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(Hendricks walks in. The two stare each other down.)

You can't drive until you stand before a judge on your DUI charge.

Are you going to drive me around, officer? How sweet

Call a ******* taxi.


That's it? I'm free to go?

(Hendricks gestures towards the door. Watches him walk out)


(Hendricks storms out of the room livid. He approaches Cardone and Jiac.)

You two said Brunner wouldn't get any special treatment.

(Left of camera)

We don't like this anymore than you do.

Then why are we letting him go?

(Right of camera)

We don't have a choice. Neither do you.

You ****** up and now this ******* is going free. Whatever he does at this point, it's in your hands now.

(Hendricks storms off...)