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What two fat molecules are contained in the Plasma Membrane?

Phospholipids: Selectively Permeable

Cholesterol: Stabilize phospholipid from breakage.

Ribosomes Functions?

~Made up of subunits called ribosomal RNA.

~May be attached to the endplasmic reticulum

or may be free floating.

~Make enzymes and other protein compounds.

~Nickname: Protein Factories.

Endoplasmic Reticulum

~Connecting sacs and Canals through cytoplasm.

~Carry proteins and other substances from one area to another.

~Rough ER: has ribosomes attached.

~Smooth ER: No ribosomes. Makes new membrane.

Golgi Apparatus

~Broken off vesicles from ER are transported and fused with the sacs of the Golgi and then are broken off and transported out through the plasma membrane.

~Nickname: Chemical processing and packaging center.


~Two membraneous sacs

~Enzymes found in the walls of mitochondria go through aerobic or cellular respiration to release energy for the cell to work.

~Nickname: Powerhouse.


~Have enzymes that can digest food compounds.

~Nickname: Digestive bags.

~Can also digest and destroy microbes.


~Two rod shaped and lie at right angles of one another. Important during cell division


~small, fingerlike projections of the plasma membrane.

~Increase surface area of the cell. Increase ability to absorb nutrients.


~extremely fine, hairlike extensions on the exposed surfaces of some cells.

~capable of movement.


~single projection, extended from the cell surface.

~Tail of male sperm cell.