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Which are the main functions of the nervous system ?

Senses changes (stimuli) within andoutside the body, analyzes sensory information and responds to stimuli.

. How many kinds ofcells do we have ?

We only have two kinds of cells.

Which ones are the cells ?

Neuroglia: serve numerous support and protectivefunctions for the neurons.Neurons: conduct impulses from one part of the body to another.

Which are the parts of a neuron ?

Dendrites, cell body, myelin sheat andaxon.

What does a dendrite do ?

It responds to external signals andstimulate trough binding of receptor sites.

What does the cell body do ?

It serves asintegration center and carries out basic metabolism.

What does the axon do ?

It conductssignals over long distances.

What does the synaptic terminal do ?

It releasesneurotransmitters and communicates with other cells.

How is the communication between neurons ?

They communicate by: synapses,neurotransmitters and ion gradients and excitatory and inhibitory potentials.

What ions does the ionic pump keep inside ?

It keeps potassium ions and large organicions.

What are the ions that are outside ?

They are sodium and chloride ions.

Which system controls everything you do?

Nervous system.

How is the nervous system made up?

Brain, spinalcord and nerves

Which part of the body is the control center for thenervous system?


What is the biggest part of the brain?


Which part of the brain keeps you breathing?

Brain stem.

Nerve cell:


How is the central nervous system made up?

Brain andspinal cord.