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t or f
in his novels cahrles dickens always showed the benefits of the Ind Rev
t or f
workers in the cottage Ind had an easy time adjusting to the rules of the factory
the Ind rev involved gov not money

t or f
eli whitney introduced mass production to keep workers from striking

t or f
charactersistics of the industrial rev were?
-replaced hand manufacturing w/ machine production
-concentrated work force to factories
-it was a period of dramatic advancement
as great britian dev economically it didnt require
a large % of ppl employed in agriculture
greatly increased the amount of food produced
agricultural revolution
consolidated farm lands under one order
enclosure movement
forced small farmers out of business
enclosure movement
seed drill
jethro tull
as a result of this farmers went to work in factories in cities
enclosure movement
charles townshen invented what?
crop rotation
changed the type of crops planted to keep the soil fertile
crop rotation
the reaper
cyrus mcCormick
where does the Ind Rev begin?
process of economic cahnge from an agricultural and commercial society to a modern industrial society
Industrial Rev
why did the Ind Rev occur
1-changes in farming made an increase in food supply
2-bristish agriculture can now feed more ppl at lower prices w/ less labor
who held cpaital to invest in factories
british merchants
what was britan rich in?
coal and iron ore
the distance between the __ to the __ was small
power source to the finished product
where did the cotton textile industry begin?
manchester, lanchshire
made flying shuttle
john kay
invents the spinning jenni
invents waterframe
richard arkwright
displaces the domestic system w/ the factory system w/ the factory system
the waterframe
where were factories located?
next to rivers and streams
played a major role in the Ind rev
dev of the steam engine
invented the steam engine
james watt
1760-1830..a network of canals and new roads were built where?
the most imp dev in transportation?
the railroad
the rocket
george stevenson
manufacturing of goods by workers at a central place using machines
factory system
prohibited the employment of children of children under the age of 9 in cotton mills
factory act of 1833
limited woman and children to a specific number of hours
10 hour act
by the early 1990s living conditions in ciies improved bc___
the factory system declined
lessend some of the abuses of child labor in the textile industry
factory act of 1833
lessend some of the abuses of child labor in the textile industry
factory act of 1833
all of the following were responsible for the Ind rev
1-adequate raw material
2-many entrepreneurs
3-source of financing to build factories
organized first poilce force
robert peel