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Mr. Yunker
Chp. 26 - Test
Cut apart and study
What is the category that barbiturates, tranquilizers, and methaqualone fall into?
Define illegal drugs
street drugs, or those substances which are illegal for people to make, use, buy, or sell
What is hashish?
it is a form of cannabis that is usually sold in small brown chunks that are smoked in a pipe
What is true of a regular marijuana user?
1) loss of motivation
2) paranoia
3) lack of energy
What are inhalants?
they are substances with fumes that people breathe in order to give a hallucinogenic high, which can result in severe health problems
What are look-alike drugs?
1) the user doesn't know what they are getting 2) they make diagnosis and treatment difficult 3) they are dangerous when mixed with other drugs
What is ecstasy?
it is a stimulant and hallucinogen, and is a DESIGNER DRUG
What type of zone is the following: areas where tough penalties awarded to persons caught selling drugs
These areas are within 1,000 feet of schools and are called DRUG FREE ZONES-stiff penalties are given to those caught selling drugs in them
What are drug watches?
a community effort in which residents patrol and report drug deals and drug use in their neighborhood
T/F Anabolic steroid use can cause mood swings and rage.
T/F Hashish is derived from opium.
T/F Over 50 % of teens in this country have tried marijuana.
T/F The use of amphetamines does not lead to addiction.
T/F More teens are trying heroin than ever before, and more heroin users are showing up in hospital emergency rooms.
T/F Using legally prescribed medicine for nonmedical reasons is an example of substance abuse.
T/F Drugs that are natural, or extracted from plants, are legal.
T/F Teens in the U.S. are now using drugs at younger ages than ever before.
T/F Cannabis smoke contains more carcinogens than cigarette smoke.
What is substance abuse?
any unnecessary use of chemical substances which is used for nonmedical purposes
What are hallucinogens?
they are drugs that alter the moods, thoughts, sense perceptions, of the users, and also affects vision, hearing, smell, and touch
Define illicit drug use?
it is the use or sale of any substances that are illegal or otherwise not permitted
What are stimulants?
they are drugs that speed up the central nervous system
Define gateway drugs
they are drugs that can lead to other serious and dangerous drug use
What is paranoia?
it is an irrational suspiciousness or distrust of others
What is euphoria?
it is a feeling of intense well-being or elation that may be followed by a complete letdown
What is an overdose?
it is a strong or fatal reaction that occurs when a person takes a large amount of a drug