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What is the name of the process by which nurses through interaction with clients, significant others, and healthcare providers collects and anaylze data about client?
Systemic Dynamic Process
Name the five nursing processes?
1. Assessment
2. Analyzing
3. Planning
4. Implement
5. Evaulation
Which nursing process involves data gathering?
Which nursing process involves statement of nursing diagnosis?
Which nursing process involves outcomes and goalss?
Which nursing process involves strategies?
Which nursing process involves determining if goal and outcomes have been achieved?
When is Comprehensive Assessment guides done?
inital encounter
When is Daily Assessment guide done?
Urgent care
Which motor skill involves using fingers?
Fine motor skills
Which motor skill involves walking or running?
Gross motor skills
Which of Erickson's stage of Development involves infant-1 year old?
Trust vs. Mistrust
Which of Erikson's stages on development involves 1 year-3 year and start to learn autonomy of their own body?
Autonomy vs. Shame & Doubt
Which of Erikson's stages of development involves 4 years-5 years and forget failures?
Initiative vs. Guilt
Which of Erikson's stages of development involves 6 years- 11 years, approval from outside family, and conform to group rules?
Indusry vs. Inferiority
Which of Erikson's stages of development involves 12 years-19 years, looking to find own idenity, independence from parents, and develops own values?
Ego Idenity vs. Role Diffusion
Which of Erickson's stages of development involves 20 years-40 years, seek love and intimacy, and if unable to form relationship feels lonely?
Initmacy vs. Isolation
Which of Erikson's stages of development involves 40-60 years old, and motivated to create or nurture those around them?
Generatively vs. Stagnation
Which of Erikson's stages of development involves 65+ years, pursue what is pleasing, and look for new force of inner growth?
Integrity vs Despair
Which of Piaget's stages of development involves birth- 2 years, learn 5 senses, and by age 2 start to think for themselves?
Sensorimotor Skill
Which of Piaget's stages of development involves 2-7 years old, uses symbols and people, and does not see others point of view?
Preoperational Stage
Which Piaget's stage of development involves 7-11 years old, use symbols more logically, uses numbers, and can't deal with outside ideas?
Concrete Operations
Which of Piaget's stages of development involves 12+ years, make logical conclusion from evidence, and use scientific reasoning?
Formal Operations
During the Infancy stage, weight doubles by what age and eye sight is closes to adult at what age?
weight doubles @ 4-6 mths.
Eye sight is closes @ 1yr
Name a few of the behavoral changes during infancy stage?
1. Head Balance
2. Sit
3. Crawl
4. Walking
5. Hold self up
What is the name of the way development occurs, head to feet?
What is the term used to decribe facing down?
What is the language skill for Infancy at the following ages: 3 mths, 6 mths, 9 mths, and 12 mths?
3 mths-laugh out loud
6 mths-babbling
9 mths-imitate others
12 mths-saying word that have meaning
What are the social skills during the Infancy stage at the following ages: 6 wks, 4 mths, 7 mths, and 11 mths?
6 wks-smile
4 mths-laugh & enjoy others
7 mths-imitate others
11 mths- assist with self feeding and dressing
What age group is Early Childhood?
1-3 years old
During Early Childhood developmental stage the physical charateristic are what?
growth rate increases,
develop lordisis,
sway back,
extremities length is faster the trunk.
During Early childhood, the gross motor skills include what?
walking, running, walking stairs, and jumping using 2 feet by age 2.
During early childhood, the fine motor skills include what?
drop pellets in container and drawing straight line
During Early childhood, the language skills include what?
know 200 words and combine words using nouns & verbs for two word phrases
During what stage of development do we have battle of wills, rightouslism, and play besided others?
Early Childhood
What age is Pre-schooler?
3-6 yrs
What are Pre-schooler's physical changes?
1. growth slows
2. losses baby charaterics
3. legs longate
4. look taller and slimmer
What are Pre-schooler's developmental changes?
1. hop on 1 foot
2. use scissors
3. jump rope
4. copy squares
What are Pre-schooler's language skills?
1. sentences contain 6-8 words
2. grammar develops
3. wants to please others
4. imaginary playmates
What age is school Age?
6-12 yrs
What are School Age's physical charaterics?
1. growth spurt for girls begin at 10 yrs old and boy 12 yrs old.
2. eruption of permanent teeth
3. muscles are stonger and more developed
4. neuromusclar control is more coodinated
What are School Age's behavior charaterics?
1. peer group is key social agent
2. love to collect things
3. consider all sides and forms a conclusion
What age is Pre-Adolscent?
10-13 yrs old
What are pre-adolscent boys' physical charaterics?
1. grow slower than girls
2. begins to grow @ 12 yrs and ends @ 14 yrs.
3. gentials growth begins
4. erections occur
What are pre-adolscent girls' physical charaterics?
1. rapid growth between age 10-12.
2. breast begin to enlarge
3. axillary hair begins
4. menstration starts
What are pre-adolscent's psychological changes?
1. reject parents rules & values
2. relationship with best friend
3. learn self-acceptance
4. stay within same sex groups
What age is adolscent?
12-19 yrs old
What are adolscent's physical changes?
1. puberty
2. rapid growth in height, weight, and muscles
3. develop primary & secondary sex charaterics
4. high in health risk because of poor judgement
What Developement stage is #1 in suicide being the cause of death?
What is adolscent's behavioral changes?
1. Immerse in peer group, dress and act like peers
What age is Early adult?
20-40 yrs old
What is early adult's physical changes?
1. maximum potential for growth and development
2. all systems work properly
What is early adolscent's behavi moral changes?
1. operate in more realistic matter
2. good problems solver.
3. continue education
4. job satifaction
What age is Middle Age?
40-64 yrs old
What is middle age's physical charaterics?
1. skin changes
2. hair thins, loses pigment, and turns gray
3. vision changes
4. mentpause begins in women
5. lower testorone in men
What is middle adult's behavioral changes?
1. self confident
2. sense of humor developed
What is late adulthood ages?
65+ yrs old
What is late adulthood physical changes?
1. decrease in body function
2. decrease protection to diease
What is late adulthood's behavioral changes?
1. slower reaction time
2. decrease ability for complex decision making
What is Denver Developmdental Screen test II? (DDST) When is this test performed?
screening gross motor skills, fine motor skills, language, and personal-social skills; Performed birth-6 yrs old.