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how much larger is africa than the united states?
- 3 times larger
why is much of the history of Africa unknown?
- language was not written
- ORAL TRADITIONS handed down through generations and ART is key to the past
where did Ghana and Nigeria develop?
- along the Niger River
what is the general past of Ghana (800 AD)?
- 1st ancient civilization in West Africa
- richness shown in silver and gold
-"Land of Gold"
- traders brought islam to the area
What is the genreal history of Mali? (1200-1400 AD)
- 2nd ancient civilization
- MATSUMUKA (leader of Mali)
- went to Mecca and brought much GOLD
-Changed the value of Gold
Brief history of SONGHAI...
- 3rd ancient civilization
- founder was SUTI ALI
-Timbuktu was important
- Much art is related to religion (Islam and Christianity)
-spiritual world is present
What are some of characteristics ANCIENT WEST AFRICAN ART?
- NOK: 1st evidence of sculpture in West Africa (500 AD...)
- Iron and Clay working civilization
What is unique about the IGBO-UKULU civiliation?
- they used bronze (for ceremonial pieces)
Describe the YORUBA civilization.
- Garden of Eden area
- location where Gods and Goddesses came down to begin cilization
- ideolized naturalism
Describe Slavery in West Africa
- wars and slavery
- Africans were captured in wars, were made slaves, then traded with other Africans
What was the first country to create an international trade of slaves?
- Portugal
What was specific about what was grown in Sierra Leone?
- rice growers
- Mende Speaking people
- thatched roof housing