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Logy- Ology

Geology- study of the earth, its formations and patterns
Geologist- one who studies the earth, its formations and patterns
Meteorology- study of earth's atmosphere and weather
Paleontology- study of the earth's fossils
Volcan, vulcan

(Vulcan was the Roman god of fire)
volcano- a mountain that erupts with fiery lava
volcanize- to undergo volcanic heat
Big, Great, Large

Magnify- to makd larger
magnificent- greatness in character
magnanimous- greatness in mind or spirit, noble and generous
magnate- a person with great importance or influence, especially in business
magnitude- greatness

geology- study of the earth, its formation, and patterns
geologist- one who studies the earth, its formations and patterns
geography-to draw the earth(maps), the science of the earth and its features
Pater, patr

Patriarch- head of a family or a tribe
Patron- a wealthy person who supports something or someone much as a father would
Family, or househould, those closely related

Familiar- having knowledge of someone or something, can mean informal and relaxed with someone having a close relationship perhaps as in a family
Mater, matri

Matron- a woman who is the head of an institution, or a married woman with children who has social status
Maternity- the state of being a mother, or the time during which a woman is expecting a baby

Liberty- having rights and independance, freedom to make choices
Liberal- having to do with liberty
Deliver- to free someone or something