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What type of serous membrane lines the abdominal cavity?


The outer layer of the hair shaft is the:


The outer part of a serous membrane that lines a cavity is the:

parietal membrane

The outermost layer of the epidermis is the

stratum corneum

Axillary sudoriferous glands produce an outer when their secretion mixes with:


What type of fluid is contained in the double- walled membrane that lines closed body cavities

serous fluid

Which of the following is the most complex?

circulatory system

Sebaceous glands secrete an oil for hair and skin called?


What are two of the functions of the muscular system?

Determines posture and produces body heat

If Martha's skin is excoriated, she must have:

Scraped it on something

Someone who is born without melanin has:


Carmen is very anxious about a job interview, and develops itchy wheals on her arms and legs, She is suffering from?


Jojo was burned in a house fire. His doctor estimates his burns at 18%. How did the doctor determine the percentage?

Rule of nines

What skin disorder is caused by a fungus?


Karen burns her hand on a hot light bulb. What should she do first?

Run her hand under cold water

A mother brings her baby to the health department. The baby has vesicles that ruptures and develop yellow crust. Those symptoms most likely indicates:


Lee developed a skin rash with severe itching. She went to a dermatologist who scraped the rash and looked under a microscope, finding tiny mites. What does Lee have?


Which bone is part of the Pelvis?


What is the medical term for shingles?

Herpes Zoster

Bones of the skull, spine, ad chest make up the:

Axial skeleton

What type of movement occurs when you turn your head from side to side to say "no"


DeJohn has a compound fracture of the femur. What type of corrective treatment would MOST LIKELY be used?

Open reduction and internal fixation

If you move from sitting to a standing position, what type of joint movement occurs at the knee?


A patient had a closed reduction of a fractured tibia. You would expect the patient to have:

A cast

For two years, a child is given a diet that lacked vitamin D. What disorders would MOST LIKELY develop?

Osteomalacia and Rickets

A tree falls on Ryan's leg causing a fracture that is broken into many pieces. What type of fracture does Ryan have?


An elderly man tells you he has a severe pain in his great toe, but denies any trauma to the toe. His pain is most likely caused by:


The main reason for applying a cast around a fracture is to:

Immobilize the bone

Pierre has been diagnosed with a greenstick fracture of his radius and ulna. What cane you assume about Pierre?

He is a child

Special circular muscles in the openings between the esophagus and stomach are called:

Sphincter muscles

What muscle would be found in the lower leg?


Ling complains of waking up in the middle of the night with severe calf pain. What is the most likely cause of Ling's pain?

muscle spasm

Muscles are able to return to their original shape when they relax. This characteristic is called:


Shang complains of pain in the front of his lower leg after running five miles. He is most likely experiencing?

shin splits

When the nerve impulse reaches the end of the axon, what chemical neurotransmitter is released?


Leslie suffers from myalgia. Her muscles:


Which of the following is life threatening


Debbie has a weakness in the abdominal muscle around her naval causing part of her intestine to protrude through the weakened area. This condition is called a:


Cameron has been diagnosed with talipies. You would expect him to:

Wear corrective shoes

A swimmer strains her shoulder during a race. What is the first that should be done, and why?

Apply ice to stop the bleeding and reduce swelling

Which of the following is an example of an leukocyte?


Katia is diagnosed with thrombosis, which means that a blood clot has formed:

In a blood vessel

Erythrocytes carry:


Margie is being treated with chemotherapy and radiation for skin cancer. Her treatment suppresses her bone arrow, causing:

Aplastic anemia

What would happen if an Rh negative person were given a blood transition of Rh positive blood?

The transfused blood would clump

What malignant condition is characterized by the overproduction of immature white blood cells which hinders the synthesis of red blood cells?


What blood type is considered to be the universal recipient?


What blood disorder would be treated with antibiotics?


A lab report shows an abnormally large number of red blood cells. The medical diagnosis for this condition is:


What is a heredity disease in which the blood clots slowly or abnormally?


Why is research being done on the use of newborn umbilical cord blood?

Cord blood has immunity producing stem cells, is easy to transplant, and does not cause rejection

The vessel that brings blood back to the heart from the upper body is the:

Superior vena cava

The upper chambers of the heart are called:


What type of blood vessels are the most muscular and elastic?


The chamber of the heart pumping blood to the body is the:

Left ventricle

An artificial pacemaker would be used to treat someone with:

a condition defect

An EKG or ECG is a recording of:

The electrical activity of the heart

In addition to chest pain, which of the following are common symptoms of a heart attack?

Pain radiating down left arm, nausea, and dyspnea

When the heart's electrical impulse reaches the Purkinje fibers, what happens?

the ventricles contract

Jeff's doctor is considering treating Jeff with either a coronary by-pass or angioplasty. What is Jeff's problem?

Heart block

Bonnie has endocarditis. How would this condition MOST LIKELY be treated?


A doctor suspects a patient has diseased leg veins. What test confirm this diagnosis?


Paul is scheduled to have a coronary bypass. What MOST LIKELY is his medical problem?

He has a coronary artery obstruction

What are adenoids

a type of tonsil

Which of the following is a disorder of one or more heart valves?


Interstitial fluid is made of lymph. Where would you find interstitial fluid?

In spaces between cells

Tamara has a conduction defect. As a result, you would expect her to have:

An arrhythmia

Artificial acquired immunity comes from:

being inoculated with a virus

which of the following could be determined by taking a pulse?


the organ in the lymph system that stores a large amount of red blood cells is the:


Aids can be spread through

sexual contact

Javid is HIV positive, but he does not have AIDS. What term describes his condition?


Witch which of the following conditions is it recommended to wear a medic alert tag?


A person is diagnosed with an opportunistic infection when he/she develops the infection because he/she:

Has a compromised immune reponse

Health care workers should never:

Recap used needles

Which of the following statements about caring for a patient with AIDS is true?

Gowns should be worn when contact with blood or body fluids is likely

A female had sexual contact with a male who has AIDS. How long will it be before she knows if she contracted the disease?

1 month-12 years

The suffix "itis" means


Catherine has been lifting weights every day for 6 months. She will experience muscle:


The medical word root for "red" is:


Daria has gingivitis. She should see a:


The suffix "oma" means;


Charmaioe has a bladder infection. What symptom would she likely have?


The suffix that means "surgical removal of" is:


Michael ha snot exercised for months, and one day, plays four hours of basketball. What might he complain of


The word root that means "bag" or "bladder" is:


What procedure would be used to reconstruct a joint?


The stomach, liver, and gall bladder are located in what cavity?


What region is located on either side of the umbilical region?

right and left lumbar

A mild sunburn would be described as being:


What region is located between the hypochondriac regions?


Which organ would be located in the dorsal cavity of the body?

Spinal cord

Danice found a lump in her groin. Her physician describes the lump as being in what region?


What body system manufacturers hormones to regulate organ activity


The urinary bladder is found in the:

pelvic cavity

What body system contains the brain, nerves, and spinal cord?