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helped jamestown succeed by giving it something to sell
The Orient
what the spain called what is now china
John Cabot
* English
* laid a claim to the Atlantic coast of North America for England in 1497
* We probobaly wouldn't be Englishif if weren't for him...
Francisco Pizzarro
*conquered the Incas in South America in the Andes mountains
Sir Francis Drake
*a sea dog
*a pirate of england
*a favorite of queen eleizabeth but hated by spain b/c he stole from them.
Fur Trade
Created a good business and reason to be in North America for france.
queen isabella
*her husband was king ferdinand
*supported c.c.
Sea Dog
bold, and daring englishsea captains who struck at the heart of Spanish power. Acting as pirates, they disrupted the flow of gold and silver fromthe new world to spain
Conquered many other tribes of indians in what is now Mexico.
Leif Ericson founded it. he called it thestrange land to the west
Line of Demarcation
*divided the world inhalf
*the pope drew an imaginary line on a map to help solve theconstant rival beetween spain and portugal
Amerigo Vespucci
Proved that C.C. was wrong when he said that North America was really the Orient. Since, he proved that, they named most of North America after him
Spanish Armada
A very strong army much like our navy. Spanish
Jacques Cartier
*France's representive
*found the St. Lawerence river
St. Lawerence River
Cartier founded it, it helped give france a large claim to North America
Ferdinand Magellan
*circumnavigated the earth in 1519-1522
Robert De La Salle
*claimed the mississippi river for the french
their civilazation located on the Yucatan Peninsula of Mexico. very skilled builders
Leif Ericson
*son of Eric the Red
*spotted North America before c.c.
*colonized greenland
* founded vinland
King Ferdinand
* wife was queen isabella
* supported c.c.
Vasco de Balboa
*crossed the Isthmus of Panama in 1513
*Govenor of Darien
Incas lived in the Andes mountains of SoutH America. They lived in large cities and developed many skills. Very smart and advanced
constanly on the move in search of game, fish, and wild plants.
Hernando Cortes
*Defeated the Aztecs by tricking them into thinking that he was a god.

John Smith
saved jamstown from falling by allowing women to come to the new colony, and by not letting any men eat if they didn't work.
* got them threw the starving time winter in the year of 1609-1610
Chris Columbus
* Porugieus, yet Spain financed his voyage.
* Discovered North America
James town
would have failed if it wern't for John Smith. Named after their king james 1. survived but weht through very hard struggles
Sir Walter Raeliegh
*english nobleman
*organized Roanoke Island in 1585 and it failed because of poor leadership, indian attacks, and famine
*in 1587, he tried again. John White was put in charge of thecolony. White went back to England for supplies and was delayed for three years to get back home because of war with spain. When he came back, the colony was gone without a trace.