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What is this?

Identify the labels/function
Thyroid gland

A-follicular cells, make t3/t4
B-Colloid-where the thyroglobulin is stored
C-parafollicular cells-secrete Calcitonin
What type of epithelium lines the thyroid follicles?
Simple cuboidal
Where do follicular cells secrete into?
The colloids, NOT into capillaries.
How can you tell whether the thyroid is storing or secreting hormones? (activity of the gland)
High cuboidal lining means it is secreting (smaller lumen), lower cuboidal means that it is storing (larger lumen)
What happens to a follicular cell when TSH stimulates it?
It uptakes the colloid through endocytosis and then attacks it with lysosomes, liberating the T3 and T4 so that it can go into the blood
What is this?

Name the cells and their functions.
A-oxiphil cells-(pink)-inactive cheif cells with no secretoyr granules, but with more mitochondria

b-chief cells-secrete parathyroid hormone
What are the two embryo logic origins of the pituitary gland
neural ectoderm and the oral ectoderm
What are the three parts of the anterior pituitary, and what is found there?
--acidophils--somatotrophs (GH), mammotropes(prol)
--basophils-thyrotropes (TSH), Gonadotropes (LH,FSH), Corticotropes (ACTH)

Pars intermedia
----alpha melanocyte
----prolactin releasing hormone

Pars tuberalis
What are the three parts of the posterior pituitary and what is found there?
Pars nervosa
---herring bodies


median eminance
Identify the labels
A-pars intermedia
b-pars nervosa
c-pars distalis
d-pars tuberalis
What is this?

Identify the labels
Pars distalis

MN-SandM is acidic, even the bastards Can Get That

b-acidophils (mammotropes, somatotrophs)
c-basophils (thyrotropes, gonadotropes, corticotropes)
What is this? What is A, what is found here
Pars intermedia

A-colloid cyst-remnants of rathke's pouch

basophils here produce alpha melanocyte stimulating hormone and also prolactin releasing factor
What is this, what are the arrows pointing to?
Pars nervosa, herring bodies (store oxytocin and vasopressin)

Surrounded with pituicytes (similar to astrocytes)
What part of pars nervosa produces oxytocin?
Paraventricular nuclei (MN oxygen in my park)
What part of the pars nervosa produces vasopressin?
Supraoptic nuclei
What is this? What makes the cortex and what makes the medulla? What is made in the cortex and what is made in the medulla?
Adrenal gland

Cortex=mesoderm, medulla-neural crest endoderm!

Cortex secretes-aldosterone, cortisol

What is this?

name the layers-
Adrenal cortex- MN- (medulla) Real Fuckin' Good (outside)-adrenaline makes me feel real fucking good from the inside out!

A-Reticularis-pink splotchy
F-Fasciculata-spongy with white areas (b/c of fat used to make steroid hormones)
G-Glomerulosa-not as spongy
Which layer secretes aldosterone?

Which layer secretes cortisol and androgens?

Which layer is stimulated by Angiotensin 2?

What are all 3 layers stimulated by?
B and A Fasciculata-secretes glucocorticoids and androgens

C is stimualted by angiotensin 2

All three layers are stimulated by corticotropin
What is this? What kinds of cells are here and what do they secrete?
Adrenal medulla; chromaffin cells; catecholamines nor epi and epi (and dopamine)
What is the top arrow pointing to, what is the bottom arrow pointing to?

Where is this?
Ganglion cell; blood vessel (hormones secreted into here); Adrenal medulla