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Englands ruler from 1558 to 1603
C elizabeth Tudor
A major concern for Queen Elizabeth was
D the loyalty and obedience of her subjects
Mary Stuart, Queen of Scots, fled from Scotkand to England, when...
A the Protestants in Scotland rebelled againsts her
The main purpose of the Elizabethan sea dogs was to...
B capture Spanish treasure ships
The purpose of the east india company was
D to gain share of the profitable spice trade with the east
Queen Elizabeth compromised on the issue of religion by
A granting religious freedom to catholics
The act of Uniformity sought, to end religious conflicts in england by
A establishing england's only legal church
In her plots against elizabeth, Mary of Scotland received support from all of the following EXCEPT
A her scottish subjects
Elizabeth gained special diplomatic advantages by
D remaining unmarried
Oliver Cromwell overthrew the english monarch on behalf of
C Puritans
Elizabeth gained special diplomatic advantages by
D remaining unmarried
The outcome of Puritan rule included all of the following EXCEPT
B religious tolerence
A major conflict between Charles I and Parliment began when
A the scots threatened to invade England
In the English civil war, those who fought on PArliament side were knowen as
C roundheads
Oliver Cromwell control of england was based on
A the strenght of his army
The two key issure that led to conflict between James 1 and parliamnet were
B money and religion
The two key issues that led to conflict between Charles I and Parlament and that led to civil war were
Taxation policices and religious reform
Charles I tried to strengthen his monarchy by
D conguering Ireland
parliament tried to weaken the monarchy by
A passing laws to limit the kings power
Charles I called Parliament in 1628 in an effort to
Which of the following events did not take place during cromwells rule
By 1659 the majority of england people wanted to be goverened by
England first monarch after cromwell protectore was
The period of England history from 1660 to 1685 is known as
The main concern of the england people toward Charles 11 involved
The idea that the purpose of governtment is to protect ppls right to life liberty and the property was deleloped by
The Habease corpus act was important becasue it...
The main issue that led to the overthrow of James 11 was
After the Glorious Revolution in 1688
The 1689 english bill of rights