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What is the reason for keeping the line moving?
Everyone arrives at the same time and teacher can see everyone.
What items to you need for Mrs. Reser's Class?
Math Book, Binder, Pencil
What is the reason for mosey down the hall in a straight line not buddy style?
Classes must be able to pass each other
What two items are needed for all classes?
Binder with Homework Sheet & Pencil
What is the reason for eyes forward and space for your spurs?
The line could stop
You need to tell the teacher about other student behavior. How is the best way to do this?
Tell the teacher quietly, "I need to talk or conference with you." Please do not announce to whole class. Make sure it is an important item to be discussed, as safety rule, bullying by classmate to you or others, unappropriate language.
When a student is talking to loudly or misbehaving, What signal can you give?
The quiet down signal.
Name 3 things you can chose to do and you will be a "Lonesome Cowboy" during recess?

Break a rule-No following the "Guidlines for Success"-Lunchroom Behavior-No Homework
If the whole class is noising coming back from an out-Music, P.E.or ect. in Mrs. Stanfill's Class, what will the class lose?
5 minutes of weekly free-time
I am going to cry because I got a D-hall and mom is going to be upset. What is the reason you should not cry?
Respect for self
The teacher is not going to tell your mother about one D-hall. Everyone forgets sometimes. Take the D-hall & Learn from it.
An Announcement comes over the intercom. What does the class do? Why?
Freeze quickly & listen.
Show respect to classmates and teacher. Will tell needed information
Some emgergency happen at home last night and I was unable to do my homework. What can you and your family do so you want have D-hall?
Write a note telling of the emgergency and when the work will be make-up.(Next Day)
How can we repect the privacy of others?
Only one person in a stall
Not looking under the door.
Your are washing your hands, what do you do before using the hand dryer?
"Shake, Shake, Shake your hands" in the sink-Reason keeps water out the floor.
What does a restroom sound like?
Flushing & Quiet Voices
What must you do before the "Ding" goes off when entering Mrs. Stanfill's Corral?
Books, Binder, Supplies Box, Pencil Sharpen, Homework on desk and other items in your desk. If time go to the restroom. Hear the "DING" go to seat, eyes on teacher, and no talking.
What is the reason for "No Horse Play Allowed" in the school?
The wall and floors are hard on the head and the bones of your body
What is the reason for rules and laws in our school and country?
Respect to Others

Safe & Learning Environment
Give two ways you can recieve an Academic D-Hall?
No Homework
Continue to not be prepared
What is needed for Reading Class?
Reading Bk, Practice Bk, Binder with Homework Sheet, Acc.Reader and always a pencil
Why is it so important to use our converstional voices in the restrooms?
Showing respect and it echos
Can you sharpen your own pencil at your seat? Why?
The lead goes on the floor and makes black marks. Respecting Property-Must do over a trash can.
If a student keeps misbehaving in the restroom, what might the result be?
Restroom-Lose privilage of using the restroom with the class. Must enter only with a teacher or by self.
What is needed for Mrs. Stanfill's Social Studies class?
Social Studies Book, Binder and pencil
How can you get an automatic D-hall in the restroom?
Hanging or climbing on the property. Doors and ect.
Throwing water or Horse-Play
What items is needed for Mrs. Smith's class?
Science Bk, Binder
The custodial sees you doing something wrong. Can they give you a D-hall?
Yes, any staff member at school will correct misbehavior.
How can we show respect for school property and the respect of schoolmates,as we walk down the hall?
No Talking(not disturbing working classes) and Hands to our Side-Keep hands off walls and student's work(Many germs crawling-GROSS!!!!).
Every now and then, everyone forgets a pencil. What happens if you need to borrow a pencil more than once in a week in Mrs. Stanfill's Class? Why?
Lose 5 minutes of Boot Scootin' Free Time for each pencil-Reason is to teach responsibility
What do you need for Mrs. Higginbotham's class
Spelling Book, English Book, Binder, and pencil
If you have more than 10 d-halls in a semester, what will you forefit? Why?
All Field Trips-Reason can not be trusted
If you are angry at Mr. K or your teacher is it alright to damage or destroy school property? Why?
The Custodial is the one who has to clean-up the mess or fix the damage. They are very good to all the students by keeping the building clean.
What should our restroom look like?
See Sign in Classroom
Mr. K is trying to find out who wrote on the walls in the restroom stall. How can he find out who he needs to talk to?
Restroom will be checked for cleanliness by the custodial and the teacher. Cameras are located outside the entrance, entering in time frame with talk with Mr. K. Insubordination
When is the only time you can cut or pass the person in front of you in line?
If someone has stopped the line- Tie shoes or teacher talking to student, ect.
Are you allowed to leave the classroom without permission? Why?
No-Teacher must know where everyone is
What times can you sharpen your pencil?
Before the Ding between classes and when the teacher is not teaching.
What should you brand?
All papers and personal items