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Tehran conference

1943 second front Stalin was not happy that it was just the Soviet union of the Soviet union attacking Japan after the war.Stalin was to give free elections.the UN was to be set up

Yalta 1945 conference

Germany is divided.Nazis put on trial which was discussed at tehran.tensions had become worse as britian and the ussr had advanced in Europe.britian believed that the user was taking over Europe.

Potsdam 1945 confrance

The big free changed as the USA New leader was truman and britians New leader was atlee.

In the USA they had created an atomic bomb this increased tensions as Stalin did not no about it.Stalin believed that tha other two allies was not supportive of Russia being invaded.

Soviet take over eastern Europe 1945-1947

The iron curtain was formed and tension increased because of the buffer was put in place to protect the ussr from invasion this was not supported by the allies.USA and Britain thought Stalin was trying to take over like Hitler.

truman doctrine 1947

This was set up to contain communism.this is the opposite to commicon which is from the ussr .worsen tension because of being divided between the east and west.

Marshall plan 1947

This was the capitalist version of aid to poor countries in hope of the domino affect.this allowed them to be independent.this worsened tensions because it went against comecon.

Berlinblock aid 1948

This stoped USA And Haitian from being able To reach each other and Britain and France this was put in place by Stalin to isolate eastern berlin.this worseons tensions as Stalin blocks all transport to attempt at staving the allies out but they flew supplies over to west Berlin

Division of east and west Germany 1949

Makes tensions worse NATO was put in place and Stalin was not invited.military use/assistant was used and needed

Arms race 1949-1953

Computation of who had more weapons and nuclear bombs

Stalin dies in 1953

Kruschev replaces him

Warsaw pact 1955

Worsens tensions in realtions of NATO

1956 Hungarian uprising

Made relations worse milatry force involved .

Berlin wall 1961

Reason 4 this was brain drain,people leaving the east to GO to the west,east was losing skilled people,spy planes,Paris peace confrance.immediate barruer,family and friends split up,symbol icon of the cold war ,both sides. Used the wall as propaganda.nothing really changes it becomes a solution for Berlin,USA remains committed to west Berlin.

Cuba 1962

Cuba revaltion led by Castro,the fail of the bay of pigs,Cuba turns communist,and moves closer to the Soviet union,Soviet union sends U2 spy plane ,naval blockade of cuba,to letters from Khrushchev to kennedy 1st letter say remove the missiles then no invasion the 2nd one says removve this missiles from Turkey.kruschev backs down Kennedy looks strong.close to nuclear war,scared both sides,detante,hotline,non perfication treaty.

Czechoslovakia 1968

Economic stagnation

Social repression

Dubeck reforms

Prague spring

Leaves the war saw pact

People being able to travel

Trade with the west

Limited the power of the secret police

10 year multi party plan

Excitement and hope

Soviet union invaded

Dubeck is deported to Turkey.this had no effect on relations.