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The Achieving Self

Main source of life satisfaction

The Social Self

Critical source of support

The Private Self

Core of one's destiny


Overall feelings about the self


Stable set of beliefs about one's personal qualities/attributes

The Physical Self

Body image-evaluation of physical functioning and appearance


Defense mechanism that avoids the implications of an illness


Overwhelmed by life changes and/or prospect of death

Psychological Status

Mental well-being

Physical Functioning

From being able to work, sleep, eat, engage in recreational activities to simply being able to dress, bathe, and use toilet

Social functioning

Ability to maintain social relationships

Experience of symptoms

Are they experiencing a lot of disease or treatment related symptoms

Quality of Life

Extent to which a patient's normal life activities have been compromised by disease/treatment


Label for an illness and its name


Factors that the person believes gave rise to the illness


Illness symptoms

Time line

Refers to the length of time the illness is expected to last


whether the person believes the illness can bemanaged/cured through appropriate actions and treatment


perform routine and complex health care tasks

Physician's Assistants

perform many routine health care tasks undersupervision of physician

Nurse Practitioner

affiliated with physicians, but not necessarilyunder their supervision

Advanced Practice Nurse

specialized advanced nursing in midwifery,anesthesia, or other specialties


person with potentially serious symptoms withoutseeking treatment for months, because they normalize them

Secondary appraisal

benefits from illness such as ability to rest,freed from unpleasant tasks, cared for by others, take time off work, etc.

Appraisal Delay

time it takes an individual to decide that a symptom isserious