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How did Thomas Hobbes influence the autocratic approach to child socialization?
-The willful child – child’s will needs to be tamed, proposed that parental authority, when strictly applied, upholds both a religious mandate and a cultural tradition.

-Home is the man's castle and family is a miniature monarchy

-Children are household servants and are expected to have unquestioned obedience to the master of the house
What were the beliefs of the Puritans regarding children and childrearing?
-The sinful child
-Firm, Harsh, restrictive parenting practices
-Corporal punishment (beatings) rather than affection
-Religious backing of John Calvin
-Parents expect strict obedience
What are Sigmund Freud's beliefs regarding parenting and childrearing?
-Viewed children different than adults

-Early influences are very important for children’s development

-Harsh parenting methods are detrimental to all children’s well-being

-His views were more widely recognized by educated individuals
What are G. Stanley Hall's beliefs regarding parenting and childrearing?
-Children are different from adults and have their own instincts
What were some of John Watson's (behaviorist) beliefs regarding parenting and childrearing?
-his advice was influenced by Locke's "tabula rosa" aka blank slate

-neglected Locke's idea of parenting showing affection to their children
-instead use scientific approach
-recommended that parents ignore their natural inclinations to be nurturing and responsive to their children (responsive parenting will lead to a spoiled child)
-parents should not repsond to a crying infant
-parents should feed their children according to a strict schedule

-He addressed teachers and medical groups of his theories

-He produced articles and a book

-He was broadcasted on the radio and was in magazines

-More well known that Freud