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Health definition

A state of complete mental/physical and social well being and not just the absence of disease.

Parasite defintion

An organism that lives in or on another organisms causing it harm

Pathogen definition

An organism that causes disease

Disease definition

Condition that impairs the normal functioning of an organism

Organism that cause infectious disease(4)


Bacteria (prokaryotae)



How fungus cause disease?

They have reproductive hyphae

And grow up to the skin surface to release spores, causing redness

What causes ring worm/athletes foot?

Tinea fungi

How is a bacteria adapted to cause disease

Structural adaptaions flagella

Reproduce at a rapid rate and there waste is toxic to us

Two bacterium that cause cholera and tuberculosis?

Virbrio cholera

And mycobacterium tuberculosis

How does a virus result in infectious disease.

Viruses take over genetic machinations of a cell causing it to burst releasing many more invading copies of the virus

Define Aids

Aquired immuno deficiency syndrome

How does HIV result in disease

Take of t lymphocytes killing them and producing more copies of the virus

Meaning you may contract a range of opportunistic infections and the weakened immunity can even cause death.

How do protocista cause disease

They are parasites that feed of a host cell and reproduce within damaging many more cells

What parasite causes malaria


How does plasmodium cause malaria

Immature forms of it feed of host cells (red blood cells) lowering the amount of red blood cells in the body.

Name the vector for plasmodium parasite?

Female anopholus mosquito

More specificly in its salivary glands

How is HIV spread

Unscreened blood transfusion


Unprotected sex


Placenta and breast feeding

Transmission of tuberculosis

M bacterium transmitted by droplet infection: coughing and sneezing.

Poor ventilation


7 Effects of smoking





Lung cancer




Caused by CO2 which damages endothelium of arteries.

Damage is repaired by action of phagocytes. Which encourage the growth of smooth muscle and deposition of fatty substances.

The deposits include LDLP (balls of fat and protien to carry cholesterol

The atheromas may also include dead cell

Forms plaque less lumen and less oxygen towards body.

What is thrombosis caused by

Thrombus (blood clot) caused by nicotine making platelets sticky and so blood cells ay also stick to plaque.

The clot may break free and block a narrow artery.

How smoking causes CHD?

Smoking results in thrombus and atheroceloris from nicotine and Carbon monoxide.

This can effect the coronary artery and result in less oxygen to the heart causing death of heart muscle.

Myocardial infarction.

How does carbon monoxide effect haemoglobin.

Reduces the affinity for oxygen as it binds to to the haemoglobin forming a stable compound carboxyhaemoglobin

How doss nicotine effect the human body

Result in thrombusis as a result of sticky platelets