expressed their ___ feelings in their works.


How did settlers travel to the west?

by horseback; by boat; in conestoga wagons; basically anyway they could!

What was the Western boundary of the Louisiana Territory?

the Rocky Mountains

Lewis and Clark's expedition gave the US a stronger claim to ____.

Oregon Country

What made the purchase of the Louisiana Territory possible and what was its impact?

1. the revolution in Santo Domingo made it possible

2. doubled the size of the U.S. and opened up a large area for settlement