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stuck on appearance
seborrheic keratosis
red plaques with silvery white scales and sharp margins
honey crusted lesions
positive nikolsky's sign
pemphigus vulgaris
negative nikolsky's sign
bullous pemphigoid
flat-topped papules
lichen planus
iris-like target lesions
erythema multiforme
presents with herald patch, christmas-tree like pattern
pityriasis rosea
16 year old boy with annular patch of alopecia with broken-off stubby hairs
alopecia areata (autoimmune)
pinkish, scaling, flat lesions on chest and babck. KOH prep has spaghetti and meatballs appearance
pityriasis versicolor
premalignant lesion from sun exposure that can turn into squamous cell CA
actinic keratosis
cradle cap
seborrheic dermatitis; treat with antifungals
associated with propionibacterium acnes and changes in androgen levels
acne vulgaris
inflammation and epithelial thinning in anogenital area, predominantly in postmenopausal women
lichen sclerosus
side effects of corticosteroids
acute mania, immunosuppression, thin skin, osteoporosis, easy bruising, myopathies
treatment for DTs
treatmetn for acetaminophen overdose
treatmetn for opiod overdose
treatment for benzo overdose
treatmetn for neuroleptic malignant syndrome
dantrolene or bromocriptine
treatment for malignant HTN
treatment of SVT
rate control with carotid massagge or other vagal stimulation
causes of drug-induced SLE
INH, penicillamine, hydralazine, procainamide
blood in urethral meatus or high-riding prostate
bladdre rupture or urethral injury
test to rule out urethral injury
retrograde cystourethrogram
acceptable urine output in trauma pt
50 cc/hr
acceptable urine output in stable pt
cannon a waves
third degree heart block
signs of neurogenic shock
hypotension and bradycardia
signs of increased ICP (cushing's triad
hypertension, bradycardia, abnormal respirations
decreased CO, decreased PCWP, increased PVR
hypovolemic shock
decreased CO, increased PCWP, increased PVR
cardiogenic shock
increased CO, decreaed PCWP, decreased PVR
septic/anaphylactic shock
treatment of septic shock
fluids and abx
treatment of cardiogenic shock
identify cause; pressors (e.g. dobutamine)
treatment of hypovolemic shock
identify cause; fulid and blood repletion
treatment of anaphylactic shock
diphenhydramine or epinephrine 1:1000
supportive treatment for ARDS
signs of air embolism
pt with chest traua who was previously stable suddenly dies
trauma series
AP chest, AP/lateral C-spine, AP pelvis