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What is a universal language that does not depend on words to understand the message?
What influences the way people view themselves and other people, and affects the way they interact with others?
cultural and ethnic background
If you are open to someone whose beliefs are not the same as yours, you are considered to be what?
What chart document offers a visual view of a patient's vital signs over a number of days?
graphic sheet
What component of a computer processes the input and performs the operations of the computer by following instructions in the software?
central processing unit
How is confidentiality of patient information on a computer strictly enforced?
by the use of passwords
What method does the hospital computer system use to control inventories and patient charges for hospital supplies?
bar coding
What age group does not always communicate with words, and therefore necessitates that you pay attention and respond to their body language?
Preconceived ideas and negative opinions that might affect a person's relationship with others is known as:
The one element that influences your relationship with others, how you act toward others, how they act toward you, and affects your communication is called:
During a business phone conversation, to insure that the caller has completed the information, who should end the call?
allow the caller to hang up first
What do most health care facilities have in place to allow employees to rectify real or perceived problems?
a grievance procedure
What term refers to the total of all the ideas, beliefs, values, attitudes, and objects that a group of people possess and their customs?
What term is used to illustrate the existence of distinct differences in customs and beliefs between groups in a society?
cultural diversity
An attitude by some that their cultural ways of doing things are superior to other groups is called:
What action is being practiced when rights and privileges are withheld from those of another cultural group?
Having a fixed notion that everyone in a particular group is exactly the same is known as what?
What term implies trite or pat answers which tend to minimize the significance of the patient's feelings?
reassuring clichés
Senses affect communication. What does the term "sensory" apply to?
(any order)sight, hearing, touch, taste, and smell.
Name three actions to be taken by the health care provider to allow for better communication with the hearing-impaired.
(any order)
speak slowly and clearly; face the patient; reduce background noise
If you phrase a question so that the patient will answer "yes" or "no" it tends to do what to communication?
end communication
The movement of a body part to give emphasis to what is being said is called what?
a gesture
What type of communication uses hand and mouth/lip gestures to exchange words and meanings to people who cannot hear?
sign language
If a patient cannot understand the spoken language, they have a right to what?
an interpreter
What medium helps persons who are blind communicate through the use of touch?
To maintain patient privacy when faxing a medical record the health care worker should do what?
(any order)have the patient sign a release of information form and complete a cover letter
When a team suggests options for a solution to a problem without regard to practicality, they are practicing what?
If you have a problem with a co-worker what are the first two steps you should take?
Go to that person and discuss matter. If not satisfied go to your immediate supervisor. (answer must be exact)
In the TQM process, a communication tool for teams initiated by the Quality Council identifies guidelines, structure and available resources is called:
team charter
In the TQM process, who provides team members the required time to perform team responsibilities, information and resources?
management team