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What are some things that influence health care?
Life expectancy
Changing patterns of disease
Cost of health care
What is Cannon's theory on health?
Cannon 1932 - emotional stress = physical disease
What is Dunbar's theory on health psychology?
Dunbar 1943 – personality related to illness
What is Selye's theory on health psychology?
Selye 1956 – physical pathways of stress
What does theory bring to the table?
-Generation of research
-Organize and explain observations from research
-A guide to action in practice
What are some common types of research designs?
-Cross sectional
-Experimental or randomized clinical trials (gold standard)
-Ex post facto
-Meta analysis
What is the Alameda County Study?
A study that looks at how different factors of lifestyle affect health (ex: smoking, excercise, social support etc.)
What is the Framingham Study?
A study that looked at relative risk factors for heart disease like obesity, gender, hypertention etc.
What definition of health did the World Health organization give for health in 1946?
That health was not only physical, but it was mental and social as well.
When did psychosomatic medicine come about? What model does it emphasize?
1940’s (psychodynamic model)
When was the Yale conference? What did it focus on?
Behavioral Medicine” – 1977
Multidisciplinary focus on behavioral influences on health
When did the biopsychosocial model come about?
What factors does the Health belief model take into consideration when debating health?
-Perceived susceptibility
-Perceived severity
-Perceived benefits
-Perceived barriers
What does the theory of reasoned action take into consideration when debating health?
Individual beliefs (attitudes/health beliefs)
+ Social influences (subjective norms)
= Intentions > Behavior
What factors does the theory of planned behavior take into consideration when debating theory?
Attitudes (health beliefs)
+ Subjective Norms (reasoned action)
+ Perceived control (self-efficacy)
= Intentions > Behavior
What is the theory of precaution adaption look like?
7 stages of decision making (similar to stages of change model)
What are some common criticisms about health theories?
-Don’t account for social-cultural barriers, personal habits and lifestyles
-But all have some value and are useful for some people and problems
What are some personal factors that effect health?
stress, coping, habits, emotions
What are some gender factors that effect health?
women seek help more, men less on average
What are some age factors that effect health behaviors?
adolescents/young adults and older adults; children dependent on families
Why might culutre and ethnicity effect health seeking behaviors?
may foster increased or decreased seeking or adherence or alter nature of methods sought
Why might severity of symptoms effect health seeking behaviors?
perceived severity in terms of daily living or pain (not objective severity)
Why might conceptualization of a particular disease effect health seeking behaviors?
Identity, cause, time line, consequences, controllability
What is Medicaid?
Medicaid – poor, disabled (or children) – managed by states
What is medicare?
Medicare – 65+ retired/elderly – federal govt
What are some institutional hospital issues?
-Managing environment for everyone
-Risk management
-Staffing resources
-Staffing quality
What is the patient experience like in the hospital? What are some issues that they face?
-Lack of control/dependency/inactivity
-Disruption/distraction/over stimulation
-Amount of information/decisions
What is the behavioral theory of health psychology all about?
reinforcement, modeling, cueing, contracting
What is the theory of self efficacy all about?
situation specific sense of control and ability developed via behavioral experience, modeling, reinforcement, persuasion
What is the theory of reasoned action all about?
Reasoned Action – attitudes + social influences + sense of control
What are the transtheoretical stages of change?
*Precontemplation - awareness
*Contemplation - motivation
*Preparation – skill building, resource development
Action – change steps
*Maintenance – relapse prevention
What are some ways to measure compliance?
-Self report – interviews, surveys, diaries
-Provider reports
-Others reports – family, hospital staff
-Pill counts, appointment records – personal or electronic
-Biochemical evidence
What is the average compliance rate?
What are some factors that effect compliance?
-Conceptualization of Disease and Perception of Severity
-Nature of Treatment
-Personal Issues
-Economic factors
-Cultural Norms
-Dr/Patient issues (communication etc)
What is a behavioral intervention?
Behavioral – tailored to person, helping change daily habits, routines, build social support, manage emotions, change thoughts
What is a multidisciplinary intervention?
collaborative care covered multiple levels of needs, repetitive, with patient in center of care circle