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what did Chomsky report on..??
-the "paired example"
who died in 1970 East Timor and Cambodia?
- reporter Greg Shackleton
what model does his death fit?
- worthy or unworthy victims model
how can one describe East Timor pre-invasion of 1975?
- 1 of last ancient civilizations
at the peak of autrocities where was the U.S. media?
- was near non-existant
why did the media focus more on Cambodia?
- bc it was a communist autrocity
when was there no coverage of war/ autrocities in Cambodia?
- pre 1975 killings by U.S. forces during Cambodia to resist communism
when was there a lot of coverage post 1975?
- when Cambodian Communists were killing rebellion
East Timor was a colony of what Country?
- Portugal
what were some of the reasons that U.S. supported the Indonesian invasion of East Timor? (3)
1. arms sales from U.S. against East Timor
2. Oil from East Timor
3. deep sea passage by East Timor (for Submarines)