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The statement, "Men can do all things if they will," was made by...
Leon Battista Alberti
The Renaissance painter noted for his Madonnas & his School of Athens was...
Characteristics of marriage & family in Renassaince Italy were...
Males dominated the family & marriages were arranged by the parents.
The Third Estate was...
composed primarily of peasants, who comprised as much as 85 to 90% of the population.
Political recoveries of 1400s Europe:
cent mon gained strength in W Eur; decent mon gained strength in Germ central Eur; "new mon's" greatly aided in stabilizing France, Sp, Bavaria & Eng
The author of The Divine Comedy & The Prince
Niccolo Machiavelli
Complaints of religious Europeans around 1500 was...
dissatisfaction with the orthodox beliefs & practices of the church
Positions taken by Martin Luther:
Salvation would be achieved through faith; German princes should estab a reformed German church; purchase of indulgences would not lead to salvation
After Henry VIII's marriage to Catherine of Aragon was annulled by the Archbishop of Canterbury, ...
Parliament finalized England's religious break with Rome by passing the Act of Supremacy, making Henry the head of the Anglican church.
Under Calvin, what city became the Calvinist "Rome"?
Absolute obediance to Papacy; use education to restore Catholicism in Europe; restoration of Catholicism in areas of Germany & E Eur.
The Jesuit order
The Coucil of Trent took the position that...
faith & good works were required for salvation
What ruler was drawn into conflict with Spain?
Queen Elizabeth I
feed the frenzy; accusations led to trials; many accused were female.
witchcraft craze in 1500s & 1600s
exports should exceed imports; high, protectionist tariffs on imports; colonies were sources of raw materials & markets for exports.
Basic tenets of 1600s mercantilism
majority of govt expenditures were for military purposes; to "open a window to the west"; modernize Russia.
policies of Peter the Great
created new cosmology; mechanical explanation of things; universal motion could be mathematically explained.
relevances to Newton's discoveries
What European nation did NOT establish colonies in the New World?
established a school for navigators in 1419
Prince Henry
The Cape of Good Hope was rounded in 1487 by...
Bartolomeu Dias