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hole in slide that protects the barrel (automatic)
barrel block
used to cock the weapon & also load the chamber in an automatic
body of pistol
lever used to break the pistol down
takedown lever
lever used to release the slide
slide catch lever
strikes the firing pin
used to uncock the pistol
decocking lever
holds the ammo
releases the magazine
magazine catch
3 basic components of a pistol
frame, barrel, action
part that you hold firing a pistol
grip panels
vertical portion of the frame that lies between the grip panels
inside of the barrel
2 components of bore
lands & grooves
what determines the caliber of a gun
distance between lands
why is there rifling
make the bullet spin & thus be more accurate
exit end of barrel
define action
group of moving parts to load, fire and unload the pistol
what is a single action revolver
trigger performs one action: release the hammer. it does not cock the hammer
what is a double action revolver
trigger performs 2 actions: cocks & fires the hammer
what is the ejector (or extractor)
removes cartridges and empty cases from the cylinder
basic difference between revolver & semi-automatic
semi-automatic: after a cartiride is fired, the empty case is automatically extracted and ejected and a new cartridge is inserted into the chamber
what holds the slide to the rear
slide stop or slide lock or slide release
3 types of semi-automatics
single action, double action & double action only

single - release the hammer
double - release hammer, load & cock
double only - release hammer, load, not cock
4 components of a cartridge
case, primer, powder charge, bullet
what is the case
metal cylinder (usually brass), closed at one end and holds other 3 components
impact-sensitive chemical compound used for ignition
2 possible locations for primer
inside rim of the case's base (rimfire) or in small metal cup in center of the base's base (centerfire)
define bullet
usually lead, sometimes covered in copper or other, at mouth of the case
another name for cartridge
round - live or dummy
what happens when you pull the trigger
firing pin hits, primer ignites, flame generated by the primer ignites the powder, powder burns rapidly, produces high volume of gas which push bullet out of the cartridge case
failure of the cartridge to fire
perceptible delay in the ignition of a cartridge after primer struck by firing pin
squib load?
development of less than normal pressure or velocity after ignition of the cartridge