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The Telnet protocol encrypts transmitted data, which therefore cannot be read by others on the network.


When using static IP addressing, software automatically configures the network connection on each device.


Wireless networks are either public, unsecured hotspots or private, secured hotspots.


When connecting to a private and secured wireless access point, you must provide the information that proves you have the right to use the network.


A problem with virtual networks is that data transmitting through them cannot be encrypted and therefore is not secure.


What is the name of a 32-bit or 128-bit number that is used to identify a device?

IP address

How are IP addresses available to the Internet classified?


Which type of IP address is configured by a server when a device first initiates a connection to the network?


Which is used to identify the network portion and the host portion of an IP address?

subnet mask

Which command can be used to display TCP/IP configuration information and refresh the IP address?


Using a ______________, packets are delivered to a single node on a network.

unicast address

Which protocol makes a connection, checks whether the data is received, and resends it if it is not?


The solution for securing private data traveling over a public network, such as the Internet, is a _________.

virtual private network

Which TCP/IP protocol is used by Windows to share files and printers on a network?

Server Message Block (SMB)

Which utility can be used to automatically diagnose a problem with a network connection?

Windows Network Diagnostics

If the computer you are using is a laptop that moves from one network to another, you can click the _____ tab and configure static IP address settings for a second network.

Alternate Configuration

What is used to identify a wireless access point?


What type of device can be used to block unwanted traffic initiated from the Internet and can also restrict Internet access from an internal network?


What type of IP address should be configured on a wireless access point so that it can always be located by the devices that it serves?

static IP address

What is it called when a router is configured to open or close certain ports so they can or cannot be used.

port filtering

Which wireless networking radio frequency yields faster speeds but offers shorter range?

5 GHz

Which of the following are types of unicast IPv6 addresses? (Choose all that apply).

global address, link-local address

Which of the following are levels of network communication discussed in this chapter? (Choose all that apply).

Hardware, Application, Operating System

Which of the following are functions that a SOHO router might perform besides the normal duty of routing packets between networks? (Choose all that apply).

firewall, wireless access point

Which of the following are some changes that might need to be made to a SOHO router’s initial configuration? (Choose all that apply).

Change the router password, Change the SSID

A group of computers on a peer-to-peer network that are sharing resources


Designed to make it easier for users to connect their computers to a wireless network when a hard-to-remember SSID and security key are used

Wi-Fi Protected Setup (WPS)

Assigns an IP address to a computer when it first attempts to initiate a connection to the network

DHCP server

A command that can be used to display the TCP/IP configuration


A protocol used by various client applications when the application needs to query a database

Lightweight Directory Access Protocol (LDAP)

Used by a computer or other device to determine if an IP address of another computer is on its network or another network

subnet mask

A protocol used to convert private IP addresses on a LAN to a public IP address before a data packet is sent over the Internet

Network Address Translation (NAT)

A security technique that uses encrypted data packets between a private network and a computer on the Internet

virtual private network

Protocol used to pass login information to a remote computer and control that computer over a network

Secure Shell (SSH)

When a firewall opens a port because a computer behind the firewall initiates communication on another port

port triggering