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what are 2 of the purposes of social work?

-to promote human well-being

-to promote community well-being

what are 3 core values of social work?

-social justice

-dignity and worth of the person

-importance of human relationship




what are three core competencies?

-human behavior and social environment

-diversity in practice

-human rights and social and economic justice




define or describe postmodern thinking

-existing/traditional knowledge and knowledge creation processes intensely questioned


what are 3 dimensions of alternative paradigms?









describe or define "Third Wave Feminism"

-focused on personal fulfillment

-celebrates women's multiple identities in the world today

-more focused on individual fulfillment than on the social change philosophies embodied in the two earlier waves

briefly discuss what is meant by "interlocking systems of oppression"

-the interrelatedness of oppressions and the interconnections between oppressions and the other dimensions of both traditional/dominant and alternative paradigms

-oppression in one institution or scenario is related to oppression in others and of many other groups of individuals

-this interlocking/interrelatedness gives oppression a systematic nature

what are 3 critical thinking skills?




-think creatively

-problem solve




what is evidence-based practice? (EBP)

-the conscientious, explicit, and judicious use of current best evidence in making decisions about the care of individuals

briefly list and describe 3 social systems terms

-energy= the capacity of action, action, or power to effect change, allows systems to move

-synergy= the ability to use energy to create new energy

-feedback= the info received by systems about the progress toward goals and the system's response to that info


list 3 of the 4 forces of psychology

-first force: dynamic

-second force: behavioral

-third force: experiential, humanistic, existential

-force: transpersonal




what are 2 of the criticisms of traditional stage based theories of individual development

-too linear, can't account for complexity

-don't account for important situational influences

-too much focus on uniformity, embody troublesome value premises

-in their emphasis on linearity, stage-based models can't account of the complexity of human development

-in their emphasis on invariant sequences of structural unfolding, stage-based models cannot account for important situational influences on the developmental process

-in an attempt, to reduce development to uniform sequences, stage based models embody troublesome value premises

3 things children learn from play

-learn to ask for what they need

-understand the role of others

-are helped to develop social relationships and skills



social skills

briefly define biological risk

physical or medical trauma that happens during pregnancy, during birthing, or neonatal stage. likely to cause developmental delay

what are 3 of the 4 stages of cognitive development according to piaget?



-concrete operational

-formal operational





what are the 3 stages of moral development according to kholberg?




-individual perspective

-member of society perspective

-prior to society perspective

what are 4 of the first 5 stages of psychosocial development according to erikson?

-trust vs mistrust

-autonomy vs shame & doubt

-initiative vs guilt

-industry vs inferiority

identity vs role confusion

what is the goal of positive psychology according to seligman?

-before it was to increase life satisfaction

-now its to increase flourishing

title of book

according to seligman, each element of well-being must have 3 properties to count as an element. what are those properties?

1. it contributes to well-being

2. many people pursue it for its own sake, not merely to get any of the other elements

3. it is defined and measured independently of other elements

what does each letter in the acronym PERMA stand for?

-Positive emotion





briefly describe active, constructive repsonding

-active responding means that we are engaged in the conversation and showing our partner attention

-constructive responding means seems to involve building another person up. we respond in a positive and caring way

example of active, constructive responding

-my diploma just came in the mail!

-that's so great! you worked hard for it and really deserve it. when did you get it? are you going to frame it? let me take a picture of you holding it!

describe the losada ratio and then give examples of the minimum ratio needed for a strong and loving marriage

-the losada ratio is the ratio of positive to negative statements needed for a successful relationships

-for a strong loving relationship a 5:1 ratio is recommended

-for every 1 negative statement made about the other person in a relationship, 5 positive statements should be made to balance that

according to seligman, we do change when we discover what about ourselves?

-we change when we find out what is the best about ourselves and different ways to implement our strengths more in our lives

what are 2 good reasons that positive psychology should be taught in schools?

-the current flood of depression

-the nominal increase of happiness over the last two decades

what is the 3 good things exercise

it is an activity where you recognize and document 2 things that went well on a daily basis. you also reflect on why those events happened and what that event meant for you

how might it impact your sense of well-being?

-it might impact well-being in a positive way by reminding you of what there is to be thankful for in your life.

-you could start to appreciate small instances where things worked out in your favor.

-you can learn more about yourself and ways in which to increase more good things for yourself

briefly describe seligman's ABC model

-model designed to help individuals recognize that they don't have to automatically react to any certain event in a predetermined way

-what causes our feelings about adversity is the way we are framing our beliefs

-maybe if we analyzed our beliefs and the root of them, we can change how we feel about the difficulties we are faced

how beliefs (B) about adversity (A) - and not the adversity itself - cause the consequent (C) feelings