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Warm interior Herbs treat _______ which can be a result of_______
interiorly generated, invasion of Cold into organs
Interiorly gnereated patterns result from
Yang Deficiency
more serious cases of internally gnerated patterns of Cold are often seen as
Devastated or Collapsed Yang
In treating interior Cold, one would use herbs to Warm interior and Exopel cold with which other category of herbs
tonify Qi and tonify yang herbs
Invsion of pathogenic Cold is usally associated with
SP/ST Cold
Invasion of pathogenic cold with warm interior herbs can be combined with
Regulate Qi, Dispel Damp, Tonify Qi herbs
Which channel do these herbs enter
Sp & Kid
General cautions in using these herbs
Easily damage yin, BF, blood
Which herb does not restore devastated yang? Hua Jiao, Fu Zi, Gan Jiang, Rou Gui?
Hua Jiao
36 year old women w/ cramps in Lower abdomen, before and during period. Large clots, She was wading in cold water T-dark, white coat distended subs P-Choppy and slow (Fu Zi, Gan Jiang, rou Gui, Hua Jiao)
Rou Gui
46 yr old w/ cough, wheezing, little sputum, which is thin and white, feels chilled T-sl. purple, pale w/ white coat
P-wiry, slippery, slow (Fu Zi, Gan jiang, Rou Gui, Hua Jiao)
Gan Jiang (Cold in Middle jiao, warm lungs, resolve cold phlegm)
31 year old w/ abodominal pain and diarrhea, was in 3rd world country and came back with parasites. T-pale white coat P- slippery and full
Hua jiao (kills parasites-warm MJ-Stop pain)
41 year old, pain in lower ab on right for several months, WM diagnosis-hernia
T-pale w/ white coat P-wiry slow
hernia-liver channel diaharmony
(Hua Jiao, ding Xiang, Gao Ling Jiang, Xiao Hui Jiang)
Xiao Hui Xiang (enter liver channel)
75 year old man, diarrhea, low back pain for 3 years, 5am diarrhea, feells better w/ heat, gas, belching, bloating
T-pale, white coat P- deep, weak, slow
(Wu Zhu Yu, Ding Xiang, Xiao Hui Jiang, Gao Liang Jiang)
Wu Zhu Yu(cocks crow diarrhea, rebellious stomach qi, warm SP/KID
43 year old women, vaginal dicharge, clear, no smell for several months, low back pain and knees, feels better with warmth
T-pale white coat P-deep weak, slow
(Ding Xiang, Wu Zhu Yu, Xiao Hui Xiang, Gao Liang Jiang)
Ding Xiang
Which is not true about tonifying herbs.. -(+) vital energy, -help patients recover from degenerative disease,-(+) anti-pathogenic factors to prevent disease, -move qi
move Qi
Taste of tonic herbs is usually what taste
One uaully cooks tonifying herbs
little longer to fully extract their inactive ingredients
Which is not a caution of using tonifying herbs
can strengthen various physiological processes
which organs do otnify herbs work on
LU, Hrt, SP, KID
Main cautoin of tonifying Qi herbs is that with excessive/chronic use they can -lead to sense of fullness, -distention in chest, -epigastric, -lead to loose stool, -lead to heat
All of above
Tonify Qi herbs are commonly combined with what cateogry of herbs
move Qi
Best herb to treat yuan qi (source)
(ren shen, dang shen, tai zi shen, huang qi)
ren Shen
all herbs treat waste and thirst except
(ren shen, dang shen, huang Qi, yi tang)
Yi tang
30 year old man frequent colds, 5 colds since january-may, in december had a divorce lost job, sweats alot/spontaneous
T-pale, enlarged, coat thin/white P-soft littel thready in cun/guan
(ren shen, dang shen, Yi Tang, Huang Qi
Huang Qi(esp for excessive sweating, associated with Wei Qi)
40 year old man, hemorrhoids, for 2 years has had gas and bloating,
T-little pale, puffy white coat
P-wiry, except in guan (deep ,weak)
(gan cao, da zao, Tai Zi Shen, Dang Shen)
Dang Shen (sinking central Qi)
55 year old man, palpitations, comes on with or without exertion and not all the time, once a day or once every 2 days
T-poale, sl. thick white coat
P-irregular, little weak in cun/guan, sl. rapid
(bai zhu, da zao, gan cao, zhi gan cao)
Zhi gan Cao (tx irregular pulse)
What is not true about Tonify Blood herbs: A)move bloood
B)nourish blood
C)nourish heart, liver, spleen
D)nourish yin
Move blood
what is not a cause of blood deficiency
A)KID yang def
B) sp qi def
C)yin def
D) severe bleeding
kidney yang deficiency
Severe long standing blood deficiency will lead to
a)liver wind with skin issues
B)liver qi stag with blood clots
C)liver fire with HBP
D)liver overacting on spleen with diarrhea and bloating
liver wind,"",,unsure though
What herb to use if premature grey hair
(shu di huang, he shou wu, Dang Gui, Bai shao)
He Shou Wu
Runny nose, chils, cough, you treat but patient does not get better,
T-pale, thin white coat P-superficial, slow
Bai Shao (ying and wei disharmony with wind cold surface)
cramps, irregular periods, WM want to use birth control pills, mother died of breast cancer so little apprehensive,
T_ pale thin whtie coat P- thready, slow
Dang Gui (regulate female reproductive system)
Pain in right groin area for one month, WM hernia, needs surger
T-dark with thin white coat
P-thready, sl. slow
Dang Gui
AFternoon fever, thrist, weak and sore knees, little dizzy low back pain and weakness, has lost weight in past few weeks w/out really trying
P-weak thready, esp in chi position, rapid
T-little red w/ very little coat
Shu Di huang(primary herb to tonify kidney)
Leg Cramps, usually in evening when sleeping , awakens with intense pain and spasm, lasts for one hour
T-little pale with thin white coat
P-little wiry
Bai Shao (anitspasmodic)
72 year old w/ constipation, dry mouth/throat for past year. Drinks 10 glasses of water per day and irritated
(sang shen, E Jiao, gou Qi zi, Long yan rou)
Sang Shen (yin xu, constipation, tonify liver and kidney)
56 year old w/ palpitations, can't sleep, forgetfullness, and dizziness
long yan rou (good for spleen and heart issues)
60 year old diminished vision over 6 months. Low blood pressure, low pitched tinnitus
Gou Qi Zi
62 year old with cough dry w/ sl. bloody streaked sputum. prone to nosebleeds, smokes
E Jiao (stop bleeding any kind, moisten lungs)
32 year old, heavy periods every month, dizziness, sallow complexion
E Jiao
What is the taste and temperature of tonify yang herbs
Sweet and warm
Tonify yang herbs enter what channel
What does tonify yang herbs not do (not a function)
insure smooth flow of Qi
T/F, Thirst is not a symptom of yang deficiency
Which are the main cautions of yang tonifying herbs?
(damage yin, damage blood, Damage BF)
all of above
Which is not addressed in tonify yang herbs?
(hot flashes, decreased thryoid fx, decreased energy, or infertility)
hot flashes
3 yr old w/ learning disability, has a hard time speaking and walkiong, mother drank alcohol and did drugs during pregnancy, T_pale, wet
(Lu rong, Lu jiao jiao, lu jia shuang, ge jie)
Lu Rong
42 year oold w/ never ending period, heavy flow foor 3 edays then little on the 5th, but continues ooff and on for next 2 weeks, low energy, dull LBP, little appetite, feels chilly moost of time
(lu jiao jiao, lu rong, ba ji tian, ge jie)
Lu jiao jiao
40 year old w coough, wheezing, asthma more diifficult to inhale, LBP, and knees painful, frequent urination at night
T-sl. pale w/ teethmarks
(ge jie, lu rong, lu jiao jiao, bai ji tian)
Ge Jie
38 year old w/ fatigue for several years. cold moost of time, loose stools, feels weak, irregular periods, has aplastic anemia
(lu rong, lu jiao jiao, bai ji tian, ge jie)
Lu Rong
Low bck pain, wrist, elbow pain worse when it starts to rain, heavy and dull pain, sometimes swelling, had for years and gotten worse, visited florida, muscular weakness
T-pale, dark, swollen, thin white coat
P-deep thready
(Bai Ji tian, lu rong, lu jiao jiao, ge jie)
Bai Ji tian
77 year old women complain of diarrhea in morning, little abdominal discomfort and abdomen rumbles a little. relieved after BM. appetite is good and nagging low back pain, knees trooublewhen climbs stairs
P-deep thready
T-sl. enlarged w/ thin whtie coat
Bu Gu zhi
low sex drive, divoorce and wants too return to sinlge scence, divorce very stressful
P-wiry, sl. rapid
T-sl. red w/ thin white coat
(yin yang huo, bu gu zhi, bai ji tian)
yin yang huo
Should patient be treated w/ herb you chose in previous question regarding low sex drive
No, sx's, diagnosis differentiation doo no fit w/ herb chosen
75 year old w/ constipation, stools are dry, frequent urination w/ dribbling, low back and knees achy
(rou cong rong, lu jiao jiao, bu gu zhi, bai ji tian)
rou cong rong
Low back and finger joint pain, gets worse with skiing, some swelling in the joints, also patient has HBP
(Du zhong, Xu duan, Xian mao, gou ji)
Du Zhong (Lower BP, joint, sinew bone issues, kid qi/yang xu w. liver def esp. w/ weak sore or painful low back/knees)
Pain in neck arms, legs, also worried about uterine bleeding, you also discover she was in an auto acident and has hairline fractures
(Du Zhong, Xu Duan, Xian Mao, Gou Ji)
Xu Duan (bone fracture-healing bones)
(good for kidney and liver Xu sinew and bone issues)
Nunbness in fingers and toes for 20 years, alternates between finger and toes
(du zhong, Xu Duan, Xian mao, gou ji)
Gou Ji
(kidney/liver Xu esp spine and lower extremity issues, Chronic wind damp bi)
Muscle weakness and beginning to atrophy, patient has MS
(du zhong, Xu duan, Xian Mao, Gou Ji)
Xian Mao (Wei syndrome, atrophy)
Low back pain, also has weak legs and knees, 5 am diarrhea as well
(du zong, xu duan, xian mao, gou ji)
Du Zhong
Weak health which is getting worse. Vision is also getting worse, knees are getting weaker and appetite is decreasing. Low back pain more painful, frequent urination, and clear vaginal dishcarge
T-pale swollen, white coat
P-deep soft in chi position
(ze he che, gu sui bu, tu si zi, sha yuan zi)
Sha yuan zi ( kidney and liver yin def w/ eye problems)
Uterine bleeding, low back pain, 12 weeks pregnant
Tu Su Zi (Threatened miscarriage, calm fetus, Kid Xu, liver Xu)
Heel spur on left foot
T-pale thin white coat
P-deep thready
Gu Sui bu(kidney Xu bone issues, hair growth)
Low back pain, went to dentist for toothache, teeth felt loose, bums bleed, hair falling out
Gu Su Bu (kidney Xu bone issues, hair growth)
cough and wheezing, cystic fibrosis and asthma, lost weight, no appetite, trouble sleepoing at night b/c of sweating, planning to put her on oxygen
Zi He che (chronic debilitating disease)
55 year old freequent urination, esp. at night, diagnosed w/ prostatitis, back feels sore, lower abdomen cool to touch ( yang Qi shi, zi he che, gu su bu, tu su zi)
Yang qi shi (Cold womb/ cold lower burner)
66 year old with low sex drive, frequent night urination, skin dry and boils and chest
Hai Ma
34 year old w/ cough and wheezing, asthma w/ trouble exhaling, cough is dry and weak
T-swollen thin white dry coat
P-deep and thready
dong Chongxia Cao (severe lung Xu)
Which process will help herbs promote function to tonify kidney
roast w/ salt
Which is not a characteristic of tonify yin herbs (warm, cool, sweet, enriching)
tonify yin herbs Tx/address which of the following (false ehat, febrile disease, damaging BF, dry throat, all of above)
all of above
tonify yin herbs address the following organs except (LU<LIV< ST< KID<HRT)
all except heart
if liver yin def, what category would you add
tonify blood
What are cautions of tonify yin herbs
(tend to be sticky, difficult to digest, w/ sp/st def, not with damp or phlegm)
in WM these herbs can
(decrease BP and serum cholesterol, clear heat, promote saliva)
Bei sha shen and Nan sha shen are realted and very similar, which on is mild qi yin tonic and is not sticky or warming
Nan Sha Shen
patient w/ sweat, thirst and restlessness, lacks energy and gets cold easily
(xi yang shen, Tian men Dong, Nan Sha Shen, Bei Sha Shen)
Xi Yang Shen (yang ming stage of a disease w/fever, profuse sweat, thrist, restlessness, w/ Qi deficiency)
Low back pain which is dull, thirst and frequent urination, diabete
(Xi yang Shen, tian men dong, nan sha shen, bei sha shen)
Tian men dong( wast and thirst syndrome, KID&LU yin Xu)
Chronic cough w/ sticky sputum, constipated and irritable
(Shi Hu, Yu Zhu, Mai Men dong, Bai He)
Mai Men Dong (constipation, dry stool, irritability and thrist, YIN DEFICINECY)`
Chronic dry cough w/ little sputum which is sticky, also has sore throat, insomnia and feels warm
(Shi hu, yu zhu, mai men dong, bai he)
Mai men dong, but not sure
patient complaining of pain and cramps in legs
(Shi hu, yu zhu, mai men dong, bai he)
Shi Hu
uterine bleeding during 5th pregnancy, low back pain comes and goes and has joint pain
Sang ji sheng (Wind damp Bi)
Very dry mouth is a mountain biker, sweat laot achy m uscles, dry nail stressful job irritable, frustration
Shi Hu