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Thyroid Hormone
goiter--enlarged thyroid caused by lack of iodine
What are to two main types of Hormones?
steriod and non-steriod
spinal menigitis
stiff neck and headache
do a spinal tab to find out
contagious through contact
How do pheremones travel?
chemical messangers from species to species
What is in part of the Central Nervous System?
Brain and Spinal Cord
layers of tissue
space with fluid in it (spinal fluid)
Endocrine System
coordinates body functions
signals, hormones, and chemicals
How do hormones travel?
travel through blood, organ to organ
hyper thyroid
producing too much hormone metabolism increases, body temp, and heart rate too
short; stocky-mental retardation often
Inter Neurons
Motor Neurons
How do Neurotransmitters travel?
short, very local, cell to cell
Growth Hormone
produce greater amounts in childhood
pituitary gland produces GH