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the collection of data about an individuals health state
Biomedical model
the Western European North American tradition that view health as the absence of disease
Complete data base
a complete health history and full physical examination
Critical Thinking
simultaneously problem-solving while self improving one's own thinking ability.
Diagnostic reasoning
a method of collecting and analyzing clinical information with the following comonents:1.attending to initially available cues 2.formulating dx hypotheses 3. gathering data relative to the tentative hypotheses 4. evaluating each hypothesis with the new data collected, arriving at a final dagnosis.
Emergency data base
rapid collection of the data base often compiled concurrently with life saving measure.
the toal of all the conditions and elements thta make up the surroundings and influence the development of a person
episodic data base
one used for a limited or short term problem concerns maily one problem one cue complex or one body system
follow up data base
used in all settings to monitor progress on short term or chronic health problems
holistic health
the view that the mind body and spirit are interdependent and function as a whole with in the enviroment
medial diagnosis
used to evaluate the cause and etiology of disease forcus is on the funtion or malfuntion of a specific organ system
nursing diagnosis
used to evaluate the response of the whole person to actual or potential health problems
nursing process
a method of collectin and analyzing clinical information with the following components 1.assessment 2. diagnosis 3. outcome identification 4. planing 5. implementation 6. evaluation
objective data
what the health professional observes by inspection palpating percussing and ausculation during the physical examination
any action directed toward promoting health and preventing the occurence of disease
subjective data
what the person says about himself during history taking
a dynamic process and view of health. a move toward optimal funtioning