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any disease that spreads from one person to another during sexual intercourse
Sexually Transmitted Disease
an unusually high occurrence of a disease in a certain place during a certain time period
reduced ability to have children
not having sexual intercourse until you are ready to commit yourself to a long-tem, caring relationship, such as marriage
Sexual Abstinence
practiced when both partners in a caring, committed relationship, such as marriage, agree to have sexual intercourse only with one another
Sexual Fidelity
the most common bacterial STD in the United States
caused by an untreated case of Chlamydia; a serious infection of the reproductive organs that can lead to infertility and a potentially fatal tubal pregnancy
Pelvic Inflammatory Disease
an inflammation of the lining of the urethra caused by untreated Chlamydia
Nongonococcal Urethritis
a sexually transmitted protozoan infection of the urinary tract or vagina
vaginal infection or irritation
a serious bacterial STD; infection of the urinary tract of males and females and the reproductive organs of females
AKA HPV; the most common viral STD in the United States
Genital Warts
causes genital warts
Human Papilloma Virus
an incurable viral STD that produces painful blisters around the genital area
Genital Herpes
a surgical method of birth
Cesarean Section
serious bacterial STD that progresses through several distinct stages
a painful sore that results from the bacteria that cause syphilis
damages the skin, bones, eyes, teeth, and liver of the body
Congenital Syphilis
a bacterial STD with symptoms similar to primary syphilis
an infection in the vagina caused by the fungus Candida
a disease in which scar tissue replaces normal liver tissue
tiny insects that infest the hair around the genitals
Pubic Lice
results from an infestation of mites
AKA acquired immunodeficiency syndrome; an often fatal disease of the immune system that is caused by a virus
AKA human immunodeficiency virus; the virus that causes AIDS
diseases that attack a person with a weakened immune system
Opportunistic Diseases
cancer of the cervix
Pneumocystis Carinii Pneumonia
a kind of cancer that is an opportunistic disease of AIDS
Kaposi’s Sarcoma
a person who is diagnosed as being infected with HIV
HIV Positive