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Definition: departing from the right, normal, or usual course.

Sentence: An example of an aberrant behavior would be a usually calm person having a fit of rage.

Synonyms: 1. wandering. 2. divergent, unusual.
Definition: Opposite to or away from the mouth
Definition: To abolish by formal or official means. To annul by an authoritative act repeal.

Sentence: An example of the word abrogate is when the Prohibition was ended.

Synonyms: cancel, revoke, rescind, nullify, void, invalidate.
Definition:caustic, stinging, or bitter in nature, speech, behavior, etc.: an acrimonious answer; an acrimonious dispute.

Sentence: When a person says mean and hurtful things to someone, it is an example of acting in an acrimonious manner.

Synonyms:sharp, bitter, caustic, rancorous; see angry, sarcastic.
Definition:to caution, advise, or counsel against something.
to reprove or scold, especially in a mild and good-willed manner

Sentence: The teacher admonished him about excessive noise.

Synonyms: See warn. 2. rebuke, censure, upbraid. See reprimand.
Definition:wronged, offended, or injured

Sentence:He felt himself aggrieved.

Synonyms: abused, harmed, wounded.
Definition:Combine or unite to form one organization or structure.

Sentence: "he amalgamated his company with another".

Synonyms: unite - merge - combine - join - consolidate - fuse - mix
Definition:Make (something bad or unsatisfactory) better.

Sentence: An example of something that ameliorates is ibuprofen when used to help a headache.

Synonyms:improve - meliorate - better - mend - amend - reform
Definition:Deviating from what is standard, normal, or expected.

Sentence:A person with 50 piercings and tattoos is an example of someone who is anomalous.

Synonyms: irregular - abnormal - anomalistic - aberrant
Definition: Precede in time; come before (something) in date.

Sentence: An example of an antedate is when a document was evaluated and found to have been written in 1250, not 1300 as originally thought.

Definition:Of or belonging to the time before the biblical Flood.
Ridiculously old-fashioned.

Sentence: An example of an antediluvian animal is the dinosaur.

Synonyms: age-old, ancient, antiquated, antique, archaic
Definition: A deep-seated feeling of dislike; aversion.

Sentence: An example of antipathy is how a staunch Republican might feel about a Democrat.

Synonyms: aversion - dislike - repugnance - distaste - repulsion
Definition: Old-fashioned or outdated.

Sentence: An example of something that is antiquated is a rotary phone.

Synonyms:obsolete - out-of-date - old-fashioned - outdated
Definition: (of a story or statement) Of doubtful authenticity, although widely circulated as being true.

Sentence: An unbelievable story about a baby lifting a car is an example of an apocryphal story.

Synonyms:spurious, unauthenticated, fictitious, doubtful;
Definition:Elevate to, or as if to, the rank of a god; idolize.

Sentence: Some apotheosize Ghandi for his activism.

Synonyms:glorify - deify
Definition: Apt in the circumstances or in relation to something.

Sentence: An example of an apposite tribute is a tribute for a musician where a concert hall is named after him.

Synonyms:appropriate - proper - suitable - apt - pertinent - fit
Definition: Approval or praise

Sentence: the opera met with high approbation

Synonyms:approval - sanction - endorsement - assent - indorsement
Definition: Take (something) for one's own use, typically without the owner's permission.

Sentence: to appropriate a civilian's car

Synonyms: secure, usurp, take possession of
Definition:submit a dispute to be settled to someone other than a judge, or to do the act of settling a dispute between two parties.

Sentence: An example of arbitrate is to hear issues and help a couple decide on a divorce settlement.

Synonyms:settle peacefully, adjust differences, smooth out,
Definition: An artifice is a skill or craft that is clever but often manipulative or tricky.

Sentence:An example of an artifice is the story a con artist uses to convince you to give him your money.

Synonyms: stratagem, trick, wile, ruse;
Definition:o test or survey, especially to determine the quantity of metal that a mixture has or to test a medicine.

Sentence:An example of the word assay is when a teacher observes her classroom to determine what the students are doing.

Synonyms: test, measure, run tests on
Definition:describes something that is ongoing, constant

Sentence:An example of an assiduous sound is that of cars going by on a highway.

Synonyms: industrious, persevering, careful, attentive;
Definition: to make better or lessen.

Sentence: An example of something that a nurse might assuage is someone's pain with the distribution of medicine.

Synonyms: alleviate, satisfy, calm
Definition:describes someone or something that is mimimalistic, something that is very somber or someone inflexible or extreme.

Sentence: An example of someone who might live an austere lifestyle is a monk.

Synonyms: harsh, for bidding, ascetic, stark;
Definition: greed or a great a desire to be rich.

Sentence:An example of avarice is deciding which college degree to get and which job to take based only on the expected salary.

Synonyms: covetousness, cupidity, greediness;
Definition: self evident or obvious.

Sentence:The fact that two things that are equal to a third thing are also equal to each other is an example of something that is axiomatic.

Synonyms:aphoristic, self-evident, taken for granted,
Definition: (of an appearance) Fail to give a true notion or impression of (something); disguise or contradict

Sentence: "his alert manner belied his years".

Synonyms: gainsay, negate, negative, oppose, repudiate
Definition: escribes someone or something aggressive and eager or willing to fight.

Sentence:An example of bellicose are angry rebels who storm a protest march.

Synonyms: warlike, belligerent, hostile;
Definition: kindly or gracious, sometimes in a patronizing way

Sentence: the benignant priest gave money to the family, event though they insisted they didn't need it.

Synonyms: advantageous, benefic, beneficent,
Definition:Bombastic describes important-sounding language that is meaningless.

Sentence: An example of bombastic is someone ranting about how much better they are at something than others.

Synonyms:pompous, declamatory, grandiloquent, orotund, lofty, inflated, grandiose,
Definition: Wave or flourish (something, esp. a weapon) as a threat or in anger or excitement.

Sentence: An example of to brandish is to twirl a sword around in the air.

Synonyms: wave, shake, wield,
Definition: behavior by a scared person that shows courage.

Sentence:An example of bravado is showing false confidence while interviewing for a job for which you are unqualified.

Synonyms:boasting, bluster, bold front, swagger,
Definition:the quality of being brief; shortness of time

Sentence:Given the brevity of some answers, candidates should not waste time copying out the question title.

Synonyms:shortness, conciseness, concision, briefness
Definition: to cautiously bring up a sensitive or controversial topic.

Sentence: An example of broach is when you bring up a subject with your spouse that you have fought about many times before.

Synonyms:suggest, introduce, bring up
Definition:people or things related to the country or to the country life.

Sentence: An example of something that would be described as bucolic is a farmhouse in the country.

Synonyms: rural, rustic, pastoral;
Definition: to grow or blossom

Sentence: a burgeoning cherry tree flowering in springtime

Synonyms: bloom1, blossom, blow3,
Definition: the quality of being open and honest.

Sentence: the ability to tell a staff both the positives and negatives of their work.

Synonyms: openness, veracity, forthrightness
Definition: describes someone who is bad tempered, grumpy or looking for an argument.

Sentence: is a grumpy old man who lives on your street who is always watching the neighborhood kids to find something to yell at them about.

Synonyms: peevish, quarrelsome, grouchy
Definition: is to surrender or give in to all demands.

Sentence: Capitulated without a struggle.

Synonyms: yield, surrender, submit, give up
Definition:to criticize or punish someone severely

Sentence: Castigated for an appalling decision.

Synonyms:chastise, reprimand, rebuke
Definition: a leader of 60 to 100 soldiers in the ancient Roman army.

Sentence: The leader of 80 soldiers in the Roman army in 100 BC is an example of acenturion.

Definition: a feeling of embarrassment and annoyance because one has failed or been disappointed; mortification

Sentence: I shall not feel any chagrin should they deem me unsuitable.

Synonyms: disappointment - grief - sorrow - annoyance - regret, grieve - aggrieve
Definition: is to restrain, tame or moderate, or to punish or discipline.

Sentence: No doubt the school will suitably chasten their tardy studnts.

Synonyms: abase, admonish, afflict, berate, castigate
Definition: using trickery or dishonest means to deceive or achieve some purpose.

Sentence: They should be learning instead how to spot statistical chicanery.

Synonyms: deception, trickery, sophistry, cheating
Definition: to scold someone

Sentence: An example of chide is a mother scolding her child for coming in late.

Synonyms:rebuke, reprimand, criticize
Definition:easily becoming angry

Sentence: An example of someone choleric is a teacher who becomes enraged over tiny mistakes.

Synonyms: irritable, quick-tempered, peevish, irascible
Definition:describes a rude, selfish or mean person.

Sentence: Taking the last two samples when not everyone has taken one is an example of churlish.

Synonyms:surly, boorish, ungracious, base
Definition: escribes something oblique, roundabout or longer than the most direct way.

Sentence: Under scrutiny and with retribution a certainty, indirect expression became circuitous.

Synonyms: ambagious, back road,
Definition: means something that is done in secret.

Sentence: A meeting in a hidden location is an example of clandestine.

Synonyms: furtive, secret, private, surreptitious
Definition: describes something that is convincing or believable.

Sentence:An example of cogent is the idea that climate change is caused by the actions of humans.

Synonyms: convincing, sound, forceful,
Definition:describes being fully aware, informed or conscious of something

Sentence:An example of cognizant is someone knowing that an original plan has been changed.

Synonyms: informed, aware, mindful
Definition:describes an attractive person.

Sentence: Audrey Hepburn is an example of a comely woman.

Synonyms: pretty, pleasing, attractive, handsome
Definition: means equal or proportionate.

Sentence: An example of commensurate is the relationship between a GED and a high school diploma.

Synonyms: comparable, equivalent, proportionate,
Definition: means to express or have sympathy.

Sentence: An example of to commiserate is to have compassion for a person going through a divorce.

Synonyms: share sorrow, condole, console,
Definition: means a feeling of contentment or self-satisfaction, often combined with a lack of awareness of pending trouble or controversy.

Sentence: An example of complacency is the type of attitude a long time leader may have.

Synonyms: contentment, smugness, sense of security
Definition: behavior or bearing; deportment
Definition:is something, such as a pipe or tunnel, through which water or electrical wires or other designated items can pass.

Sentence:An example of a conduit is a tube through which wires pass.

Synonyms: pipe, duct, channel, flume, canal,
Definition: means to confuse someone, defeat an enemy or foil a plan.

Sentence: An example of confound is when you ask someone a really tough question. They may feel confounded.

Synonyms: To mix
jumble, commingle, blend, mix up; see mix 1, muddle 1.
To confuse
puzzle, perplex, bewilder, frustrate
Definition: is to declare something holy

Sentence: An example of consecrate is when a cemetery is named holy ground.

Synonyms: To dedicate to God
hallow, sanctify, anoint; see bless 3.
To set apart
dedicate, ordain, devote, apply
Definition: is a struggle, dispute or something that someone argues about.

Sentence: An example of contention is two people debating about abortion rights.

Synonyms: strife, controversy, dispute,
Definition:describes someone who is argumentative or a situation where there is discord

Sentence: An example of contentious is a person who always likes to argue

Synonyms: quarrelsome, argumentative, controversial
Definition: The act of contravening; a violation.

Sentence: There was a contravention of the contract. He accepted payment when he shouldn't have.

Synonyms: contradiction, violation, infringement;
Definition:is a feeling of remorse about having done something wrong.

Sentence: An example of contrition is a student feeling bad about cheating on a test.

Synonyms: penitence, remorse, sorrow;
Definition: describes something related to the body.

Sentence: When you punish someone by harming his body and causing pain (such as by spanking the person) this is an example of corporal punishment.

Synonyms: bodily, corporeal, fleshly, personal, physical, somatic
Definition: means to take an action to make something more certain.

Sentence: An example of corroborate is to provide details that explain what happened at a crime scene.

Synonyms: confirm, support, establish
Definition: means the look on a face that shows expression.

Sentence: An example of countenance is wide eyes and a bright smile indicating joy.

Synonyms: look, aspect, face, visage;
Definition: an agreement between members to do a specific thing.

Sentence: An example of covenant is a peace treaty among multiple countries.

Synonyms: compact, bond, solemn agreement
Definition: Cause (someone) to submit to one's wishes by intimidation.

Sentence: The boy, cowed by the bully, gave him his lunch money.

Synonyms: intimidate, browbeat, bulldoze
the science dealing with the comparative study of human control systems, as the brain and nervous system, and complex electronic systems
Definition: describes something done properly and with good taste

Sentence: An example of something decorous is an official luncheon for a diplomat during which the correct foods and table settings are presented.

Synonyms: correct, becoming, proper, seemly
Definition: to speak out against, or to announce as worthless

Sentence: An example of decry is to publicly protest an unjust law.

Synonyms: criticize, depreciate, discredit, denounce
Definition: Misappropriation of money or funds

Sentence: It was a libel case between two very eminent and powerful financiers, against both of whom charges of considerable defalcation were brought.

Synonyms: embezzlement
Definition: a yielding in opinion, judgment, or wishes
courteous regard or respect

Sentence: She displayed deference for authority by allowing them to search her house.

Synonyms: Courteous regard, obedient
Definition: describes something that is harmful or damaging.

Sentence: An example of deleterious is how smoking can kill a human being.

Synonyms: injurious, pernicious, unhealthy
Definition: describes someone who is prone to showing affection or emotion, or something that serves as a demonstration or as conclusive evidence and proof.

Sentence: A person who is hugging and cuddling all the time is an example of someone who is demonstrative.

Synonyms: Showing feelings openly, effusive, unreserved, expansive, affectionate
Definition: to belittle or attack someones reputation

Sentence: When you mock someone and make fun of him, this is an example of how you denigrate him.

Synonyms: befoul, besmear, besmirch, bespatter, blacken
Definition: immorality or evilness

Sentence: It showed the depravity and the wicked intent of bin laden and those who would follow in his path.

Synonyms: degradation, degeneracy, baseness, wickedness;
Definition: to show disapproval about something or someone or to belittle someone.

Sentence: An example of deprecate is when you tell someone his idea is really stupid and that he should be quiet.

Synonyms: deplore, object, expostulate, belittle
Definition: to laugh at or make fun of someone or something.

Sentence:An example of deride is pointing and laughing about someone with toilet paper on their shoe.

Synonyms: scoff at, jeer, mock; see ridicule
Definition: describes something, someone or a conversation with no plan or purpose that wanders from one thing to the next.

Sentence: An example of desultory is wandering around and not knowing where you are going.

Synonyms: erratic, random, miscellaneous, disconnected
Definition: full of diffidence; lacking self-confidence; timid; shy

Sentence: Richard sailed to england but was too diffident to visit his father's relatives.

Synonyms:shy, bashful, timid
Definition: is a dabbler or a person who cultivates an interest without really committing or learning anything in depth.

Sentence: Someone who acts as if he is deeply interested in the arts but who doesn't really take the time to learn about the arts is an example of adilettante.

Synonyms: dabbler, trifler, aesthete, amateur
Definition: a sad song or poem expressing grief.

Sentence: An example of dirge is a poem read at someone's memorial service.

Synonym: lament, elegy, requiem, funeral, march;
Definition: to cause to lose affection for; make unfriendly, discontented, or disloyal, esp. toward the government

Sentence: he could not get over the fact that she disaffected from their relationship. They were no longer friends.

Synonym: estrange, antagonize, repel
Definition: to defeat; overthrow
to frustrate the plans or expectations of
to make uneasy; disconcert

Sentence: Well, they can continue debating, but i am afraid that they do not discomfit me in the least.

Synonym: To defeat the plans of

thwart, frustrate, foil; see prevent. To confuse
disconcert, embarrass, perplex;
Definition: insincere, deceptive or misleading.

Sentence: Somewhat disingenuous of him then to encourage uk farmers to plant a crop for which he knows there is no domestic market.

Synonym: insincere, uncandid, deceitful, calculating
Definition: to belittle or discredit someone or something

Sentence: No one disparages the family name and gets away with it!

Synonym: depreciate, deprecate, discredit, defame
Definition: different from each other, especially when the differences are dramatic.

Sentence: Some may say I have a disparate taste for music. I enjoy music from Snoop Dog and Bob Dylan.

Synonym: at variance, contrary, contrasting, discordant,
Definition: to hide or be dishonest about your true motives, feelings or beliefs.

Sentence: Sometimes, a situation requires one to be dissemble in order to not to harm one's feelings.

Synonym: camouflage, cloak, conceal,
Definition: ending or breaking apart

Sentence: The dissolution of H2O separates H from O.

Synonym: solution - resolution - disintegration - decomposition
Definition: a person who dogmatically seeks to apply theories regardless of the practical problems involved

Sentence: Creationists are true doctrinaires, they refuse to respect previous scientific inquiry.

Synonym: dogmatic, opinionated, bigoted, inflexible;
Definition: worthless waste matter

Sentence: An example of dross is what is left over after separating reuseable, compostable and recycleable items from the garbage.

Synonym: rubbish, waste, garbage
Definition: sweet to hear, taste or smell

Sentence:An example of something dulcet is the dulcet tones of a string quartet.

Synonyms: melodious, sweet-sounding, euphonious
Definition: to instruct in such a way as to improve, enlighten, or uplift morally, spiritually, or intellectually

Sentence: Motivational speakers are known for their edifying speeches. Their goal is to inspire and motivate individuals.

Synonyms: civilizing, cultural, enlightening, humanizing, refining
Definition: describes someone or something that successfully produced a result that was desired.

Sentence: An example of efficacious is a program that was designed to help stop crime and that reduced the crime rate by 80 percent.

Synonyms: effective, effectual, efficient, productive
Definition: means to make something clear.

Sentence: An example of elucidate is for a student to explain why he has been behaving oddly.

Synonyms: explain, interpret, illustrate, clarify
Definition: means a high, lofty place, or superiority in position

Sentence: An example of eminence is the top of a mountain.
An example of eminence is the title of king.

Synonyms: Importance
standing, prominence, distinction; see fame 1.
An elevation
projection, peak, highland; see height 1, hill.
Definition: to deprive of strength, force, vigor, etc.; weaken physically, mentally, or morally; devitalize; debilitate

Sentence: An example of enervate is when a medication causes a person to lose their physical strength.

Synonyms: debilitate, devitalize, enfeeble, exhaust;
Definition: weariness and dissatisfaction resulting from inactivity or lack of interest; boredom

Sentence: It leaves the rest of his life utterly empty, and he vacillates between amorous intensity and general ennui.

Synonyms: apathy, languor, tedium
Definition: to hide; conceal; shelter

Sentence: Many ensconced Jews from the Nazis under the floorboards of their house.

Synonyms: To place securely in a position or condition:
establish, fix, install, seat, settle. See put in
To put or keep out of sight:
bury, cache, conceal, hide1, occult, secrete.
Definition: something that has a very short lifespan or lasts for a very short time.

Sentence: An example of ephemeral is a plant blossom that only lasts one day.

Synonyms: transient, evanescent, fleeting
Definition: a term used to give a characteristic to whatever or whomever is being described.

Sentence: An example of epithet is to say women are weak.

Synonyms: designation, appellation,
Definition: to have several different meanings

Sentence: An example of equivocal is a poem with multiple interpretations.

Synonyms: ambiguous, dubious, puzzling, misleading
Definition: someone who has wide range of knowledge and is well-read.

Sentence: An example of erudite is a professor of literature.

Synonyms: learned, scholarly, well-read
Definition: the knowledge of an expert in a subject gained through reading and study.

Sentence: A professor who is a renowned expert in his field and who publishes an extremely well-respected thesis is an example of someone who writes with erudition.

Synonyms: learning, scholarship, education, enlightenment
Definition: to cause to be pale and unhealthy
to deprive of strength; weaken

Sentence: etiolated from being in prison for so long, he lacked vigor and color.

Synonyms: blanch, bleach, pale,
Definition: characterized by euphony; having a pleasant sound; harmonious

Sentence: the sound of the violin is euphonious. she plays it very well.

Synonyms: mellifluous, musical, melodious, pleasant-sounding
Definition: means to relieve someone of a duty or prove innocent.

Sentence: An example of exonerate is a manager giving an employee the night off.

Synonyms: absolve, vindicate, justify
Definition: to edit or remove material that is considered to be obscene or objectionable

Sentence: China constantly expurgates material they deem unfit for their people to see, like "the truth"

Synonyms: purify, cleanse, bowdlerize
Definition: to completely remove, destroy or pull out by the roots.

Sentence: An example of extirpate is to get rid of field mice in a basement.

Synonyms: exterminate, annihilate, abolish, root out
Definition: to praise highly.

Sentence: An example of extol is to loudly and passionately sing songs of worship.

Synonyms: laud, exalt, acclaim, eulogize
Definition: to turn over (a person accused or convicted of a crime) to the jurisdiction of another country, state, etc. where the crime was allegedly committed

Sentence: Extradite suspects who would face a death sentence, or assist in capital cases.

Synonyms: surrender, give up, deport
Definition: describes a joke made about something serious

Sentence: An example of facetious is someone saying that people whose homes have burned down don't have to worry about whether the housekeeper did a good job.

Synonym: jocular, jocose, humorous, funny,
Definition: refers to something that uses little effort or is easy to do.

Sentence: An example of facile is winning a game against a team that isn't very good.

Synonym: simple, effortless,skilled, practiced, glib, simplistic, insincere
Definition: not easy to please; very critical or discriminating

Sentence: I'm normally very fastidious about citing my sources on this blog, however, accuracy is important.

Synonym: squeamish, overnice, meticulous
Definition: describes someone who is ineffective or irresponsible

Sentence: A person who cannot be trusted to take on responsibility is an example of someone who would be described as feckless.

Synonym: careless, heedless, inattentive,
Definition: describes someone with a flushed complexion, or something overly complicated

Sentence: An example of someone who would be described asflorid is a red-faced, flushed runner whose face has turned red with exertion.

Synonym: ornate, flowery, flamboyant,
Definition: to openly show hatred or disregard toward someone or something.

Sentence: An example of flout is someone spitting in another's face and walking away.

Synonym: mock, scoff at, spurn
Definition: Instigate or stir up

Sentence: "they accused him of fomenting political unrest".

Synonym: instigate - incite - provoke
Definition: the realization of a goal or the end of a plan when success occurs

Sentence: When you have been planning for something to occur and it does, this is an example of your plan coming to fruition.

Synonym: achievement, attainment, fulfillment, realization
Definition: to oppose, deny or say something is false

Sentence: An example of to gainsay is to go against a popular opinion.

Synonym: To deny
disclaim, refute, repudiate; see deny.To contradict
disagree, dispute, controvert
Definition: to suppress or distort parts of (a story, etc.) in telling, so as to mislead or misrepresent

Sentence: This test likes to garble information with the intention of misleading test takers.

Synonym: jumble, misquote, falsify, distort;
Definition: describes someone who talks too much about unimportant things

Sentence: An example of garrulous is someone rambling about celebrity gossip.

Synonym: talkative, loquacious, chattering;
Definition: describes something relevant to the topic

Sentence: An example of germane information when trying to get a mortgage is your income, credit score and the price of the home.

Synonym: apropos, pertinent, fitting
Definition: is speaking in a very smooth, easy way, which may appear to be insincere.

Sentence: An example of glib is a famous person offering a weak solution to a world issue during an interview.

Synonym: smooth, offhand, smooth-talking, suave, unctuous, loquacious
Definition: describes something cliche that has been overused or done too much

Sentence: An example of hackneyed writing is writing that is full of cliches and boring phrases that have been used by countless other authors.

Synonym: worn-out, old, trite
Definition: describes an idealized, idyllic or peaceful time

Sentence: An example of something you would describe as halcyon is the long, lazy and peaceful days of summer vacation.

Synonym: calm, peaceful, placid, quiet
Definition: the self-indulgent pursuit of pleasure as a way of life

Sentence: People who do not get their work done and party all day may be considered hedonists. All they care about is having fun.

Synonym: sensualism, gratification, debauchery
Definition: leadership or dominance, esp. that of one state or nation over others

Sentence: Hegemony of the big bourgeoisie.

Synonym: dominion, authority, leadership
Definition: departing from or opposed to the usual beliefs or established doctrines, esp. in religion; inclining toward heresy; unorthodox

Sentence: Those who are opposed to what's written in the bible may be considered heterodoxy.

Synonym: dissident, doubtful, iconoclastic, skeptical
Definition: describes overly dramatic behavior or something related to acting, or a personality where someone is prone to drama and overreaction.

Sentence: A person who overreacts to every little problem is an example of someone who might be described ashistrionic.

Synonym: dramatic, melodramatic, artificial, theatrical
the branch of zoology having to do with the study of fish
Definition: one opposed to the religious use of images or advocating the destruction of such images

Sentence: An example of an iconoclast is someone who destroys pictures of Jesus.

Synonym: dissenter, vandal, heathen, antichrist
Definition: an unusual behavior, mannerism or reaction of a person or group of people.

Sentence: An example of idiosyncrasy is someone being allergic to air.

Synonym: eccentricity, characteristic, peculiarity, quirk
Definition: common or not of royal birth

Sentence: An example of something ignoble is a person born into a poor family.

Synonym: disgraceful, mean, dishonorable
Definition: not able to be changed.

Sentence: An example of immutable is something that has happened and cannot be reversed.

Synonym: stable, changeless, perpetual
Definition: describes someone or something that is domineering and demanding, without any justification or right.

Sentence: An example of imperious is a demand by a new house guest that you go to the store and buy him the type of drink he enjoys.

Synonym: overbearing, commanding, haughty
Definition: is disrespect, rudeness or intrusion

Sentence: When you interrupt your boss when he is talking to you, this is an example ofimpertinence.

Synonym: impudence, insolence, disrespectfulness
Definition: to question the truthfulness or validity of a statement.

Sentence: An example of impugn is when you call someone out on what you believe to be a lie.

Synonym: question, attack, challenge
Definition: to assign a fault or blame.

Sentence: An example of to impute is find an oil leak as the cause for a car breaking down.

Synonym: ascribe, assign, credit; see attribute.
Definition: a person who stands for some abstract idea, or a person who embodies a God or deity in the flesh.

Sentence: When God appears on Earth as a farmer, his physical form as a farmer is an example of his incarnation on Earth.

Synonym: manifestation, embodiment, incorporation
Definition: in the beginning stages

Sentence: An example of incipient is a brand new idea for solving a scientific problem.

Synonym: beginning, developing, embryonic, nascent
Definition: the plural of index, which is a listing or an indicator

Sentence: An example of indices are telephone book listings

Definition: the state of being poor or needy

Sentence: An example of indigency is when you are homeless and have no money.

Synonym: poor, beggared, busted, destitute, down and out
Definition: describes something that will definitely happen

Sentence: An example of an ineluctable act is the sun rising every day.

Synonym: certain, inevitable, unavoidable
Definition: Freedom from error or untruths; infallibility

Sentence: belief in the inerrancy of the Scriptures.

Synonym: exemption from error
Definition: morally wrong or grossly unfair

Sentence: A plan to steal from the church collection plate is an example of something that would be described asiniquitous.

Synonym: unjust, vicious, evil, sinful;
Definition: excessive and not mild, or indulging in alcohol to an extreme level

Sentence: Weather where it is freezing and snowing one day and 90 degrees the next is an example ofintemperate or extreme weather.

Synonym: inebriated, dissipated, alcoholic; immoderate, inordinate, unrestrained;
Definition: an absolute order not to do something issued by a person in authority

Sentence: An order issued by the King forbidding his subjects from eating meat on Tuesday is an example of an interdict.

Synonym: forbid, hinder, prohibit, stop
Definition: to make known indirectly; hint or imply

Sentence: intimating that his zipper was undone.

Definition: not easily controlled or hard to work.

Sentence: An example of intractable used as an adjective is an intractable clay which means clay that is difficult to shape.

Synonym: unmanageable, contrary, stubborn, recalcitrant
Definition: someone stubborn or unwilling to change his views.

Sentence: An example of someone who would be described as intransigent is a person who is not going to change his mind about an issue, no matter what.

Synonym: uncompromising, tenacious, stubborn
Definition: to make someone accustomed to a bad situation

Sentence: An example of inure is when the excessive rain in Seattle makes people accustomed to rain.

Synonym: accustom, habituate, toughen
Definition: is strong criticism, insults and abusive or insulting language.

Sentence: An example of invective is when someone who is angry starts shouting abusive language and hurtful words at you.

Synonym: denunciation, vituperation, condemnation
Definition: describes something longstanding, ingrained or unlikely to change

Sentence: A person who has smoked for 50 years is an example of someone who would be described as aninveterate smoker.

Synonym: ingrained, confirmed, deep-rooted
Definition: describes something that is likely to cause anger, or something that is unjust or unfair.

Sentence: An example of an invidious behavior is behavior that is likely to make others around you mad.

Synonym: injurious, discriminatory, repugnant, odious
Definition: describes something that is not nourishing, is not interesting or is childish.

Sentence: An example of a jejune diet is donuts for breakfast.

Synonym: bland, innocuous, insipid
Definition: describes something or someone cheery and light-hearted

Sentence: A cheerful and happy birthday party is an example of something that would be described asjocund.

Synonym: blithe, blithesome, boon
Definition: the science or study of human muscular movements, esp. as applied in physical education
Definition: is to beat, or to scold or berate by yelling

Sentence: An example of lambaste is for a parent to scold a child by yelling.

Synonym: punish, thrash, whip
Definition: a feeling of lethargy or a lack of mental or physical energy

Sentence: When you are in a state where you don't want to do anything except lay around, this is an example oflassitude.

Synonym: languor, faintness, weariness, tiredness
Definition: describes someone who looks very sad, depressed or long-in-the-face.

Sentence: An example of lugubrious is the expression on the face of a depressed boy.

Synonym: dismal, mournful, pensive
Definition: lyric quality, style, or character

Sentence: He spoke with a kind of lyricism. It always sounded like he was singing, even during the most average conversations.

Synonym: poem, poetry
Definition: noble in mind; high-souled; esp., generous in overlooking injury or insult; rising above pettiness or meanness

Sentence: Magnanimous in victory by sharing the prize

Synonym:high-minded, unselfish, great-hearted
Definition: awkward or showing a lack of skills

Sentence: An example of a maladroit person is an employee who cannot accomplish the simplest tasks of the job.

Synonym: clumsy, gauche, inept
Definition: describes something musical, melodious or pleasant to hear.

Sentence: A beautiful song sung by a great singer is an example of something that would be described as being a mellifluous sound.

Synonym: resonant, smooth, liquid
Definition: decribes a dishonest person or thing

Sentence: An example of mendacious used as an adjective is a mendacious person, a dishonest person.

Synonym: lying, untrue, spurious
Definition: a beggar, prone to begging or who is likely to beg.

Sentence: A person who is continually pleading for things is an example of amendicant person.

Synonym: panhandler, vagabond, pauper
Definition: refers to small, trivial uninportant details

Sentence: Minor details about an event that don't really matter such as the color of the napkins are an example ofminutiae.

Synonym: trivia, particulars, items
Definition: an area of wet, soggy ground; bog

Sentence: An example of a mire is a bog.

Synonym: marsh, bog, ooze
Definition: hatred or distrust of all people

Sentence: hatred or distrust of all people

Synonym: cynicism, selfishness, egoism
Definition: means to make something less severe, less harsh or less painful.

Sentence: An example of mitigate is to reduce a prison sentence.

Synonym: alleviate, lessen, moderate
Definition: to pacify someone or to make something less severe

Sentence: When you apologize to someone who is really mad at you and they calm down a bit, this is an example ofmollify.

Synonym: soothe, appease, calm
Definition: having a gloomy attitude or character

Sentence: An example of morose is a person who is sad about all situations.

Synonym: depressed, dolorous, melancholy
Definition: describes a very generous person, or a person or a gift that is more generous than necessary

Sentence: When you give $1,000 for a birthday gift when everyone else only gives $20, this is an example of a time when you would be described asmunificent.

Synonym: open-handed, charitable, benevolent
Definition: coming into being; being born

Sentence: The country's nascent economy, which had developed since the end of the war, waas devasted by an earthquake.

Read more: http://wiki.answers.com/Q/How_can_nascent_be_used_in_a_sentence#ixzz21STa06dT

Synonym: beginning, blossoming, burgeoning,
Definition: describes someone or something that is vague or unclear.

Sentence: An example of nebulous is a plan that doesn't describe the intended outcome.

Synonym: indistinct, dim, vague
Definition: worthless or useless

Sentence: An example of something nugatory is a fake lotto ticket; a nugatory ticket.

Synonym: worthless, trifling, inadequate, piddling
Definition: to confuse someone or to obscure the meaning of something.

Sentence: An example of obfuscate is when a politician purposely gives vague answers to a question so no one knows his real position.

Synonym: obscure, muddle, confuse
Definition: describes someone that is noisy and hard to control

Sentence: Noisy teenage boys who are running wild are an example of people who would be described as obstreperous.

Synonym: boisterous, noisy, vociferous, raucous
Definition: to close, shut, or block

Sentence: block, curb, impede

Synonym: choke, clog, close, close out,
Definition: is a shameful act or the disgrace of a shameful act

Sentence: An example of opprobrium is the shame that comes with telling lies about a best friend.

Synonym: disrepute, ignominy, stigma
Definition: refers to extreme abundance or wealth

Sentence: A gigantic and beautiful mansion is an example of opulence.

Synonyms: abundance, affluence,
Definition: means overcome with emotion or in a state of high excitement and anxiety, or a creative work that is too elaborate and overdone.

Sentence: When you are so overcome with joy about your husband coming home from war that you cannot contain yourself or express your emotions, this is an example of a time when you areoverwrought.

Synonyms: affected, worn, weary
Definition: is a remedy that says it will cure all illness and difficulties.

Sentence: An example of a panacea is tonic sold in 1910 to cure the common cold.

Synonyms: relief, elixir, cure
Definition: refers to extreme frugality or the use of extreme caution in spending money.

Sentence: When you analyze every purchase and are very careful about spending even small amounts of money, this is an example of parsimony.

Synonyms: stinginess, selfishness, providence
Definition: means a small number of something

Sentence: An example of paucity is only a few people going to a concert.

Synonyms: insufficiency, scarcity, absence
Definition: describes something related to money

Sentence: When you are interested in a job only because of the money, this is an example of a situation where you are driven by pecuniary interests.

Synonyms: financial, fiscal, monetary
Definition: describes someone who has a very narrow focus on a subject and tends to overly show off their knowledge by getting caught up in small details or by pointing out mistakes on the subject

Sentence: An example of someone who is pedantic is an English teacher who corrects grammar mistakes all the time.

Synonyms: formal, precise, pompous
Definition: means having a negative or belittling effect.

Sentence: An example of pejorative is a cruel statement about a student's schoolwork that causes him to produce even lower quality schoolwork.

Synonyms: disparaging, derogatory, deprecatory
Definition: a preference or desire for something or for doing things a certain way.

Sentence: An example of penchant is what a person has when they love reading history books.

Synonyms: inclination, propensity, affinity
Definition: means extreme poverty or lacking basic necessities.

Sentence: An example of penury is a life without shelter, food, clothing or water

Synonyms: need, bankruptcy, destitution
Definition: demanding peope do things your way and do them now or a final judgment or decision, especially one made by a court.

Sentence: An example of peremptory is when someone says "Come over here right now!"

Synonym: fixed, authoritative, uncompromising
Definition: A person or thing is perennial when they exist or are active for a whole year or a long time.

Sentence: An example of perennial is a person who has lived for a long time.

Synonym: enduring, sustained, continuing
Definition: describes someone or something that cannot be trusted or that is dishonest.

Sentence: A person who lies all the time is an example of someone who would be described asperfidious

Synonym: treacherous, mean, corrupt, faithless
Definition: means done in a routine manner, without much care or attention

Sentence: An example of perfunctory is a quick check of a car by a rental agency.

Synonym: cursory, superficial, shallow, hurried,
Definition: the point nearest to the earth in the orbit of the moon or of a man-made satellite


Definition: means deadly or very destructive.

Sentence: An example of pernicious is the devastating effects of intense drug use.

Synonym: harmful, deleterious, detrimental, noxious, baneful
Definition: the quality or condition of being pertinacious; stubborn persistence; obstinacy


Synonym: bullheadedness, doggedness, hardheadedness
Definition: is to have many passing love affairs.

Sentence: Trying to have sex with many different people is an example of to philander.

Synonym: sue for, coquet, flirt
the collection and study of postage stamps, postmarks, stamped envelopes
Definition: the practice of trying to judge character and mental qualities by observation of bodily, esp. facial, features

Sentence: We live in a culture in which many people, although they disclaim their shallowness, practice physiognomy.

Synonym: appearance, aspect, countenance
Definition: a device consisting of a wooden board with holes for the head and hands, in which petty offenders were formerly locked and exposed to public scorn


Definition: is soft and spongy material in plant stems and the core of animal bones, or the white tissue lining the rind of an orange, lemon or other citrus fruit

Sentence: An example of pith is the spongy material found inside plant stems.

Synonym: center, stem, medulla
Definition: to soothe someone who is angry or upset by making concessions.

Sentence: Buying a crying baby a stuffed animal at a store is an example of placate.

Synonym: pacify, mollify, appease
Definition: describes something that is sad, mournful or expresses sorrow.

Sentence: An example of something that would be described as plaintive would be the sad whimper of a puppy whose owners have just left him all alone.

Synonym: melancholy, pitiful, mournful
Definition: of or involving dispute; controversial

Sentence: A written attack on a political decision is an example of a polemic.

Synonym: polemical, discursive, argumentative,
Definition: means to prevent something from happening or to prevent someone from doing something.

Sentence: An example of preclude is when you take someone's keys away so that they cannot drive.

Synonym: prevent, impede, rule out
Definition: developed or matured to a point beyond that which is normal for the age

Sentence: The precious 5 year old knew her times tables up to 100.

Synonym: gifted, bright, advanced, developed
Definition: a tendency towards something or a preference for something

Sentence: An example of predilection is a preference for expensive and designer items.

Synonym: partiality, bias, preference, liking
Definition: to suggest beforehand; be an antecedent figure or type of; foreshadow

Sentence: It was prefigured that he was going to die in the movie. Wherever he went, symbols of death followed.

Synonym: symbolize, signify, indicate
Definition: Superiority in weight, force, importance, or influence.

Sentence: There were a preponderance of voters support the candidate at the convention. Needless to say, he was the favorite.

Synonym: advantage, ascendancy, bigger half,
Definition: to dance around the truth or speak evasively.

Sentence: An example of prevaricate is what you do when your mother asks you where you have been and you don't want to tell her.

Synonym: equivocate, evade the truth, distort
Definition: honesty and integrity

Sentence: An example of probity is a quality of that one expects to see in a policeman.

Synonym: fidelity, honor, integrity
Definition: an elephant's trunk, or a long, flexible snout, as of a tapir
Definition: describes spending money carelessly and foolishly.

Sentence: An example of prodigal is buying very expensive cars and homes.

Synonym: lavish, extravagant, squandering
Definition: refers to intellectual or emotional depth, or to an idea that shows great intellectual depth

Sentence: Having a deep understanding of the emotions of others and the ability to respond to those emotions in a truly understanding matter is an example of profundity.

Synonym: pitch, deepness, lowness
Definition: describes someone or something that is too wordy.

Sentence: An example of something prolix is a long-winded introduction to a speaker; a prolix introduction.

Synonym: diffuse, wordy, tedious
Definition: to make known, to teach or to put into effect.

Sentence: An example of promulgate is for a parent to teach all of his religious and cultural customs to his child.

Synonym: publish, declare, proclaim
Definition: to make something illegal, or to forbid something to be done, or to banish someone for wrongdoing

Sentence: When the legislature passes a law banning the use of marijuana, this is an example of a time when itproscribes the use of marijuana.

Synonym: banish, outlaw, exile
Definition: a stand-in for someone else, the authority to stand-in for or represent someone else, or a document giving permission for someone else to vote on your behalf.

Sentence: An example of proxy is someone who is named to make health care decisions for you if you are unable to do so.

Synonym: substitute, representative, deputy, surrogate;
Definition: describes something characteristic of or related to a child, especially silly, trivial or childish behavior.

Sentence: Silly and foolish jokes that would cater to juvenile humor are examples ofpuerile jokes.

Synonym: boyish, young, inexperienced, immature
Definition: eager and ready to fight; quarrelsome; combative

Sentence: An example of pugnacious is the small dog who barks and nips at the other dogs in the park.

Synonym: belligerent, defiant, antagonistic, combative
Definition: means lacking in courage, strength or determination.

Sentence: A person afraid to make decisions for himself is an example of someone who would be described aspusillanimous.

Synonym: chickenhearted, cowardly, craven
Definition: is romantic behavior or following beliefs even though they are foolish or unreachable goals.

Sentence: An example of quixotic is a young man in love behaving foolishly or wildly.

Synonym: impractical, idealistic, chivalrous, daring
Definition: means to want more money or possessions than needed

Sentence: An example of a rapacious person is someone who constantly tries to get more money or real estate.

Synonym: grasping, avaricious, insatiable
Definition: to cast again or anew
Definition: to conduct a military mission to observe something or someone or to find something out.

Sentence: When a top-secret military team goes into an enemy country to check out their army, this is an example ofreconnoiter.

Synonym: inspect, survey, scout out
Definition: to withdraw from the decision making process because of personal interest or unfairness

Sentence: An example of recuse is a judge being removed from a court case because she dated the defendant.

Definition: means to fix something that was wrong.

Sentence: An example of to redress is to pay to remove a wine stain from a friend’s dress.

Synonym: revision, amendment, remedy
Definition: the act of refuting, or proving false or wrong; disproof

Sentence: Refutation of the Bible has grown larger and more popular.

Synonym: rebuttal, confutation, contradiction
Definition: delight or amuse someone through talk, stories or a generous amount of food or drink.

Sentence: When you get everyone to start laughing hysterically at your stories, this is an example of a situation where you regale people with your stories.

Synonym: delight, please, amuse
Definition:is to plead or protest with reason

Sentence: An example of remonstrate is for a parent to remind a child to call and check in while they’re out of the house with friends.

Synonym: protest, expostulate, demur, criticize
Definition: to bring or send back to the country of birth or origin.

Sentence: An example of to repatriate is for an Italian-born United States citizen to return to Italy.

Definition: abundantly filled, or gorged with food and drink.

Sentence: An example of replete used as an adjective is the phrase a "replete supply of food" which means that plenty of food is available.

Synonym: brimful, brimming, bursting
Definition: an official order claiming or demanding property or materials or demanding the performance of a duty.

Sentence: An order demanding the purchase of 100 guns for military use is an example of a requisition.

Synonym: order, demand, call, authorization
Definition: means full of splendor or dazzling

Sentence: An example of something resplendent is a chandelier with hundreds of crystals.

Synonym: shining, dazzling, splendid, radiant
Definition: means inclined to not speak or restrained or quiet in style

Sentence: An example of reticent is a student who never raises her hand or answers a question in class.

Synonym: reserved, uncommunicative, hesitant
Definition: means to celebrate loudly or to take great pleasure in something

Sentence: An example of revel is partying during Mardi Gras.

Synonym: carousal, frolic, festivity
Definition: is a chaotic crowd of people, or a troop withdrawal.

Sentence: An example of a rout is a group of people rioting in a city.

Synonym: flight, retreat, confusion
cheerful, confident, enthusiastic, expectant, optimistic
Definition: means acting in a mocking or sarcastic way to put someone down.

Sentence: An example of sardonic is a comedian’s sneering jokes about a specific group of people that he wants to criticize.

Synonym: sarcastic, cynical, scornful
Definition: the practice of keeping oneself in the background and minimizing one's own actions; modest, retiring behavior

Sentence: The girl, never wanting to be the center of attention, was always practicing self-effacement. She didn't want to hog the lime light.

Synonym: demureness, diffidence, modesty
Definition: growing old; aging


Definition: is a paid position that doesn't require any work

Sentence: An example of sinecure is someone who receives money because they are a partner named in the name of a law firm, but no longer practice law.

Synonym: easy job, child's play, cinch, snap
Definition: a British term for a heavy rainstorm that results in flash floods.

Sentence: An example of a spate is five feet of water in downtown London.

Synonym: efflux, gush, outflow, outpour
Definition: means to be wasteful

Sentence: n example of squander is taking a bite out of every piece in a shared box of chocolates until finding one you like.

Synonym: spend, spend lavishly, throw away
Definition: indifference to pleasure or pain; stoical behavior; impassivity

Sentence: The man displayed stoicism as they tortured him. No sound escaped his mouth, nor did he display any emotion.

Synonym: impassivity, patience, sobriety
Definition: having or showing little or no emotion or sensitivity; unexcitable; impassive

Sentence: A person who stays calm and shows little emotion in a crisis is an example of someone who would be described as stolid.

Synonym: unexcitable, impassive, apathetic
Definition: is a plan or scheme intended to outwit an opponent or achieve a purpose.

Sentence: When you are participating in a scavenger hunt and you want to beat the other side and you and your teammates brainstorm a way to solve the clues quickly, this is an example ofstratagem.

Synonym: trick, deception, plot, scheme
Definition: means a plan or action to hide what you’re doing

Sentence: An example of subterfuge is a plan to forge signatures with a stamp late at night when no one is working.

Synonym: deception, device, artifice, ploy
Definition: to set aside as, or become, old-fashioned or obsolete
Definition: describes an excessive amount of something, such as food or drink, or an illness caused by consuming something in excess

Sentence: An example of surfeit is when a person has nausea because he has consumed too much food.

Synonym: surplus, superfluity, profusion
Definition: a person who seeks favor by flattering people of wealth or influence; parasite; toady

Sentence: An example of a sycophant is someone who agrees with everything his boss says and who brings his boss gifts once a month.

Synonym: parasite, leech, toady, flatterer, fawner
Definition: refers to logical reasoning where you arrive at a conclusion by looking at two other premises or ideas.

Sentence: If you know all squares are rectangles and all rectangles are shapes, and you deduce from this that all squares are shapes; this is an example ofsyllogism.

Synonym: argument, dialectic, prologism
Definition: characterized by a deliberate tendency or aim; esp., advancing a definite point of view

Sentence: The tendentious candidate was driven to socialize healthcare no matter what.

Synonym: biased, one-sided, partial, partisan
Definition: a person under the moral or psychological domination of someone or something

Sentence: A slave is an example of thrall.

Synonym: bondman, serf, vassal
Definition: describes being scared and shy

Sentence: An example of timorous is a child who cries and hides behind their mother when around strangers.

Synonym: apprehensive, faint, fainthearted, fearful.
Definition: resentment or annoyance

Sentence: An example of umbrage is what you feel when someone asks you a question that you find to be presumptuous, offensive and annoying, you take umbrage with their question.

Synonym: displeasure, offense, sense of injury
Definition: describes someone polished, suave or sophisticated.

Sentence: The man was urbane, display a high level of respect and care with every person he met.

Synonym: affable, balanced, bland, civil,
Definition: to waiver back and forth and be unable to choose between options

Sentence: An example of vacillate is when you pick black tiles, then white tiles, then blue tiles, then black tiles and can't make up your mind.

Synonym: waver, sway, stagger
Definition: means to clear someone of criticism or blame

Sentence: Providing evidence in a trial that proves a suspect’s innocence is an example of vindicate.

Synonym: acquit, free, absolve
Definition:describes someone who is out for revenge

Sentence: An example of vindictive is a person who writes down every mean thing ever said to her in a notebook so she can get back at the people who were unkind.

Synonym: revengeful, retaliatory, unforgiving
Definition: describes something very dangerous or harmful. It also describes being especially bitter, ardent and hostile

Sentence: An example of virulent is an aggressive and deadly disease.

Synonym: destructive, venomous, injurious
Definition: sticky or not easily able to flow

Sentence: An example of something viscous is maple syrup.

Synonym: glutinous, mucilaginous, viscid, viscose
Definition: to make imperfect, faulty, or impure; spoil; corrupt

Sentence: When you bribe a policeman, this is an example of when you vitiate the policeman.

Synonym: To invalidate. To corrupt. To weaken morally
Definition: describes someone who speaks easily and says a lot of words.

Sentence: An example of voluble is someone with the gift of gab.

Synonym: talkative, glib, loquacious
Definition: describes something or someone dormant or in a period of inactivity.

Sentence: An example of something that would be described as quiescent is a tumor that is dormant and not causing any type of health problems or growing at the time.

Synonym: quiet, still, inactive, dormant
Definition: to take back something, especially when you have to take it back formally or by some specific process

Sentence: An example of the word abjure is when a confession is given but then later rescinded.

Synonym: recall, recant, retract, take back, withdraw
Definition: to free from guilt or blame

Sentence: An example of to exculpate is telling someone that an accident was not their fault.

Synonym: absolve, exonerate, forgive
Definition: frantic or in a frenzy

Sentence: An example of a frenetic person is someone running around trying to do 10 things at once.

Synonym: frenzied, frantic, hectic
Definition: to seize something without justification.

Sentence: An example of arrogate is to take over someones land without any right or reason.

Synonym: appropriate, assume, commandeer,
Definition: describes someone who is too eager to believe things, often without thinking them through.

Sentence: An example of credulous is a person who will believe anything.

Synonym: gullible, unsuspicious, simple, unsophisticated
Definition: refers to something related to Sparta in Ancient Greece, or a situation that is plain and not luxurious.

Sentence: A barren hotel room with no ornamentation is an example of a room that would be described as spartan.

Synonym: bold, fearless, warlike, hardy, stoical, severe, frugal, disciplined.
Definition: slanted or tilted direction. It also refers to something that is misleading or not straight to the point.

Sentence: An example of oblique is an argument that has no clear point or thesis to it.

Synonym: inclined, inclining, diverging, leaning, sloping
Definition: having an unpleasant sound

Sentence: The mariachi band next door has a cacophonic sound. I can't stand it when they play.

Definition: making a sound, particularly a very deep sound with a rich quality.

Sentence: An example of something sonorous is the voice of James Earl Jones when he announces CNN or plays Darth Vader in Star Wars.

Synonym: resonant, resounding, vibrant
Definition: injurious to health; harmful, bad odor


Synonym: baneful, pernicious, putrid, malodorous
Definition: means to make someone lower, either by making him feel humiliated or by actually demoting his position

Sentence: An example of abase is a bully taunting a victim.

Synonym: humiliate, humble, debase
Definition: a practice in which one gets rid of worldly pleasures and focuses on thinking, particularly for religious or spiritual purposes.

Sentence: A Buddhist monk is an example of someone practicing asceticism.

Definition: to be self-sacrificing by giving up one's own interests.

Sentence: An example of abnegation is when a successful lawyer gives up her practice in order to become a missionary.

renunciation - disavowal - repudiation - renouncement
Definition: to state seriously or positively; assert

Sentence: The asseverating scientist wanted the world to know that global warming was a real phenomena

Synonym: affirm, allege, argue, assert, aver
Definition: a person who lives a life of strict self-discipline, contemplation and without pleasures and comforts.

Sentence: An example of an ascetic is a monk.

Synonym: austere, self-denying, plain, rigorous
Definition: absolutely, completely or utterly

Sentence: When a statement is absolutely, completely ridiculous, the statement is an example of arrant nonsense.

Synonym: absolute, all-out, complete, consummate,
Definition: is strong admiration or devotion

Sentence: The love a husband feels for his wife when they are married is an example of adoration.

Synonym: devotion, homage, veneration, ardor, affection, devotion
Definition: describes someone who is agreeable or willing to be persuaded.

Sentence: An example of someone who may be amenable is a newly hired intern who is eager to do a good job and be well-liked.

Synonym: tractable, manageable, agreeable, responsive
Definition: agreeing or consenting without protest

Sentence: the acquiescent teenager gave into his parents. it was time for a haircut.

Synonym: nonresistant, passive, resigned,
Definition: describes something that is nearly impossible to understand or figure out.

Sentence: Einstein’s complex theories are an example of abstruse theories.

Synonym: recondite, deep, obscure, complex
Definition: means to make something bigger or more powerful or to make it appear so.

Sentence: To make your farm larger by purchasing the neighboring farm is an example of aggrandize.

Synonym: acclaim, applaud, glorify
Definition: means to suggest beforehand or to vaguely foreshadow.

Sentence: An example of adumbrate is to introduce minor clues into the text of a murder mystery novel.

Synonym: augur, bode, forecast, forerun
Definition: means to be self-sacrificing by giving up one's own interests

Sentence: An example of abnegation is when a successful lawyer gives up her practice in order to become a missionary.

Definition: cheerful or carefree or lacking in concern

Sentence: An example of blithe is a happy little girl playing with her friends.

Synonym: gay, carefree, joyful, cheerful
Definition: to dress or decorate in a cheap, showy way

Sentence: Drag queens may be described as bedizen.

Synonym: accouter, apparel, array, attire,
Definition: describes something that is moderate and pleasant.

Sentence: An example of balmy weather is a beautiful day at the beach.

Synonym: warm, soothing, summerlike, crazy, foolish, eccentric;
Definition: is a long narrow cushion

Sentence: An example of a bolster is the cylinder shaped pillow that runs along the back of a couch.

Synonym: prop, hold up, reinforce, sustain
Definition: ignorant

Sentence: The benighted man was afraid of black people for he had never met one before.

Synonym: backward, ignorant, primitive
Definition: describes someone or something that is subject to sudden, unpredictable changes.

Sentence: An example of capricious is someone who decides they don't want to go somewhere while already on the way.

Synonym: whimsical, inconstant, fickle
Definition: having the same ancestor; closely related
Definition: Thoughtful consideration; meditation

Sentence: The woman was in deep cogitation. She needed to think carefully and not jump to conclusions.

Synonym: reflection, consideration, contemplation
Definition: a statement made for the purpose of creating an argument, or fond of finding the mistakes of others.

Sentence: An example of a captious comment is when someone tells a man that he does not know how to bar-b-que a good steak.

Synonym: faultfinding, carping, caviling
Definition: an ending

Sentence: An example of cessation is the final episode of a long running television show.

Synonym: stop, discontinuance, suspension, recess
Definition: describes someone who is agreeable and who wants or tries to please

Sentence: A happy-go-lucky girl who is agreebale, doesn't fight and does what others want her to do is an example of someone who iscomplaisant.

Synonym: obliging, amiable, compliant
Definition: describes something or someone that is festive and good company.

Sentence: An example of convivial is a person who is cheerful and who always makes you feel welcome.

Synonym: genial, jovial, festal, merry, holiday,
Definition: describes someone or something immature.

Sentence: A forty year old man with the maturity level of a fifteen year old is an example of callow.

Synonym: puerile, young, green, immature
Definition: means being sneaky or deceitful.

Sentence: An example of a duplicitous person is someone who always lies to get her way.

Synonym: devious, disingenuous, guileful
Definition: means very fine or gauzy texture which makes something see-through or almost see-through

Sentence: an example of something diaphanous is a dress made of very flimsy fabric

Synonym: translucent, sheer, filmy, gossamer
Definition: means very fine or gauzy texture which makes something see-through or almost see-through

Sentence: An example of something diaphanous is a dress made of very flimsy fabric.

Synonym: translucent, sheer, filmy, gossamer
Definition: means shy and modest

Sentence: An example of demure is a gorgeous princess who does not realize her beauty and is very humble.

Synonym: shy, prim, coy, bashful
Definition: to dry completely, preserve
Definition: Having been widened; expanded.
Definition: describes something that spreads or scatters.

Sentence: An example of dispersive equipment is a device used for spreading seeds in a garden.
Definition: a reduction in size or a reduction in the importance of someone or something

Sentence:When you are demoted from President of the company to assistant manager, this is an example of a diminution.

Synonym: lessening, decrease, alleviation
Definition: an artificial substance that replaces something genuine.

Sentence: An example of an ersatz is non-dairy coffee creamer used to replace real cream.

Synonym: artificial, synthetic, imitation
Definition: hungry; voracious; greedy
Definition: means full of mourning and sorrow

Sentence: An example of something elegiac is a poem about the loss of a loved one.

Synonym: sorrowful, mournful, funereal, plaintive
Definition: describes being calm and maintaining your emotions, especially in bad situations.

Sentence: An example of equanmity is when you react calmly when you are given bad news about your health or your job.

Synonym: composure, serenity, poise, patience
Definition: to remove the viscera from; disembowel
Definition: is a critical analysis, interpretation or explanation of a written work. (noun)

Sentence: is a critical analysis, interpretation or explanation of a written work. (noun)

Synonym: interpretation, exposition, analysis
Definition: describes something that is fair to all parties

Sentence: When marital assets are split fairly in a divorce, this is an example of an equitable arrangement.

Synonym: fair, impartial, just, evenhanded
Definition: describes something that is suited to a particular occasion or something enjoys the benefits of good fortune.

Sentence: When someone finds the perfect thing to say, it is an example of a phrase that would be described as felicitous.

Synonym: appropriate, apt, well-chosen
Definition: describes someone who is bad tempered, or someone or something that is difficult to control

Sentence: An example of fractious is a group of angry protesters.

Synonym: peevish, perverse, touchy, cross
Definition: inactive

Sentence: A piece of land that is normally used for farming but that is left with no crops on it for a season in order to let it recover its fertility is an example of land that would be described as fallow.

Synonym: untilled, unsowed, neglected, unplowed
Definition: doing something in a sneaky or hidden way

Sentence: An example of furtive is a deal that is made between two lawyers, without the awareness of their firms.

Synonym: secret, hidden, surreptitious, stealthy
Definition: means looking thin, bony or sickly

Sentence: An example of gaunt is the appearance of someone who hasn’t eaten enough for many weeks.

Synonym: emaciated, scraggy, skinny
Definition: something completely sealed or airtight

Sentence: A container that has been fused shut is an example of ahermetic container.

Synonym: sealed, shut, airtight
Definition: a public show of respect or honor to someone.

Sentence: An example of homage is publicly promoting and congratulating someone.

Synonym: respect, honor, tribute, allegiance
Definition: dull or flavorless

Sentence: A cup of bland soup from a cafeteria is an example of insipid

Synonym: flat, stale, vapid
Definition: quick-tempered

Sentence: An example of irascible is a man who becomes extremely mad at even the slightest of mistakes.

Synonym: peevish, cranky, irritable
Definition: boldly disrespectful in speech or behavior; impertinent; impudent

Synonym: impertinent, impudent, offensive, arrogant
Definition: disliking or avoiding work; idle; lazy


Synonym: slow, inactive, lethargic, sluggish
Definition: describes someone or something who cannot be calmed or made less angry

Sentence: An example of implacable is a screaming child who won't listen to reason.

Synonym: inexorable, unyielding, inflexible, remorseless
Definition: a shoot or graft
a child; offspring
a devil's offspring; young demon
a mischievous child

Synonym: demon, pixie, rascal
Definition: showing poor judgment; not discreet or wise


Synonym: imprudent, foolish, impulsive
Definition: something that has just started or is partially begun, but that hasn't fully developed yet.

Sentence: An example of something that would be described as inchoate is a new fledgling organization that has not yet developed all the way.

Synonym: incipient, rudimentary, preliminary, beginning
Definition: describes a person who is calm, without cares or concerns.

Sentence: An example of an insouciant person is someone sitting by the pool and sipping a cocktail while on vacation.

Synonym: carefree, nonchalant, breezy, careless
Definition: to supply (a part of the body) with nerves
Definition: describes something that is endless or that feels as if it goes on forever

Sentence: An example of something that would be described as interminable is a five-hour long, very boring meeting.

Synonym: unending, overlong, wearisome,
Definition: means to accuse or formally charge someone with a wrongdoing

Sentence: An example of indict is someone being charged with a crime.

Synonym: charge, face with charges, arraign
Definition: is to flood or overwhelm with a lot of anything.

Sentence: An example of inundate is when you send a perspective new customer 100 pages of brochures and material every day for weeks and weeks.

Synonym: submerge, engulf, deluge, overwhelm
Definition: is a short story or poem about simple or rural life

Sentence: An example of an idyll is Hermann and Dorothea by Johann Wolfgang von Goethe.
Definition: is to write or carve words into something, or to write a message in a book.

Sentence: When you write a message to someone in a book before you give him the book, this is an example of when you inscribe the book.

Synonym: list, engrave, impress
Definition: describes something that cannot be erased or eliminated

Sentence: An example of indelible is ink that cannot be washed out of a shirt.

Synonym: ingrained, enduring, lasting, unforgettable
Definition: not proportionate; not adequate

Synonym: not proportional, unequal, disproportionate
Definition: to joke; jest
to play tricks

Synonym: gag, jest, joke, quip, witticism
Definition: a person who boasts of his or her patriotism and favors an aggressive, threatening, warlike foreign policy; chauvinist
Definition: refers to someone who doesn't talk a lot or uses very few words.

Sentence: An example of laconic is saying "fine" in response to a question of how work was.

Synonym: concise, brief, uncommunicative
Definition: means very clear or simple.

Sentence: An example of something limpid is a crystal clear lake.

Synonym: pellucid, filmy, thin
Definition: having qualities suggestive of mercury; quick, quick-witted, volatile, changeable, fickle, etc.
Definition: describes a person or thing that is complex, varied or changes easily.

Sentence: An example of protean is a chameleon changing its skin color to be camouflaged.

Synonym: mutable, variable, unsettled;
Definition: describes someone who gets irritated without a good reason.

Sentence: An example of petulant is a toddler throwing a temper tantrum when they don't get their way.

Synonym: grouchy, testy, cross
Definition: like or characteristic of a niggard; stingy; miserly
Definition: describes someone or something that is sexually suggestive.

Sentence: An example of salacious reading material is a porn magazine.

Synonym: lascivious, wanton, lustful, lecherous
Definition: describes someone who is diligent, hard working and persistent

Sentence: An example of a person who might be described as sedulous about his health is someone who continually and carefully monitors what he eats and how much he exercises.

Synonym: attentive, assiduous, unremitting, active, desirous, unwearied, industrious, diligent, busy
Definition: is the state of being inactive or having apathy.

Sentence: An example of torpor is a teenage couch potato.

Synonym: coma, dormancy, latency, inactivity
Definition: transparent or translucent; clear

Synonym: clear, crystalline, transparent, translucent
Definition: is a noble person or a person who has a respected social status.

Sentence: A member of the royal family is an example of someone who ispatrician.

Synonym: highborn, grand, aristocratic
Definition: s a song that expresses great or enthusiastic joy or praise.

Sentence: A song expressing thanks and praise is an example of apaean.

Synonym: hymn, ovation, oratorio, anthem
Definition:means relating to the common people or lacking in manners.

Sentence: An example of a plebeian act is licking food off of a plate.

Synonym: vulgar, ordinary, coarse
Definition: describes rude speech or writing or a cruel person who likes to fight

Sentence: An example of truculent is someone who picks fights with people.

Synonym: barbarous, brutal, ferocious
the science dealing with poisons and their effects and with antidotes for poisons
Definition: is a small or unimportant sin or wrongdoing

Sentence: When you break a minor rule, this is an example of apeccadillo.

Synonym: mistake, violation, error
Definition: in a jumbled, confused mass or manner; without order or method

Synonym: impetuously, hurriedly, indiscreetly
Definition: trim and smart in appearance or dress
Definition: definition of profligate is acting wasteful or spending money too freely

Sentence: An example of profligate is a newly rich person buying houses for all their friends.

Synonym: dissolute, abandoned, depraved
Definition: describes language that is short on words, and contains a lot of moralizing.

Sentence: An example of sententious is someone saying "been there, done that" about the concept of enlightenment.

Synonym: concise, aphoristic, pointed
Definition: means showing too much willingness to serve someone or something

Sentence: An example of obsequious is a servant who dotes on his master.

Synonym: docile, submissive, cringing, slavish, sycophantic,
Definition: describes something that is difficult or impossible for most to understand, or that most people don't know about.

Sentence: Difficult and complex mathematical subjects are anexample of something that would be described as recondite.

Synonym: abstruse, deep, esoteric, profound
Definition: is a public speech or published text designed to praise someone or something

Sentence: A speech praising a new political theory is an example of apanegyric.

Synonym: laudatory, acclamatory, flattering;
Definition: describes offering unwanted advice or services, often in an overbearing way

Sentence: An example of something that would be described as officious behavior is a neighbor who wants to meddle in your life and constantly brings you food and gifts.

Synonym: interfering, self-important, impertinent
Definition: rustic, peaceful, and simple; pastoral


Synonym: bucolic, campestral, country, pastoral
Definition: is someone who does not do his or her work or who skips school

Sentence: An example of a truant is a teenager who constantly cuts classes and does not go to school.

Synonym: idle, shiftless, indolent, lazy
Definition: describes someone who is diligent, hard working and persistent

Sentence: describes someone who is diligent, hard working and persistent

Synonym: attentive, assiduous, unremitting, active
Definition: describes something that is extremely unpleasant or hated.

Sentence: An example of odious is the taste of rotten milk

Synonym: offensive, repellent, repulsive, disgusting
Definition: someone who is new to something, a novice.

Sentence: An example of a tyro is a person attending their first painting class.

Synonym: beginner, learner, apprentice
Definition: a person who assumes attitudes or manners merely for their effect upon others


Definition: describes someone or something designed to get notice or draw attention by being inappropriate, showy, vulgar and in bad taste.

Sentence: An example of ostentatious is when someone buys huge diamonds and drives very expensive cars in order to show off.

Synonym: pretentious, showy, pompous
Definition: describes some discovery or event that strong influenced what came after.

Sentence: An example of seminal was the discovery of electricity.

Synonym: generative, primary, original, crucial, critical
Definition: means corrupt or willing to take bribes

Sentence: An example of someone venal is a policeman who will take bribes

Synonym: mercenary, dishonorable, vicious
Definition: means attracting attention in a vulgar to flashy way

Sentence: An example of a meretricious person is a prostitute.

Synonym: gaudy, flashy, loud, pretentious
Definition: having a bad odor; stinking


Synonym: infested, stinking, rancid
Definition: describes something related to a church or someone who has a narrow or simplistic view on life

Sentence: An example of parochial is the type of education received from a catholic school.

Synonym: provincial, insular, sectional
Definition: describes something boring, ordinary or common.

Sentence: An example of prosaic is shopping for groceries or running errands

Synonym: common, mundane, trite
Definition: describes having more assets than liabilities and something that has the power to dissolve other items

Sentence: An example of solvent is a description for a chemical that can dissolve rust.

Synonym: resolvent, moderator, water, resolution, discovery, exposition
Definition: means being lacking in willpower or moral discipline, or being promiscuous (prone to random sex) or unwilling to conform to accepted rules

Sentence: A woman or man who has indiscriminate sex without regard to the consequences is an example of someone who might be described aslicentious

Synonym: lascivious, sensuous, desirous
Definition: shining; radiant; glowing; resplendent


Synonym: beamy, bright, brilliant, effulgent
Definition: describes something that is involved with punishment.

Sentence: An example of punitive is a measure taken to reprimand someone.

Synonym: punitory, vindictive, disciplinary
Definition: describes someone who is useful, submissive and functions in a subordinate capacity.

Sentence: An example of someone who would be described as subservient is a meek person who defers to what others want and always obeys any command

Synonym: auxiliary, subsidiary, secondary, ancillary.
Definition: means to reduce the strength of an electrical signal

Sentence: To lower the amplitude of an electrical signal is an example of attenuate.

Synonym: debilitate, devitalize, enervate
Definition: describes something related to a church or someone who has a narrow or simplistic view on life.

Sentence: An example of parochial is the type of education received from a catholic school.

Synonym: provincial, insular, sectional
Definition: means relating to the spleen, or spiteful, irritable or bad tempered

Sentence: An example of something splenetic is a disease of the spleen; splenetic disease.

Synonym: peevish, cross, fretful
Definition: Of long duration


Synonym: chronic, continuing, lingering
Definition: to make twice as much or twice as great


Definition: describes something long and thin, fine or flimsy

Sentence: An example of tenuous is a single spider web connected by two trees.

Synonym: slim, fine, narrow
Definition: means having behavior that is difficult to deal with and being uncooperative with authority

Sentence: An example of recalcitrant is a student who constantly defies the teacher in class.

Synonym: resistant, stubborn, unmanageable, refractory
Definition: describes a reckless, malicious, indecent or sexually unrestrained person.

Sentence: An example of wanton is someone who knows they are very drunk and drives home anyway.

Synonym: extravagant, capricious, reckless,
Definition: means a new word or a new use for an old word, or the act of making up new words.

Sentence: An example of a neologism is the word webinar, for a seminar on the web or the Internet.

Synonym: coinage, neology, new word
Definition: relating to, or situated on the opposite side or sides of the earth


Synonym: antipodean, antithetical, antonymic
Definition: is someone or something that causes a lot of trouble, problems or suffering.

Sentence: An example of a scourge is famine or the outbreak of a disease.

Synonym: strap, cord, stick, switch
Definition: Look on and offer unwelcome advice

Sentence: The woman disregarded the man's kibitz. She wanted to figure it out on her own.

Synonym: admonish, advocate, caution,
Definition: describes something lewd or related to an excessive interest in sex.

Sentence: A sexually explicit glance is an example of aprurient glance.

Synonym: amative, amorous, concupiscent, erotic
Definition: describes someone who feels or acts like they are better than everyone else.

Sentence: An example of supercilious is a person saying nothing on the menu of a nice restaurant is good enough for them.

Synonym: disdainful, haughty, contemptuous
Definition: a gesture of respect or reverence, such as a bow or curtsy

Sentence: An example ofobeisance is bowing down before a king and kissing his hand.

Synonym: courtesy, homage, deference
Definition: the lowest point.

Sentence: An example of nadir is the Great Depression.

Synonym: depth(s), lowest point,
Definition: an inscription or written tribute in memory of a person on a tombstone or in a piece of literature.

Sentence: An example of an epitaph is a loving poem written about a deceased friend

Synonym: inscription, commemoration, remembrance
Definition: a belief or principle that is held by a group as being true

Sentence: An example of tenet is the Christian belief that Jesus is the son of God

Synonym: view, conviction, belief, position
Definition: guiding principle or rule that is used to control, influence or regulate conduct.

Sentence: An example of a precept is a commandment found in the Ten Commandments.

Synonym: doctrine, statute, rule
Definition: describes someone who is known for being very wicked

Sentence: An example of nefarious is Adolf Hitler.

Synonym: bad, treacherous, evil
Definition: means constantly or noisily crying out or making a statement

Sentence: An example of vociferous is a person who constantly shouts his political views in the middle of the street.

Synonym: clamorous, blatant, noisy, strident,
Definition: describes something loud, harsh-sounding or shrill.

Sentence: An example of strident is the sound of an angry mob.

Synonym: shrill, grating, vociferous
Definition: to spread to other parts of the body by metastasis

clarify, clean, distill, drain
Definition: means to blame or shame someone

Sentence: An example of reproach is when you scold your child for coming in an hour past curfew.

Synonym: discredit, censure, rebuke