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What is a potential for learning certain things called?
What are the "extras" provided by employers, such as insurance, bonuses and paid vacation?
fringe benefits
What is the title for someone who learns how to do a specific job through experience and guidance from a skilled worker?
What is the term for the cost of attending school?
A written summary of your education and work history that you provide to a perspective employer is called what?
What is the term for people who will provide personal and/or professional information to the employer about a job applicant?
What is a formal meeting between an employer and a job applicant?
What is the privileged status that results from continuous service to one company?
What is the quality of standing up for one's rights, beliefs, and ideas in a constructive manner?
What means of identification does everyone need before beginning employment?
social security number
What is anything, other than land, that is used to produce more wealth called?
What do you call a person who starts a new business and manages and assumes the risk of this business?
What is the term for economic conditions in which prices rise sharply?
What is a business owned by a number of people who bought shares in the business?
What is the legal right to sell a company's goods and services in a particular area?
What is the amount of money remaining after all expenses are paid from revenues?
net profit
What is a written guarantee of a product's quality and the manufacturer's promise to repair and replace defective parts?
What is a plan that an individual uses to manage money?
What is the term to describe something of value a person owns that is promised if loan payments can't be met?
What do you call a person who is named by a life insurance policyholder to receive payments from the insurance?
In the event of a claim, what is the amount of money the policyholder must pay before the insurance company will pay?
What are the initials of the Federal agency responsible for collecting income taxes?
What is the legal statement that reports the amount of money earned and taxes withheld from an employee's income?
W-2 Form
What are the initials used to identify the social security deduction on an employee's check stub?
What do you call services, such as electricity, gas, and water, that are provided by public companies?
What is the name of the document which gives minors permission to be employed at a specific place?
work permit
What are the three types of educational programs that graduate individuals eligible to take the National Council Licensure Examination for Professional Nursing (RN) called?
(any order) BSN, ADN, Diploma
What are the abbreviations for the two types of medical degrees? (any order)
M.D., D.O. (MD and DO is also acceptable, without periods)
When was the first Social Security Act signed?
When was the Medicare program established?