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'Woman 1'

Willem De Kooning

'3 studies for a Crucifix'

Francis Bacon

'Great American Nude 57'

Tom Wesselmann

'Autumn Rhythm'

Jackon Pollock

'Ochre and Red on Red'

Mark Rothko


Franz Kline

'San Clemente'

Philip Guston


Philip Guston

'Vietnam II'

Leon Golub

The Glass House

Philip Johnson

Trellik Tower

Erno Goldfinger

Vanna Venturi House

Robert Venturi

Guggenheim (Bilboa)

Frank Gehry

National Theatre

Denys Lasdun

Lloyds Building

Richard Rogers

'Everyone I have ever slept with'

Tracy Emin

'Dinner Party'

Judy Chicago

'Cold Dark Matter: An Exploded View'

Cornelia Parker


Marc Quinn

Alison Lapper (8 Months)

Marc Quinn


Anselm Kiefer