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calumniate CALUMNIATE [k2'l3mni`eit]
CALUMNIATE v. 诽谤,中伤(考) corroborate : evidence / calumniate : falsehood(用证据证明/用谎言 诽谤)反义词:vindicate( 辩护); approbate(嘉许)
calumny CALUMNY ['k9l2mni]
CALUMNY n. 诽谤,中伤(a false and malicious statement)近形词:column(n. 柱子;专栏)派生词:calumnious( a. 诽谤的)反义词:flattering( a. 奉承的)
camaraderie CAMARADERIE [km2'rd2ri:]
CAMARADERIE n. 同志情谊(good-fello wship)反义词:enmity(n. 敌意)
cameo CAMEO ['k9mi`2u]
CAMEO n. 浮雕宝石; (演员)特别出演(英) n. 浮雕宝石(jewel carved in relief)(考) peccadillo : offense / cameo : sculpture(小错是小冒犯/小浮 雕是小雕刻品)
camouflage CAMOUFLAGE ['k9m2fl7]
CAMOUFLAGE n./ v. 掩饰,伪装(英) n./ v. 掩饰,伪装(to disguise in order to conceal)(考) camouflage : deception / flattery : ingratiating(伪装是为了欺骗/奉 承是为了讨好)disguise : identification / camouflage : detection(掩饰是为了防止认出 /伪装是为了防止发现)mimicry : camouflage / mutation : variation(拟态是伪装/突变是 变化)(例) Many animals have a natural camouflage which hides them from their enemies
campaign CAMPAIGN [k9m'pein]
CAMPAIGN n. 战役; 竞选活动(英) 战役(series of military operations with a particular aim)(记) camp(田野, 营地)+aign(名词后缀 ) →营地→战役
canard CANARD [k9'nd]
CANARD n. 谣言,假新闻(英) n. 谣言,假新闻(a false malicious report)(记) 和下面的canary一起 记,联想:金丝雀特 别会叫,似乎造谣(ca nary makes canard )
canary CANARY [k2'ne2ri]
CANARY n. 金丝雀,女歌星
candid CANDID ['k9ndid]
CANDID adj. 率直的(英) adj. 率直的(not hiding one's thoughts)(考) 反义词: dissembling(掩饰的)(记) cand(白,发光)+id→ 白的→坦白的
candidacy CANDIDACY ['k9ndid2si]
CANDIDACY n. 候选人的资格(英) n. 候选人的资格(the state of being a candidate)(考) rescind : law / withdraw : candidacy(废除法律/取消候选 人资格)(记) 来自candidate(候选 人)
candor CANDOR ['k9nd2]
CANDOR n. 坦白, 率直(英) n. 坦白, 率直(frankness)(考) 反义词:artifice(狡 诈)(记) cand(白)+or(表状态) →白的状态→坦白
cane CANE [kein]
CANE n. 拐杖(a stick used as an aid in walking)
canine CANINE ['keinain]
CANINE adj. 犬的,似犬的(英) adj. 犬的,似犬的(of or like a dog)(记) 分割记忆:can-nine ,一狗可以咬九人
canker CANKER ['k98k2]
CANKER n.溃疡病; 祸害(英) n.溃疡病(any ulcerous sore);祸害( any evil)(例) Drug addiction is a dangerous canker in society.
cannibal CANNIBAL ['k9nib2l]
CANNIBAL n. 食人者,食同类的动 物(英) n. 食人者,食同类的动 物(a person who eats human flesh)(记) cannib 来自Cariban,是印第 安人中一个有食人习 惯的部族(同) 派生词: cannibalism (n. 同类相食)
canny CANNY ['k9ni]
CANNY adj. 精明仔细的(shrewd and careful)
canon CANON ['k9n2n]
CANON n. 经典,真作(英) n. 经典,真作(the works that are genuine)(考) 反义词: apocrypha(伪经)(同) 近形词:cannon(大炮 )
canonical CANONICAL [k2'n0nik2l]
CANONICAL adj. 符合规定的,经典的(英) adj. 符合规定的,经典的( according to, or ordered by church canon)(考) 反义词:heterodox( 异端的); nontraditional(非传 统的)(记) 比较:cannon(大炮)参 考:apocrypha(伪经)
canopy CANOPY ['k9n2pi]
CANOPY n. 蚊帐,华盖(英) n. 蚊帐,华盖(a drapery, awning, or other rooflike covering)(记) 来自canop(蚊子)+y→ 蚊帐
cant CANT [k9nt]
CANT n. 斜坡,斜面; v. 使倾斜(英) n. 斜坡,斜面(a sloping or slanting surface);v. 使倾斜(bevel)cant[kXnt]n. 隐语,术语,黑话(英) n. 隐语,术语,黑话(ja rgon)
cantankerous CANTANKEROUS [k9n't98k2r2s]
CANTANKEROUS adj. 脾气坏的,好争吵的(英) adj. 脾气坏的,好争吵的( bad-tempered; quarrelsome)(记) cant(唱)+ankerous, 可分割记忆:cant(唱)+ anker(看成,anger)+ ous→因愤怒而唱 →好争吵的
cantata CANTATA [k9n'tt2]
CANTATA n. 大合唱(记) cant(唱)+ata(表示音 乐类作品);(同) 参考:sonata(奏鸣曲 )
canter CANTER ['k9nt2]
CANTER v./ n. (马)普通速度跑(英) v./ n. (马)普通速度跑(slow gallop)
canto CANTO ['k9nt2u]
CANTO n.(长诗的)篇(英) n.(长诗的)篇(divisi on of a long poem)
canvas CANVAS ['k9nv2s]
CANVAS n. 帆布, 画布(英) 帆布,画布(strong coarse cloth used for making tents, sails, and by artists for painting on)(考) canvas : painter / marble : sculptor(画家在画布上画画/ 雕刻家在大理石上雕 刻)tripod : camera / easel : canvas(三脚架支撑相机/画 架支撑画布)
canvass CANVASS ['k9nv2s]
CANVASS v. 细查; 拉选票(英) v. 细查; 拉选票(go around an area asking people for political support)(考) exponent : advocate / pollster : canvass(倡导者提倡/民意测 验家调查民意)(例) go out canvassing for votes
canyon CANYON ['k9nj2n]
CANYON n. 峡谷(英) n. 峡谷(a long, narrow valley between cliffs)(考) ditch : canyon / burrow : cavern(水沟对峡谷/小洞穴 对巨洞)(记) 表示峡谷的其他一些 单词:gorge,gully ,ravine,valley
capability CAPABILITY [`keip2'biliti]
CAPABILITY n. 能力(英) n. 能力(quality of being able to do sth)(记) cap(拿,抓)+ability( 能...) →能掌握的→能力
capacious CAPACIOUS [k2'pei62s]
CAPACIOUS adj. 容量大的,宽敞的(英) adj. 容量大的,宽敞的(ro omy; spacious)(记) cap (抓)+acious→能抓住 东西→宽敞的
capacity CAPACITY [k2'p9siti]
CAPACITY n. 容量; 能力(英) n. 容量(content or volume)能力(the ability or qualification)(同) 参考:capability(能 力,才能)
cape CAPE [keip]
CAPE n. 披肩,短斗篷; 海角(英) n. 披肩,短斗篷( a cloak)(记) 来自词根cap(头); cape(海角;像头一样 伸向海里)
caper CAPER ['keip2]
CAPER v./ n. 雀跃,欢蹦(英) v./ n. 雀跃,欢蹦(a gay, playful jump or leap)(例) The lambs were capering in the fields.
capillary CAPILLARY [k2'pil2ri]
CAPILLARY n. 毛细血管(英) n. 毛细血管(any of the very narrow blood vessels)
capitation CAPITATION [`k9pi'tei62n]
CAPITATION n. 人头税,丁税(英) n. 人头税,丁税(paymen t per capita)(记) capit(头)+ation→按 人收税→人头税
capitulate CAPITULATE [k2'pitjuleit]
CAPITULATE v.(有条件地)投降(英) v.(有条件地)投降(su rrender conditionally)(考) 反义词:resist(抵抗 ); resistance(抵抗)(记) capit(头)+ulate→( 低头)→投降(同) 派生词: capitulation (n. 投降)
caprice CAPRICE [k2'pri:s]
CAPRICE n. 突如其来的念头(英) n. 突如其来的念头(sudd en change in attitude or behavior)(考) furtive : stealth / whimsical : caprice / acute: perspicacity /discontent :unsatisfied(同义: 秘密的和秘密/易变的 和易变/敏锐的和敏锐 /不满的和不满)apophasis : claim / caprice : deliberate(婉言表达不是直接主 张/突如其来不是深思 熟虑)反义词:confirmatio n(证实)
capricious CAPRICIOUS [k2'pri62s]
CAPRICIOUS adj. 变化无常的,任性的(英) adj. 变化无常的,任性的( erratic; flighty)(考) capricious : whim / objective:fact(反复无常的行为是易 变的/事实是客观的)反义词:resolute(坚 决的); steadfast(不变的)(记) 由caprice(变化,任 性)而来,参考: capriccio(随想曲)(同) 派生词: capriciousness (n. 反复无常)(例) We can't go camping while the weather is so capricious.
capsize CAPSIZE [k9p'saiz]
CAPSIZE v.使船翻;倾覆(英) v.使船翻;倾覆([of a boat] turn over)(例) The boat capsized in heavy sea.
capsule CAPSULE ['k9psju:l]
CAPSULE n. 荚; 胶囊(英) n. 荚(seed-case of a plant);胶囊(small soluble case containing a dose of medicine)
caption CAPTION ['k9p62n]
CAPTION n. 标题(英) n. 标题(short title of an article)(记) cap(拿,抓)+ion→抓 住主要内容→标题
captious CAPTIOUS ['k9p62s]
CAPTIOUS adj. 吹毛求疵的(英) adj. 吹毛求疵的(quick to find fault; carping)(记) capt(拿)+ious→拿( 别人的缺点)→吹毛求 疵的(同) 派生词: captiously adv. 好吹毛求疵地同根词:caption(标 题); capture(俘获)
captivate CAPTIVATE ['k9ptiveit]
CAPTIVATE v. 迷惑,吸引(英) v. 迷惑,吸引(fascinat e; charm; attract)(考) 反义词: repulse(拒绝)(记) 来自captive(俘虏)+a te→成了美的俘虏→ 用美丽迷惑(同) 派生词: captivation (n. 吸引力,魅力)
capture CAPTURE ['k9pt62]
CAPTURE v. 俘获; 夺取或赢得(英) v. 俘获(take as a prisoner);夺取或赢得(take or win)(考) escape : capture / dodge : blow(逃避抓捕/躲避打击)(记) capt+ure→抓住的状 态→逮捕
carafe CARAFE [k2'r9f]
CARAFE n. 玻璃瓶(英) n. 玻璃瓶(glass water bottle)
carapace CARAPACE ['k9r2peis]
CARAPACE n.(蟹或龟等的)甲壳(考) carapace : turtle / hull : seed(乌龟的甲壳/种子的 外壳)(记) 分割联想:car-a-pac e,汽车走一步,很慢 ,像乌龟→乌龟壳
carat CARAT ['k9r2t]
CARAT n. (宝石重量单位)克拉 ;(金子)开(同) 近形词:karate(空手 道),caret(加字符号)
carbohydrate CARBOHYDRATE [`kb2u'haidreit]
CARBOHYDRATE n. 碳水化合物(英) 碳水化合物(any of various types of organic compound, such as sugar and starch, containing carbon, hydrogen and oxygen)(考) calcium : mineral / sugar : carbohydrate(钙是一种无机元素/ 糖是一种碳水化合物)(记) carbo(碳)+hydr(水)+ ate→碳水化合物
carbonated CARBONATED ['kb2neitid]
CARBONATED adj. 含二氧化碳的(英) adj. 含二氧化碳的(contai ning carbon dioxide)(例) carbonated drinks
carcinogen CARCINOGEN [k'sin2d72n]
CARCINOGEN n. 致癌物(英) n. 致癌物(substance that produces cancer)(记) carcinoma(n.癌)+词 根gen(产生)
cardboard CARDBOARD ['kdb0:d]
CARDBOARD n. 硬纸板; adj.不真实的(英) n. 硬纸板(thick stiff type of paper);adj.不真实的(not real)(例) The story has too many cardboard characters .
cardinal CARDINAL ['kdin2l]
CARDINAL adj. 最重要的; 红衣主教(英) adj. 最重要的(most important);(考) 反义词:minor(次要 的)(记) card(心脏的)+inal→ 心一样的→首要的
cardiologist CARDIOLOGIST [`kdi'0l2d7ist]
CARDIOLOGIST n. 心脏病专家(英) n. 心脏病专家(expert of the heart disease)(记) 分割记忆:card(心)+o logy(学科)+ist(人) →研究心脏的人→心 脏病专家
careen CAREEN [k2'ri:n]
CAREEN v. (船)倾斜; 使倾斜(英) v. (船)倾斜(to lean sideways);使倾斜(to cause a ship to lean)(同) 近形词: career(职业)(例) As the carriage careened down the hill,the passengers were thrown roughly from side to side.
carefree CAREFREE ['ke2fri:]
CAREFREE adj. 无忧无虑的(英) adj. 无忧无虑的(without worries)(考) idyll : carefree / ordeal : difficult(田园生活无忧无虑/ 苦难经历艰苦困难)(例) young and carefree
careful CAREFUL ['ke2ful]
CAREFUL adj. 小心的, 仔细的(考) interested : agog / careful : meticulous(程度: 有兴趣和十分感兴趣/ 小心和十分小心)devoted : zealous / careful : fastidious(程度: 热衷的和狂热的/细心 的和挑剔的)反义词: derelict(玩忽职守的 ); inadvertence(漫不经 心)-careful attention(小心留意)
careless CARELESS ['ke2lis]
CARELESS adj. 粗心的(英) adj. 粗心的(thoughtless)(例) a careless driver
caress CARESS [k2'res]
CARESS n. 爱抚,抚摩v. 爱抚或抚摩某人(英) n. 爱抚,抚摩(loving touch);(考) swagger : bravado / caress : affection(大摇大摆是虚张声势 的表现/爱抚是爱的表 现)(记) car(可爱的)+ess→爱 抚
caret CARET ['k9rit]
CARET n. 加字符号(∨,∧)(考) caret : insertion / comma : pause(加字符号表示插入/ 逗号表示暂停)
careworn CAREWORN ['ke2w0:n]
CAREWORN v.迷住,迷惑(考) 反义词:repulse(憎 恶)
caricature CARICATURE [k9rik2'tju2]
CARICATURE n. 讽刺画,滑稽模仿(英) 讽刺画,滑稽模仿(a picture or imitation of a person, literary style, etc. in which certain features or mannerisms are exaggerated for satirical effect)(考) pithiness : aphorism / exaggeration : caricature /epigram : brevity(格言的特点是简洁/ 讽刺画的特点是夸张/ 警句的特点是简洁)brevity : aphorism / distortion : caricature(格言的特点是简洁/ 讽刺画的特点是扭曲)(记) 分解出三个单词: car-i-cat-ure, 我在汽车和猫之间
carillon CARILLON ['k9rilj2n]
CARILLON n.编钟,钟琴(英) n.编钟,钟琴(a set of bells capable of being played)(记) 分解出三个单词: car-ill-on, 汽车病了, 因为开到了编钟上
carnage CARNAGE ['knid7]
CARNAGE n. 大屠杀,残杀(英) n. 大屠杀,残杀(bloody and extensive slaughter; massacre)(记) carn(肉)+age
carnal CARNAL ['kn2l]
CARNAL adj.肉体的,肉欲的(英) adj.肉体的,肉欲的(f leshly; sensual)
carnation CARNATION [k'nei62n]
CARNATION n.康乃馨(一种花)(记) carn(肉)+ation,康 乃馨颜色为淡红色(肉 色)
carnival CARNIVAL ['kniv2l]
CARNIVAL n.狂欢节(英) n.狂欢节(festivity ; merrymaking)(记) carn(肉)+ival(节日) →肉的节日→狂欢节
carnivore CARNIVORE ['kniv0:]
CARNIVORE n.食肉动物(英) n.食肉动物(any animal that consumes other animals)(记) carn(肉)+vore(吃)→ 吃肉(动物)(同) 同根词:voracious( 贪吃的); herbivorous(食草的)派生词: carnivorous adj. 食肉的(flesh-eating )
carol CAROL ['k9r2l]
CAROL n.赞美诗,颂歌(英) n.赞美诗,颂歌(a song of joy or praise)
carouse CAROUSE [k2'rauz]
CAROUSE n.狂饮寻乐(英) n.狂饮寻乐(a noisy,merry drinking party)(考) roisterer : carouse / recluse : withdraw(喝酒喧哗者狂欢作乐 /隐士隐居)(记) carous原意为干杯, 分拆为car-rouse, 开着汽车欢闹
carp CARP [kp]
CARP n. 鲤鱼; v. 吹毛求疵(英) v. 吹毛求疵(complain continually)(考) complain : carp / drink : guzzle(抱怨→吹毛求疵/饮 用→痛饮)caviler : carping / libertine : licentious(吹毛求疵者吹毛求疵 /放荡者放荡)(例) have a carping tongue
carpenter CARPENTER ['kpint2]
CARPENTER n. 木匠(英) 木匠(person whose job is making wooden objects and structures)(考) taxonomist : classify / carpenter : build(分类学家擅长分类/ 木匠擅长建造)saw : carpenter / scissors : tailor / butcher : knife(木匠的工具是锯/裁 缝的工具是剪刀/屠夫 的工具是刀)
carrion CARRION ['k9ri2n]
CARRION n. 腐肉(英) n. 腐肉(the decaying flesh of a dead body)(记) carr=carn(肉)+ion→ 腐肉;
cartographer CARTOGRAPHER [k't0gr2f2]
CARTOGRAPHER n. 绘制地图者(考) cartographer : map / tailor : clothing / lexicographer : dictionary(绘制地图者制作地图 /裁缝制作衣服/词典 编纂者制作字典)(记) (记)cart=card(纸 ,图)+graph(写)+er( 画图者)(同) 同根词:carton(纸板 箱); cartoon(漫画)
cartoon CARTOON [k'tu:n]
CARTOON n. 漫画(英) n. 漫画(amusing drawing that comments satirically on current events)(同) 派生词: cartoonist (n. 漫画家)
carve CARVE [kv]
CARVE v.雕刻;(把肉等)切成 片(英) v.雕刻(to shape by cutting, chipping, hewing);(把肉等)切成片(slic e)(考) carve : turkey / slice : cake(将火鸡切成片/将面 包切成片)hack : carve / gouge : engrave(雕刻比砍细致/雕刻 比凿细致)(例) She carved me some very nice pieces of chicken.
cascade CASCADE [k9'skeid]
CASCADE n.小瀑布(英) n.小瀑布(a small, steep waterfall)(记) cas(落下)+cad(落下) →一再落下→瀑布(同) 同根词:casual(偶然 的); decadent(颓废的)
cast CAST [kst]
CAST n. 演员阵容, 剧团; v. 扔掉(英) 扔,投掷(throw sth, esp deliberately or with force)脱落,掉(allow sth to fall)扔, 投掷(act of throwing sth)铸件,塑件(object made by pouring soft material into a mould)(考) choir : singer / cast : actor(歌手组成合唱团/演 员组成剧团)反义词:tout(极力赞 扬)-cast aspersions on(诽谤)
caste CASTE [kst]
CASTE n.社会等级,等级(英) n.社会等级,等级(ri gid class distinction)(记) 原指印度教的种姓制 度
castigate CASTIGATE ['k9stigeit]
CASTIGATE v.惩治,严责(英) v.惩治,严责(to punish or rebuke severely)(考) castigation : disapproval / blasphemy : irreverence(谴责是强烈不赞成/ 亵渎是强烈不敬)peccadillo : sin / admonishment : castigation(小过失比犯罪程度浅 /训诫比谴责程度浅)反义词: approbation(赞扬)(记) 分割记忆: cast(扔)+i(我)+gate (门), 向我的门扔东西→惩 治, 责骂(同) 派生词: castigation (n.申斥,强烈反对)
castle CASTLE ['ks2l]
CASTLE n. 城堡(考) drawbridge : castle / gangway : ship(进入城堡要通过吊桥 /进入船要通过跳板)
casual CASUAL ['k97u2l]
CASUAL adj. 偶然的(考) 反义词: inveterate(积习的); scrutiny(细察)-casu al glance(偶然一瞥)
casualty CASUALTY ['k97u2lti]
CASUALTY n.伤亡事故;伤亡者(英) n.伤亡事故(serious or fatal accident);伤亡者( person killed or wounded in an accident or battle)
cataclysm CATACLYSM ['k9t2kliz2m]
CATACLYSM n.剧变,灾难(常指大 洪水或地震)(英) n.剧变,灾难(常指大 洪水或地震)(any great upheaval; disaster)(记) cata(向下)+clysm(洗 )→洗掉→大洪水(同) 同根词:catacomb(地 下墓穴); catalogue(分类目录)
catalog CATALOG ['k9t2l0g]
CATALOG n. 目录;系列(英) n. 目录(complete list of items of a book);系列(series)(记) catalog=catalogue; cata(下面)+logue(说 话) →在下面要说的话→ 目录
catalysis CATALYSIS [k2't9lisis]
catalyst CATALYST ['k9t2list]
CATALYST n.催化剂,促使事情 发展的因素(英) 催化剂,促使事情发展 的因素(a person or thing acting as the stimulus in bringing about or hastening a result)(考) enzyme : catalyst / bacterium : microbe(酶是一种催化剂/细 菌是一种微生物)反义词:inhibitor( 抑制剂)(记) cata(下面)+lyst=(溶 解)→起溶解作用→催化
catalytic CATALYTIC [`k9t2'litik]
CATALYTIC adj. 催化作用的(英) adj. 催化作用的(of or causing catalysis)(记) 联系catalyst(n.催化 剂;cata[向下]+lyst →分解下去→催化剂)
catalyze CATALYZE ['k9t2laiz]
CATALYZE v.催化; 促进, 刺激(英) v.催化; 促进, 刺激(stimulate)(考) 反义词:inhibit(抑 制); retard(延迟)(例) The technology bred of science has catalyzed stupendous economic growth
catapult CATAPULT ['k9t2p3lt]
CATAPULT n.弹弓;弹射器(英) n.弹弓(slingshot);弹射器( hurling machine)
cataract CATARACT ['k9t2r9kt]
CATARACT n.(大而陡的)瀑布(英) n.(大而陡的)瀑布(gr eat waterfall)
catastrophe CATASTROPHE [k2't9str2fi]
CATASTROPHE n. 突如其来的大灾难(英) n. 突如其来的大灾难(su dden great disaster )(考) catastrophe : mishap / humiliation : embarrassment(灾难比不幸程度深/ 羞辱比窘迫程度深)(例) The earthquake was a terrible catastrophe .
catastrophic CATASTROPHIC [`k9t2'str0fik]
CATASTROPHIC adj. 灾难性的(英) adj. 灾难性的(full of great disaster )(例) a catastrophic failure
catechism CATECHISM ['k9ti`kiz2m]
CATECHISM n.教义问答集(英) n.教义问答集(book for religious instruction in question-and-answer form)
categorical CATEGORICAL [`k9ti'g0rik2l]
CATEGORICAL adj. 无条件的,绝对的(英) adj. 无条件的,绝对的(wi thout qualifications or conditions; absolute)(考) 反义词:qualified( 受限制的); conditional(有条件 的)(例) Our king has categorically refused to meet the enemy leader.
category CATEGORY ['k9tig2ri]
CATEGORY n.类别,范畴(英) n.类别,范畴(a class or division in a scheme of classification)
cater CATER ['keit2]
CATER v. 迎合; 提供饮食及服务(英) v. 迎合(cater to)提供饮食及服务(prov ide food and services)(例) cater for a party
caterpillar CATERPILLAR ['k9t2`pil2]
CATERPILLAR n.毛虫,蝴蝶的幼虫(考) tadpole : frog / caterpillar : buttefly(蝌蚪是青蛙幼虫/毛 虫是蝴蝶幼虫)
catharsis CATHARSIS [k9'4sis]
CATHARSIS n.宣泄,净化(英) n.宣泄,净化(the purifying of the emotions by art)(记) cathar(清洁)+sis→ 净化
cathartic CATHARTIC [k9'4tik]
CATHARTIC n. 泻药(英) n. 泻药(purgative)(记) (记)cathar(清洁)+ tic→清洁(肚子)→泻药
cathedral CATHEDRAL [k2'4i:dr2l]
CATHEDRAL n. 总教堂(英) n. 总教堂(main church of a district under the care of a bishop)(例) a cathedral city
catholic CATHOLIC ['k942lik]
CATHOLIC ;]adj.普遍的; 广泛的; (人)宽厚的(英) adj.普遍的; 广泛的(all-inclusiv e; universal);(人)宽厚的(broad in understanding; liberal)(考) 反义词:narrow(狭隘 的)(记) 和天主教'Catholic' 一样拼写,但第一个 字母不大写。
caucus CAUCUS ['k0:k2s]
CAUCUS n.政党高层会议(英) n.政党高层会议(a private meeting of leaders of a political party)(记) 比较:cactus(仙人掌)(同) 近形词:cactus(仙人 掌)
caulk CAULK [k0:k]
CAULK v. 填塞(隙缝使不漏水)(英) v. 填塞(隙缝使不漏水 )(to stop up the cracks, seams, etc)(考) baste : dryness / caulk : moistness(浇油是为了防止干燥 /填塞是为了防止潮湿)absorb : sponge / seal : caulk(海绵的作用是吸收/ 填塞物的作用是密封)(同) 近形词: baulk(v.阻碍, 阻止)
causal CAUSAL [k0:z(2)l]
CAUSAL adj.原因的,因果关系 的(英) adj.原因的,因果关系 的(implying a cause-and-effect relationship)(同) 近形词: casual(adj. 偶然的)派生词: causality (n. 因果关系relationshi p between cause and effect)
caustic CAUSTIC ['k0:stik]
CAUSTIC adj.腐蚀性的;刻薄的 ; n.腐蚀剂(英) adj.腐蚀性的(corros ive);刻薄的(biting; sarcastic)(考) caustic : eat away / desiccant : dry(腐蚀剂的作用是腐蚀 /干燥剂的作用是干燥)pungent : odor / caustic : comment(辛辣的气味/尖刻的 评论)barb : caustic / pan : harsh(尖刻言论是刻薄的/ 严厉批评是严厉的)反义词:innocuous( 无意冒犯的); palliating(缓和的); genial(亲切的)(记) 比较:cause(原因,引 起)(例) John's always making caustic remarks about other people.
cauterize CAUTERIZE ['k0:t2raiz]
CAUTERIZE v. (用腐蚀性物质或烙铁 )烧灼(表皮组织)以消 毒或止血(英) (用腐蚀性物质或烙铁 )烧灼(表皮组织)以消 毒或止血(burn the surface of body tissue with a caustic substance to destroy infection or stop bleeding)(例) cauterize a snake-bite
cavalcade CAVALCADE [`k9v2l'keid]
CAVALCADE n.骑兵队(英) n.骑兵队(a procession of horsemen or carriages)(记) 可以看出caval有'骑 马'之意
cavalier CAVALIER [`k9v2'li2]
CAVALIER n.骑士,武士
cavalry CAVALRY ['k9v2lri]
CAVALRY n.骑兵部队,装甲部队(英) n.骑兵部队,装甲部队 (combat troops mounted originally on horses but now often riding in motorized armored vehicles)(记) 可以看出caval有“骑 马”之意
cavern CAVERN ['k9v2n]
CAVERN n.大洞穴(英) n.大洞穴(a large cave)(考) cavern : spelunker / ocean : diver(洞穴探险者喜欢进入 洞穴/潜水者喜欢进入 海洋)ditch : canyon / burrow : cavern(程度: 小水渠对大峡谷/小洞 对大洞穴)(记) 来自cave(洞)
cavil CAVIL ['k9v2l]
CAVIL v.挑毛病,吹毛求疵(英) v.挑毛病,吹毛求疵( to object when there is little reason to do so; carp; quibble)(考) nitpick : criticize / cavil : object(吹毛求疵是过分批评 /无端指责是过分反对)cavil: criticize / probe : investigate(挑剔是过分批评/探 察是深入研究)caviler : carping / libertine : licentious(挑剔者特点是挑剔/ 放荡者特点是放荡)encomiast : eulogize / quibbler : cavil{(同) 近形词: civil(adj. 市民的, 有礼貌的)
cavity CAVITY ['k9viti]
CAVITY n.(牙齿等的)洞、腔(英) n.(牙齿等的)洞、腔( a hollow place in a tooth)
cede CEDE [si:d]
CEDE v. 割让(土地权利), 放弃(英) v. 割让(土地权利), 放弃(to transfer the title or ownership of)
ceiling CEILING ['si:li8]
CEILING n. 天花板(英) n. 天花板(top inner surface of a room)(记) 来自词根:cel(天空)
celebrate CELEBRATE ['selibreit]
CELEBRATE v. 庆祝,祝贺(英) v. 庆祝,祝贺(mark a happy day);称赞(praise)(记) celebr(荣誉)+ate→ 为荣誉干杯→庆祝
celebrated CELEBRATED ['selibreitid]
CELEBRATED adj. 有名的,知名的(英) adj. 有名的,知名的( famous; renowned)(记) celebr(有名的)+ate →使有名→庆祝,赞美
celebrity CELEBRITY [si'lebriti]
CELEBRITY n.名人,知名人士(英) n.名人,知名人士(wi de recognition; a famous or well-publicized pe rson)(考) 反义词:obscurity( 默默无闻)
celerity CELERITY [si'leriti]
CELERITY n.快速,迅速(英) n.快速,迅速(swiftn ess in acting or moving; speed)(记) celer(速度)+ity(同) 同根词:accelerate( 加速); decelerate(减速)
celestial CELESTIAL [si'lesti2l]
CELESTIAL adj.天体的,天上的(英) adj.天体的,天上的( of or in the sky or universe)(记) celest(天空)+ial→ 天上的(同) 同根词:celeste(天 蓝色)
celibacy CELIBACY ['sel2si]
celibate CELIBATE ['selibit]
CELIBATE n./adj. 独身者,不结婚的(英) n./adj. 独身者,不结婚的(an unmarried person)(记) celib(独身)+ate→独 身的(人)
cellar CELLAR ['sel2]
CELLAR n.地下室,酒窖(记) 分割记忆:cell(细胞 ,小屋)+ar,比较:ce llo(大提琴)
cello CELLO ['t6el2u]
CELLO n. 大提琴(英) 大提琴(stringed musical instrument like a large violin, held between the knees by a seated player)(记) violin(小提琴); viola(中提琴)
cellular CELLULAR ['seljul2]
CELLULAR adj.细胞的,多孔的(英) 细胞的(consisting of cells)指纺织松织的(of textile materials loosely woven)(例) cellular blankets
cement CEMENT [si'ment]
CEMENT n. 水泥; 胶粘剂(英) 水泥(grey powder, made by burning lime and clay, that sets hard after mixing with water)(考) 反义词:fracture(破 裂)
cemetery CEMETERY ['semitri]
CEMETERY n.坟墓,公墓(英) n.坟墓,公墓(a place for the burial of the dead; graveyard)(记) cemet(睡)+ery→(死 后)睡的地方→坟墓; 联想:cement(水泥) ,用水泥造成坟墓(us e cement to build cemetery)
censor CENSOR ['sens2]
CENSOR v.审查, 检查(书报)(英) v.审查, 检查(书报)(to subject to censorship)(考) vendor : purvey / censor : expurgate(卖主提供货物/审查 员删除内容)(记) cens(评估)+or→评估 之人→检查员(同) 同根词:censure(指 责,非难)
censorious CENSORIOUS [sen's0:ri2s]
CENSORIOUS adj.吹毛求疵的,苛 求的(英) adj.吹毛求疵的,苛 求的(expressing censure; harshly critical)
censorship CENSORSHIP ['sens26ip]
CENSORSHIP n.检查(制度)(英) n.检查(制度)(the act, system, or practice of censoring)(考) censorship : information / sanitation : disease(检查制度防止信息流 传/维护卫生防止疾病 流传)censorship : communication / preservative : decay(检查制度防止交流/ 防腐剂防止腐烂)
censure CENSURE ['sen62]
CENSURE n./v. 责难,非难(英) n./v. 责难,非难(to express strong disapproval of)(考) jeer : derision / reprimand : censure(同义: 嘲笑和嘲笑/谴责和谴 责)lamentable : pity / reprehensible : censure(可怜的人被可怜/应 谴责的人被谴责)censure : blameless / approbation : reprehensible(无可指责的不应受责 难/应受指责的不应受 表扬)反义词: commend(称赞); exonerat(记) cens(评价)+ure→坏 评价→指责(例) He received a public censure for his dishonourable behavior.
census CENSUS ['sens2s]
CENSUS n.人口统计(英) n.人口统计(official counting of a country's population)(考) census : population / inventory : merchandise(stock)(人口普查是清查人口 /盘点是清查货物)
centaur CENTAUR ['sent0:]
CENTAUR n.人头马怪物(英) n.人头马怪物(mythic al figure, half man and half horse)
centralization CENTRALIZATION [`sentr2lai'zei62n]
CENTRALIZATION n.集中; 集权化(英) n.集中; 集权化(concentratio n)(记) 来自centralize(v.集 中,集权化; centr[中心]+al+ize[ 表动词] →向中心靠拢→集中)
centrifugal CENTRIFUGAL [sen'trifjug2l]
CENTRIFUGAL adj. 离心的(英) adj. 离心的(moving or tending to move away from a center)(记) centri(中心)+fug(逃 跑)+al→逃离中心的 →离心的(同) 同根词:refugee(避 难者); fugitive(逃犯)
centrifuge CENTRIFUGE [sen'trifjud7]
CENTRIFUGE n. 离心机(英) n. 离心机(rotating machine using centrifugal force to separate substances)(考) centrifuge : separate / colander : drain(离心机可以用来分离 /过滤器可以用来排液)(记) centr(中心)+fuge(逃 )→逃离中心的→离心机
centripetal CENTRIPETAL [sen'tripitl]
CENTRIPETAL adj. 向心的(英) adj. 向心的(moving or tending to move toward a center)(记) (记)centri(中心)+ pet(追求)+al→追求 中心→向心的(同) 同根词: petition(请愿, 请求); competition(比赛)
centurion CENTURION [sen't6u2ri2n]
CENTURION n. 古罗马的百人队长(英) n. 古罗马的百人队长(in ancient Roman officer commanding a unit of 100 soldiers)(同) 近形词: century(世纪)
cephalic CEPHALIC [si'f9lik]
CEPHALIC adj. 头,头部的(英) adj. 头,头部的(of the head, skull)(记) cephal(头)+ic→头的(同) 同根词:bicephalous (双头的); acephalous(无头的; 群龙无首的)
ceramics CERAMICS [si'r9mik]
CERAMICS n. 陶瓷(片)(考) mosaic : ceramic / patchwork : cloth(马赛克是陶瓷片的拼 合/拼缝物是布料的拼 合)
cereal CEREAL ['si2ri2l]
CEREAL n.谷类; 谷类食品(英) n.谷类(any grain used for food);谷类食品(food made from grain)(记) 分割记忆:ce-real, '真正的好东西'→食品
cerebral CEREBRAL ['seribr2l]
CEREBRAL adj.大脑的;深思的(英) adj.大脑的(of the brain or the cerebrum);深思的(of the intellect rather than the emotions)(记) cerebr(脑)+al→脑的(同) 近形词:celebrated( 著名的); celebrity(名望, 名人)
cerebration CEREBRATION [`seri'brei62n]
CEREBRATION n.用脑,思考(英) n.用脑,思考(using one's brain; thinking)
cerebrum CEREBRUM [s2'ri:br2m]
ceremonious CEREMONIOUS [`seri'm2uni2s]
CEREMONIOUS adj. 仪式隆重的(英) adj. 仪式隆重的(very formal )(例) He unveiled the picture with a ceremonious gesture .
ceremony CEREMONY ['serim2ni]
CEREMONY n. 典礼,仪式(英) n. 典礼,仪式(formal acts performed on a religious or public occasion)(考) affidavit : statement / wedding : ceremony(宣誓书是一种严肃陈 述/婚礼是一种严肃仪 式)(同) 近形词: hegemony(霸权, 领导权)(例) a wedding ceremony
certainty CERTAINTY ['s2:t2nti]
CERTAINTY n. 确定的事情(英) n. 确定的事情(thing that is certain)(考) 反义词:quandary(困 惑); supposition(推测); misgiving(疑虑); indecision(犹豫不决)
certification CERTIFICATION [s2:tifi'kei6(2)n]
CERTIFICATION n. 证明(英) n. 证明(action of certifying )(考) teacher : certification / driver : license(教师需要证书才可以 教书/司机需要执照才 可以驾驶)(记) 来自certify (v.证明,保证;cert[ 搞清]+ify[...化] →搞清楚→证明)
certitude CERTITUDE ['s2:titju:d]
CERTITUDE n. 确定无疑(英) n. 确定无疑(lack of doubt)(记) cert(确定)+itude(状 态) →确定状态→确信
cessation CESSATION [se'sei6(2)n]
CESSATION n.中止,(短暂的)停 止(英) n.中止,(短暂的)停 止(a ceasing, or stopping)(考) 反义词:perseveranc e(坚定不移); commencement(开始)(记) cess(停止)+ation→ 不走的状态→中止(同) 近形词:cession(割 让); concession(让步)
cession CESSION ['se62n]
CESSION n.割让,转让(英) n.割让,转让(cede 的名词)
chafe CHAFE [t6eif]
CHAFE v.摩擦生热; 擦痛; 激怒(英) v.摩擦生热(warm by rubbing)(同) 近形词: chase(追逐)
chaff CHAFF [t6f,t69f]
CHAFF n.谷物的皮壳,米糠(英) n.谷物的皮壳,米糠( the husks separated in threshing or winnowing)(考) dross : metal / chaff : grain(金属的浮渣/谷物的 糠秕)chaff : wheat / shell : pecan(小麦有谷壳/山核桃 有外壳)winnow : chaff / filter : impurities(扬谷是为了去除谷壳 /过滤是为了去除杂质)
chagrin CHAGRIN ['69grin]
CHAGRIN n./ v.失望,懊恼(英) n./ v.失望,懊恼(a feeling of annoyance because one has been disappointed)(记) 分割记忆: cha-grin,grin意为“ 苦笑”
chalice CHALICE ['t69lis]
CHALICE n.大酒杯,圣餐杯(英) n.大酒杯,圣餐杯(gob let; consecrated cup)
challenge CHALLENGE ['t69lind7]
CHALLENGE n. 挑战; v.挑战某人做某事(英) 挑战(invitation to sb to take part in a game)要求某人做某事(invi te sb to do sth esp to take part in a contest)(考) flout : disregard / taunt : challenge / mock : imitate(嘲弄性的轻视和轻视 /嘲弄性的挑衅和挑衅 /嘲弄性的模仿和模仿)(例) challenge SB to a duel
challenger CHALLENGER ['t69lind72]
CHALLENGER n. 挑战者(英) n. 挑战者(person who challenges, esp in sport)
challenging CHALLENGING ['t69lind7i8]
CHALLENGING adj. 激励的,挑战的(英) adj. 激励的,挑战的(offer ing problems that test sb's ability)(例) a challenging job
chameleon CHAMELEON [k2'mi:li2n]
CHAMELEON n.变色龙,蜥蜴(考) salmon : ichthyologist / chameleon : herpetologist(鱼类学家研究鲑鱼/ 爬虫类学家研究变色 龙)(记) chame看作shame+leon =lion,'害羞的狮子 变色的龙'
champion CHAMPION ['t69mpi2n]
CHAMPION n.冠军; 斗士; 拥护者; v. 拥护(英) 冠军(person, team, animal or plant that has defeated others in a competition)斗士,拥护者(person who speaks in support of another cause)(考) 反义词:impugn(指责 ); disparage(贬低)(例) a champion of the poor 's rights
championship CHAMPIONSHIP ['t69mpi2n6ip]
CHAMPIONSHIP n. 冠军赛(英) n. 冠军赛(contest to decide who is the champion)(例) win the world championship
chancellor CHANCELLOR ['t6ns2l2]
CHANCELLOR n.大臣, 总理, 首席法官(记) chance(机会)+llor, 靠机会当官
chandelier CHANDELIER [`69nd2'li2]
CHANDELIER n.枝形吊灯(烛台)(英) n.枝形吊灯(烛台)(a lighting fixture)(记) chandel=candle(蜡烛 )+ier→烛台(同) 同根词:chandler(蜡 烛商人)
channel CHANNEL ['t69n2l]
CHANNEL n. 航道(英) n. 航道(navigable part of a stretch of water)(考) artery : plaque / channel : silt(血小板阻碍动脉中血 液流动/淤泥阻碍河道 中水流动)(例) The channel is marked by buoys .
chant CHANT [t6nt]
CHANT n. 圣歌; v.歌唱或背诵(英) v.歌唱或背诵(sing or recite)(记) chant可以看作'唱'(c hang)的拼音
chantey CHANTEY ['69nti]
CHANTEY n. 船歌(英) n. 船歌(song formerly sung by sailors while hauling ropes)
chaos CHAOS ['kei0s]
CHAOS n.混乱(英) n.混乱(extreme confusion or disorder)
chaotic CHAOTIC [kei'0tik]
CHAOTIC adj. 混乱的(英) adj. 混乱的(in a completely disordered condition)
chapel CHAPEL ['t69p2l]
CHAPEL n.小教堂或房间(英) n.小教堂或房间(smal l building used for Christian worship)(例) a college chapel
char CHAR [t6]
CHAR v.烧焦;使...燃烧成 焦炭(英) v.烧焦(make or become black by burning)
characteristic CHARACTERISTIC [`k9rikt2'ristik]
CHARACTERISTIC adj. 有特色的; 典型性的; n.与众不同的特征(英) 典型性的(forming part of the character of a person)与众不同的特征(dist inguishing feature)(例) What characteristics distinguish the Americans from the Canadians ?
characterization CHARACTERIZATION [`k9rikt2rai'zei62n]
CHARACTERIZATION n.描绘,刻画(英) n.描绘,刻画(the delineation of character)(例) His characterization of me as untrustworthy is totally false
characterize CHARACTERIZE ['k9rikt2raiz]
CHARACTERIZE v. 描述或刻画某人/某事 物的特点(英) 将某人/某事物的特点 描述成或刻画成某事 物(describe the character of SB/sth as sth)(例) The novelist characterizes his heroine as capricious and passionate .
charade CHARADE [62'rd]
CHARADE n.用动作等表演的字 谜游戏(英) n.用动作等表演的字 谜游戏(a game in which two teams compete to see which can most quickly guess a group of words or phrases chosen by the other team and acted out in pantomime)(考) charade : word / mime : stories(字谜游戏用动作表示 词/哑剧用动作表示故 事)(记) 和character(特征)联 想,charades是用动作 特征来表现一个字的含义
charisma CHARISMA [k2'rizm2]
CHARISMA n.(大众爱戴的)领袖 气质; 魅力(英) n.(大众爱戴的)领袖 气质(a special quality of leadership);魅力(a special charm or allure that inspires devotion)(记) 分割联想:cha→chin a,ris→rise,ma→m ao,中国升起毛(泽东 )→个人魅力,气质
charismatic CHARISMATIC [k2'rizm9tik]
charitable CHARITABLE ['t69rit2b2l]
CHARITABLE adj.仁慈的; 宽厚的(英) adj.仁慈的(kind and generous);宽厚的(f orgiving; lenient; philanthropic)
charity CHARITY ['t69riti]
CHARITY n.仁慈; 施舍(英) n.仁慈(benevolence) ;施舍(a voluntary giving of money)(记) 分割联想:char(英国 口语'茶',中国字音 译)+ity,'请喝茶→ 施舍→仁慈'
charlatan CHARLATAN ['6l2tn]
CHARLATAN n.江湖郎中,骗子(英) n.江湖郎中,骗子(fa ke; mountebank; quack)(记) 意大利有个地方叫'Ch arlat',专卖假药并 出江湖郎中(quack), 所以叫charlatan
charming CHARMING ['t6mi8]
CHARMING adj. 迷人的; 令人高兴的(英) adj. 迷人的; 令人高兴的(delightf ul)(例) a charming man, village, song
charter CHARTER ['t6t2]
CHARTER n.(公司)执照; 宪章(英) n.(公司)执照;宪章( a document setting forth the aims and principles)(记) 来自chart(航图,图 表)+er
chartered CHARTERED ['t6t2d]
CHARTERED adj. 包租的(例) chartered airplane
chary CHARY ['t6e2ri]
CHARY adj. 小心的,审慎的(英) adj. 小心的,审慎的(care ful; cautious)(考) 类比;chary : caution / imperturbable:compo sure(谨慎的[人]小心 /镇静的[人]镇静)反义词:bold(鲁莽的 )(例) be chary of catching cold / be chary of strangers
chase CHASE [t6eis]
CHASE v. 雕镂; 追捕(英) v. 雕镂 (to make a groove in)(考) embroider : cloth / chase : metal(刺绣是在布上绣出图 案/雕镂是在金属上雕 出图案)(记) 和前面的chafe(擦痛) 一起记(例) The babysitter chased the kids.
chassis CHASSIS ['69si]
CHASSIS n. (汽车的)底盘(记) 中间有ass(驴子), 驴子栓在底盘上
chaste CHASTE [t6eist]
CHASTE adj. 贞洁的; 朴实的(英) adj. 贞洁的 (virtuous);朴实的 (restrained and simple)(记) chaste(贞洁的)姑娘 被chase(追逐)(同) 派生词: chastity n. 贞节,纯洁(例) The prudish man read only chaste literature.
chasten CHASTEN ['t6eis2n]
CHASTEN v. (通过惩罚而使坏习惯 等)改正,磨练(英) v. (通过惩罚而使坏习惯 等)改正,磨练 (to punish in order to correct or make better)(记) 来自chaste(纯洁的)+ en→使人纯洁(例) She chastened her friend for being rude.
chastise CHASTISE [t69s'taiz]
CHASTISE v.严厉惩罚; 谴责(英) v. 严厉惩罚 (to punish by beating);谴责(to scold or condemn)(记) 发音像中文的 '掐死打死'(同) 参考:castigate(惩戒 )(例) Parents don't chastise their children as much as they used to do.
chauvinism CHAUVINISM ['62uviniz2m]
CHAUVINISM n. 沙文主义,盲目爱国主 义(英) n. 沙文主义,盲目爱国 主义 (fanatic patriotism; jingoism)(记) 来自一剧中人名:Cha uvin,因其过分的爱 国主义和对拿破仑的 忠诚而闻名;
chauvinist CHAUVINIST ['62uvinist]
CHAUVINIST n.盲目爱国主义者(考) miser : thrift / chauvinist : patriotism(吝啬鬼过分节俭/盲 目爱国主义者过分爱 国)
check CHECK [t6ek]
CHECK v. 突然停止, 阻止(考) jolt : move / check : stop(jolt是突然移动/che ck是突然停止)反义词:prompt(促使 ); propagate(繁殖)
checkered CHECKERED ['t6ek2d]
CHECKERED adj.盛衰无常的(英) adj.盛衰无常的(with many changes of fortuene)(例) He'd had a checkered past but was now determined to be successful.
cheetah CHEETAH ['t6i:t2]
CHEETAH n. 猎豹(记) 和cheese(奶酪)一起 记(A cheetah likes to eat cheese)
cherubic CHERUBIC [t6e'ru:bik]
CHERUBIC adj.(尤指孩子)胖乎 乎而天真无邪的(英) adj.(尤指孩子)胖乎 乎而天真无邪的(ange lic; innocent-looking)(考) 反义词:somber(忧郁 的)(记) 来自cherub(小天使)
chicanery CHICANERY [6i'kein2ri]
CHICANERY n. 诡计,狡诈(英) n. 诡计,狡诈 (deception by artful sophitry; trickery)(考) urbane : gaucherie / guileless : chicanery(文雅对粗鲁/诚实对 狡诈)chicanery : clever / tactlessness : truthful(精明的人狡诈/真诚 的人不圆滑)gullible : chicanery / servile : domination(易受骗的容易被欺骗 /奴性的容易被控制)反义词:aboveboard action(光明正大的行 为); ho(记) chic(聪明)+anery→ 耍聪明→诡计,chic 本身是一个单词,意 为'潇洒的'
chide CHIDE [t6aid]
CHIDE v. 叱责,指责(英) v. 叱责,指责 (to scold; to reprove mildly)(考) chide : pillory / humor : mollycoddle(程度: 过分斥责是严责/过分 迎合是纵容)(记) 和child一起记(chide a child)(例) Mother chided me for eating junk food.
chimera CHIMERA [kai'mi2r2]
CHIMERA n. 神话怪物; 梦幻(英) n. 神话怪物 (fabulous monster);梦幻 (an impossible or foolish fancy)(考) melodrama : subtlety / chimera : authenticity(情节剧不微妙/幻想 不真实)(记) 原指希腊神话中一种 狮头羊身蛇尾的会喷 火的女妖怪;发音像中 文的'骑马啦'
chimerical CHIMERICAL [kai'merik2l]
CHIMERICAL adj. 荒诞不经的; 梦幻的(英) adj.荒诞不经的 (absurd);梦幻的 (imaginary; fantastic)
chip CHIP [t6ip]
CHIP n.薄片,碎屑(英) n.薄片,碎屑( a small piece from the surface or edge)(考) chip : stone / shard : glass(石头碎片和石头/玻 璃碎片和玻璃)
chipmunk CHIPMUNK ['t6ipm38k]
CHIPMUNK n. 花栗鼠(像松鼠的美洲 小动物)
chiromancy CHIROMANCY ['kai2r2um9nsi]
CHIROMANCY n. 手相术(英) n. 手相术 (palmistry)(记) chiro(手)+mancy(非 科学的技术)→手相术(同) 同根词:chiropodist (手足病医生); nacromancy(通灵术)
chirp CHIRP [t62:p]
CHIRP v. (鸟或虫)唧唧叫(英) v. (鸟或虫)唧唧叫 (to utter in a sharp, shrill tone)
chisel CHISEL ['t6iz2l]
CHISEL n. 凿子; v.凿; 欺骗(英) v.凿; 欺骗(swindle or cheat)(考) brush : painting / chisel : sculpture(画笔是画画的工具/ 凿子是雕刻的工具)
chivalrous CHIVALROUS ['6iv2lr2s]
CHIVALROUS adj. 武士精神的,侠义的(英) adj. 武士精神的,侠义的 (gallant, courteous, honorable)(记) chival=caval(骑马)+ rous→骑马的→勇武的(例) I appreciate chivalrous acts such as holding doors open.
chivalry CHIVALRY ['6iv2lri]
CHIVALRY n. 骑士制度(英) n. 骑士制度 (the medieval system of knighthood)
choir CHOIR ['kwai2]
CHOIR n. (教堂的)歌唱队(英) n. (教堂的)歌唱队 (a group of singers in a church)(记) 参考:choregraphy(舞 蹈)
choleric CHOLERIC ['k0l2rik]
CHOLERIC adj. 易怒的,暴躁的(英) adj. 易怒的,暴躁的 (having irascible nature; irritable)(考) 反义词:difficult to provoke(难被激怒的)(记) choler(胆汁)+ic→胆 汁多的→易怒的,cho ler本身是一个单词, 意为'暴怒'(同) 同根词:cholecystit is(胆囊炎)
chop CHOP [t60p]
CHOP n. (用斧头等)砍; (风)突然改变方向(英) n. (用斧头等)砍 (cutting with an axe or other sharp tool);( 风)突然改变方向 (change direction)
chore CHORE [t60:]
CHORE n.家务琐事;讨厌的工 作(英) n.家务琐事(daily domestic task);讨厌的工作(unpleasa nt task)
choreography CHOREOGRAPHY [`k0ri'0gr2fi]
CHOREOGRAPHY n. 舞蹈; 舞蹈编排(英) n. 舞蹈 (dancing);舞蹈编排 (the arrangement of the movements of a dance)(考) choreography : dance / plot : story(舞蹈要编舞/故事要 情节)(记) chore(歌舞)+graphy( 写)→为歌舞编排动作(同) 同根词:chorus(合唱 队,歌舞团)
chortle CHORTLE ['t60:tl]
CHORTLE v./n. 开心地笑(英) v./n. 开心地笑 (utter with a gleeful chuckling sound)(例) The audience chortled throughout the funny movie.
chorus CHORUS ['k0:r2s]
CHORUS n. 合唱队,歌舞团(英) n. 合唱队,歌舞团 (a group of dancers and singers)
chromatic CHROMATIC [kr2u'm9tik]
CHROMATIC adj. 彩色的,五彩的(英) adj. 彩色的,五彩的 (having colour or colours)(考) 反义词: colorless(无色的)(记) chrom(颜色)+atic→ 彩色的(同) 同根词:chromatron( 彩电显像管); chromosome(染色体)
chromosome CHROMOSOME ['kr2um2s2um]
CHROMOSOME n. 染色体(记) chrom(颜色)+o+some( 体); 参考: somatic(身体的)
chronic CHRONIC ['kr0nik]
CHRONIC adj.慢性的,长期的(英) adj.慢性的,长期的(l ong established as a disease)(考) 反义词:sporadic(零 星的)(记) chron(时间)+ic(同) 同根词: chronology(年代学); synchronous(同步的, 同时的)
chronicle CHRONICLE ['kr0nikl]
CHRONICLE n.编年史(英) n.编年史(record in chronological order)
chronological CHRONOLOGICAL [`kr0n2'l0d7ik2l]
CHRONOLOGICAL adj. 按时间顺序的(考) dictionary : alphabetical / annals : chronological(字典是按照字母顺序 编写/编年史是按照时 间顺序编写)anachronism : chronology / fallacy : logic(年代错误是年代学中 错误/谬误是逻辑学中 错误)(同) 派生词: chronology(年代学)
chronometer CHRONOMETER [kr2'n0mit2]
CHRONOMETER n. 精密计时器(英) n. 精密计时器(an instrument for measuring time precisely)(记) chron(时间)+meter( 测量器)→时间测量器
chrysanthemum CHRYSANTHEMUM [kri's9n42m2m]
CHRYSANTHEMUM n. 菊,菊花(记) chrys(金黄色)+anth( 花)+emum(名词后缀) →金黄色的花→菊花(同) 同根词: anthology(文集); chrysalis(蛹,蚕)
chuckle CHUCKLE ['t63kl]
CHUCKLE v. 轻声地笑(英) v. 轻声地笑 (to laugh softly in a low tone)(考) chuckle : laughing / whisper : speaking(轻声笑比笑小声/轻 声说比说小声)(记) 比较:chortle(哈哈 大笑); grin(露齿笑); guffaw(哄堂大笑)(例) The comedian couldn't get even a chuckle out of the audience.
chunk CHUNK [t638k]
CHUNK n. 短厚木头; 大量;(英) n. 短厚块状物(a short, thick piece);大量(a considerable portion)(同) 派生词: chunky (adj. 人或动物矮胖的)
churl CHURL [t62:l]
CHURL n. 粗鄙之人(英) n. 粗鄙之人 (a surly, ill_bred person; boor)(考) annoying : gadfly / rude : churl(烦人的人特点是烦人 /粗人的特点是粗鲁)反义词: complaisance(温顺)(记) 和church(教堂)一起 记(A churl does not fit in a church.)(同) 派生词: churlish (adj. 脾气暴躁的surly; boorish); churlishness(n. 粗野)
cider CIDER ['said2]
CIDER n. 苹果酒,苹果汁
ciliate CILIATE ['siliit,-eit]
CILIATE adj.有纤毛的,有睫毛 的(英) adj.有纤毛的,有睫毛 的(having minute hairs)(记) cili(毛)+ate;(同) 同根词: supercilious(傲慢自 大的)
cinder CINDER ['sind2]
CINDER n. 余烬,矿渣(英) n. 余烬,矿渣 (slag from the reduction of metallic ores)(同) adj. cindery
cipher CIPHER ['saif2]
CIPHER n. 零; 无影响力的人; 密码(英) n. 零(the symbol 0; zero);无影响力的人(nonent ity);密码 (a system of secret writin g)(考) cipher : cryptic / prcis : concise(密码的特点是秘密的 /大纲的特点是简洁的)(记) 参考:decipher(破译 ); encipher(译成密码)
circlet CIRCLET ['s2:klit]
CIRCLET n.环形饰物(英) n.环形饰物(small ring; band of gold, silver, jewel)(记) circ(圆圈)+let(小东 西)
circuitous CIRCUITOUS [s2:'kju:it2s]
CIRCUITOUS adj. 迂回的,绕圈子的(英) adj. 迂回的,绕圈子的 (roundabout; indirect; devious)(考) digressive : statement / circuitous : route(离题是偏离陈述主题 /绕行是偏离路线)immaterial : relevance / circuitous : directness(反义: 不相关对相关/迂回对 直接)(记) circu绕圈+it走+ous →迂回的,circuit本 身是个单词,意为'圆 ,电路'(同) 参考:circus(马戏团 ),circular(圆形的; 公告)
circular CIRCULAR ['s2:kjul2]
CIRCULAR adj. 圆形的(考) circular : asymmetrical / protean : rigid(圆形的不是非对称的 /变化多端的不是僵硬 死板的)
circulate CIRCULATE ['s2:kjuleit]
CIRCULATE v.循环,流通(记) circ[圆,环]+ulate) →绕圈走→循环
circulation CIRCULATION [`s2:kju'lei62n]
CIRCULATION n. 循环, 流通(英) 血液循环(movement of blood round the body from and back to the heart)(记) 来自circulate(v.循 环,流通;circ[圆,环] +ulate)→绕圈走→循环
circumference CIRCUMFERENCE [s2'k3mf2r2ns]
CIRCUMFERENCE n.周围,圆周;周长(英) n.周围,圆周(line that marks out a circle);周长(distance of this)(考) circumference : circle / perimeter : rectangle / border : country(圆周和圆/矩形周长 和矩形/边界和国家)(记) circum(环绕,周围)+f er(带来) +ence→带来一圈→周长
circumlocution CIRCUMLOCUTION [`s2:k2ml2'kju:62n]
CIRCUMLOCUTION n. 迂回累赘的陈述(英) n. 迂回累赘的陈述 (a roundabout, lengthy way of expressing something)(考) 反义词:succinctnes s(简洁)(记) circum(绕圈)+locu( 说话)+tion(同) 同根词: loquacious(多话的); locution(说话方式)
circumscribe CIRCUMSCRIBE ['s2:k2mskraib]
CIRCUMSCRIBE v. 限制(英) v. 限制 (to restrict; restrain; limit)(记) circum(绕圈)+scribe (画)→画一个圈子→ 限制(同) 同根词:describe(描 述); prescribe(开处方, 规定)(例) Rules set down by her parents circumscribed her activities.
circumspect CIRCUMSPECT ['s2:k2mspekt]
CIRCUMSPECT adj. 慎重的,仔细的(英) adj. 慎重的,仔细的 (careful to consider; cautious)(考) circumspect : prudence / urbane : polish(谨慎的[人]谨慎/文 雅的[人]文雅)反义词: temerity(鲁莽); audacious(大胆的); reckless(不管后果的 )(记) circum(周围)+spect( 看)→向周围看→小心的(同) 派生词: circumspection (n. 小心,谨慎prudence)(例) Never circumspect in expressing his views, Herb annoyed everyone.
circumstance CIRCUMSTANCE ['s2:k2mst2ns]
CIRCUMSTANCE n. 环境,情况(英) n. 环境,情况(condition connected with an event )(记) circum+stance(站) →站在周围→环境
circumstantial CIRCUMSTANTIAL [`s2:k2m'st9n6(2)l]
CIRCUMSTANTIAL adj. 描述详细的(英) adj. 描述详细的(giving full details)(记) circum+stant(站,立) +ial→站在周围的→ 能描述详细的(同) 派生词: circumstantiality (n.详尽, 细节)
circumvent CIRCUMVENT [`s2:k2m'vent]
CIRCUMVENT v. 绕行;用计谋战胜,规 避(英) v. 绕行; 用计谋战胜,规避 (to get the better of or prevent from happening by craft or ingenuity)(考) 反义词:confront(面 临); direct encounter(直接遭遇)(记) circum(绕圈)+vent( 来)→绕着圈过来→回 避,用计谋(例) The king tried to circumvent his enemies in the government. It's harder to circumvent the new tax laws.
cistern CISTERN ['sist2n]
CISTERN n. (抽水马桶的)贮水池(考) cistern : liquids / landfill : refuse(水箱盛液体/垃圾场 盛垃圾)
citadel CITADEL ['sit2dl]
CITADEL n.堡垒(英) n.堡垒(fortress)
cite CITE [sait]
CITE v. 引用,引述(to speak or write words taken from a passage)
civilian CIVILIAN [si'vilj2n]
CIVILIAN n. 平民(英) n. 平民 (any person not an active member of the armed forces or police)(考) bacterium : colony / citizen : nation(细菌组成菌落/公民 组成国家)(记) civil(=citizen市民) +ian→市民的,平民(同) 同根词:civilizatio n(文明,教化)
civility CIVILITY [si'viliti]
CIVILITY n. 彬彬有礼,斯文(英) n. 彬彬有礼,斯文 (politeness)(考) 反义词:rudeness(无 礼)(记) civil(=citizen)→市 民的,平民(同) 同根词:civilization (文明,教化)
claim CLAIM [kleim]
CLAIM v. 要求或索要;n. 声称拥有的权力(英) v. 要求或索要(request sth );(考) claim : legitimated / hypothesis : confirmed(声称还没有被合法化 /假设还没有被证实)lien : claim / subpoena : command(扣押权是一种权利/ 传票是一种命令)反义词;renounce(放 弃)(记) reclaim(开垦荒地); acclaim(欢呼)
clairvoyance CLAIRVOYANCE [kle2'v0i2ns]
CLAIRVOYANCE n.超人的洞察力(英) n. 超人的洞察力 (keen perception or insight)(记) clair(清楚clear)+vo y(看)+cnce→看清楚 →洞察力(同) 同根词:clairaudien ce(超人的听力); voyage(航行,航海)
clam CLAM [kl9m]
CLAM n. 蛤蜊,蛤肉
clamor CLAMOR ['kl9m2]
CLAMOR n./v.吵闹,喧哗(英) n./v.吵闹,喧哗 (a loud, sustained noise)(记) clam(喊)+or(同) 同根词:proclamatio n(宣言); reclaim(回收,开垦)
clamorous CLAMOROUS ['kl9m2r2s]
CLAMOROUS adj. 吵闹的,喧哗的(英) adj. 吵闹的,喧哗的 (noisy; vociferous)
clamp CLAMP [kl9mp]
CLAMP n. 钳子; v. 钳紧(英) n. 钳子 (a device for clasping things together);v. 钳紧 (to grip, fasten, or brace with a clamp)(记) 和clam(蛤蛎)一起记( clamp the clam with a clamp,用钳子夹紧毛 蚶)
clandestine CLANDESTINE [kl9n'destin]
CLANDESTINE adj. 秘密的,暗中从事的(英) adj. 秘密的,暗中从事的 (surreptitious; furtive; secret)(考) clandestine : secretly / overt : openly(秘密的和秘密地/公 开的和公开地)反义词:open(公开的 )(记) 分割记忆:clan(宗派 )+destine(命中注定) ,'宗派'和'命定'都有 一些'秘密'色彩(例) a clandestine plan to overthrow the leader
clannish CLANNISH ['kl9ni6]
CLANNISH adj. 排他的,门户之见的(英) adj. 排他的,门户之见的 (tending to associate closely with one's own group and to avoid others)(记) 来自'clan'(宗派,家 族)
clapper CLAPPER ['kl9p2]
CLAPPER n. 铃锤; (复)拍板,响板(英) n. 铃锤 (the moving part inside a bell; tongue);(记) clap(拍,打)+per→ 打(响)的东西→响板 ,铃舌
clarify CLARIFY ['kl9rifai]
CLARIFY v. 澄清(英) v. 澄清(cause sth to become clear to understand )(考) enunciate : mumbling / clarify : confusing(反义: 清楚地说对含糊地说/ 澄清对混淆)misunderstood : clarify / erroneous : retract(澄清被误解的[语言] /撤消错误的[行为])anxious : reassurance / perplexed : clarification(安心消除焦虑/澄清 消除迷惑)(记) clar(清楚,明白)+ify (...化) →清楚化(同) 派生词: clarification (n. 解释,澄清)
clarion CLARION ['kl9ri2n]
CLARION n.尖音小号声;尖音小 号(英) n.尖音小号声(shrill , trumpetlike sound)(考) 反义词:soft and undistinct(低声难辨 的)
clarity CLARITY ['kl9riti]
CLARITY n. 清楚(英) n. 清楚 (condition of being clear; clearness)(考) equivocation : truth / euphemism : offense / obfuscation : clarity(含糊其词使不真实/ 委婉言辞使不冒犯/迷 惑使不清楚)consensus : factionalism / clarity : confusion(党派分歧无法达成共 识/混淆无法解释清楚)ambiguous : clarity / mendacious : truth(含糊的无清楚/虚假 的无真实){ENTER
clash CLASH [kl96]
CLASH v. 冲突,撞击(英) v. 冲突,撞击 (to collide or strike together with a loud, harsh, metallic noise)(记) 比较:crush(压坏,压 碎)(同) 近形词: crush(压坏,压碎); trash(垃圾): crass(愚钝的, 粗糙的)(例) Her wedding clashed with my examination so I couldn't go.
clasp CLASP [klsp]
CLASP n. 钩子,扣子;紧握(英) n. 钩子,扣子(device for fastening things);紧握(firm hold)(考) lathe : shape / clasp : fasten(车床使成形/扣子使 固定)(例) The clasp of my brooch is broken .
classic CLASSIC ['kl9sik]
CLASSIC adj. 最优秀的; 典型的; n. 文豪, 名著(英) adj. 典型的(very typical);(例) This novel may well become a classic.
classify CLASSIFY ['kl9sifai]
CLASSIFY v. 分类,归类(英) v. 分类,归类 (to arrange or group in classes)(考) taxonomist : classify / carpenter : build(分类学家擅长分类/ 木匠擅长制造)(记) class(级别)+ify→分 出级别→分类(同) 派生词: classification (n. 分类,分类法)(例) How would you classify the music?
clat CLAT ['eikl]
CLAT n. 辉煌的成就, 名声(英) n. 辉煌的成就, 名声(great achievement)(考) 反义词: fiasco(大失败)
clause CLAUSE [kl0:z]
CLAUSE n. 从句; (法律等)条款(英) 从句(group of words that includes a subject and a verb, forming a sentence)(考) paragraph : essay / clause : sentence(段落组成文章/从句 组成句子)
claustrophobia CLAUSTROPHOBIA [`kl0:str2'f2ubi2]
CLAUSTROPHOBIA n.幽闭恐怖症(英) n.幽闭恐怖症(fear of being locked in)(记) claustro(关闭)+phob (害怕)+ia(病)
clay CLAY [klei]
CLAY n. 黏土(英) n. 黏土(stiff sticky earth, used of making pottery)(考) clay : porcelain / flax : linen(瓷器的原料是黏土/ 亚麻布的原料是亚麻)
cleanliness CLEANLINESS ['kli:nlinis]
CLEANLINESS n. 清洁,干净(英) n. 清洁,干净(being clean)
cleanse CLEANSE [klenz]
CLEANSE v. 清洗, 清除(英) v. 清洗, 清除( make thoroughly clean)(例) cleanse the garden of weed(清除园内杂草)
cleavage CLEAVAGE ['kli:vid7]
CLEAVAGE n. 裂缝,分裂(英) n. 裂缝,分裂 (a cleft; fissure; division)(记) 参考leave(离开)一起 记
cleave CLEAVE [kli:v]
CLEAVE v. 劈开; 分裂(英) v. 劈开 (to divide with an ax);分裂 (to split; separate)(记) 分割记忆: c+leave(分开)(同) adj. cleavable(例) He cleaved the logs with his axe.
cleaver CLEAVER ['kli:v2]
CLEAVER n. 切肉刀
cleft CLEFT [kleft]
CLEFT n. 裂缝(英) n. 裂缝 (an opening; crack; crevice)(考) cleft : chasm / cut : gash(程度: 裂缝→深坑/切口→很 深的伤口)(记) 参考theft(偷窃)一起 记
clement CLEMENT ['klem2nt]
CLEMENT adj. 仁慈的; 温和的(英) adj. 仁慈的(lenient; merciful);温和的(mild)(考) 反义词: ruthlessness(无情)(同) 派生词: clemency(仁慈, 温和)
clench CLENCH [klent6]
CLENCH v. 握紧; 咬紧(牙关)(英) v. 握紧 (to grip tightly)咬紧(牙关) (close the teeth or fist firmly)(同) 近形词: clinch(钉牢; 彻底解决)
cliche CLICHE [kli:'6ei]
CLICHE n. 陈词滥调(英) n. 陈词滥调(phrase which has become stale)(考) hodgepodge : uniformity / clich : original(大杂烩不会统一/陈 词滥调不会创新)(例) a cliche-ridden style
clientele CLIENTELE [`kli:2n'tel]
CLIENTELE n. (医生、律师的)顾客, (商店的)常客(英) n. (医生、律师的)顾客 ,(商店的)常客(all one's clients or customers)(考) clientele : customers / faculty : teachers(顾客总体由顾客组成 /全体教师由教师组成)(记) 来自client(当事人, 顾客),clientele是 集合名词(例) an international clientele
cliff CLIFF [klif]
CLIFF n. 峭壁,悬崖(英) n. 峭壁,悬崖(steep; precipice)
climactic CLIMACTIC [klai'm9ktik]
CLIMACTIC adj. 高潮的(英) adj. 高潮的(relating to the highest point)
climax CLIMAX ['klaim9ks]
CLIMAX n. 顶点,高潮(英) n. 顶点,高潮(most significant event or point in time)(例) the climax of his political career
clinch CLINCH [klint6]
CLINCH v. 确定, 确信(英) 钉牢 (to secure [a nail, bolt, etc. that has been driven through something] by bending or flattening the projecting end);彻底决定 (to settle [an argument, bargain, etc.] definitely)(考) 反义词: make more doubtful(令人更怀疑 )(记) 与clench有时通用,但 clinch的“彻底决定 ”一意一定要记熟(例) That clinched the deal! We have reached an agreement.
cling CLING [kli8]
CLING v. 紧抓住;舍不得放弃(英) v. 紧抓住(hold on tightly);舍不得放弃(unwillin g to abandon)(例) cling to a belief, an opinion
clinical CLINICAL ['klinik2l]
CLINICAL adj.临床的; 冷静客观的(英) adj. 冷静客观的(coldly objective)(例) He watched her suffering with clinical detachment .
clip CLIP [klip]
CLIP n.夹子,别针;v.修剪(英) n.夹子,别针(metal devices for holding things together);v.修剪(cut sth with scissors or shears)(例) clip one's finger-nails
clipper CLIPPER ['klip2]
CLIPPER n.大剪刀; 快速帆船(英) n.快速帆船(sailing vessel built for great speed)
clique CLIQUE [kli:k]
CLIQUE n. 朋党派系,小集团(英) n. 朋党派系,小集团 (snobbish or narrow coterie)(考) clique : intimates / flock : sheep(密友形成小集团/羊 形成羊群)
clog CLOG [kl0g]
CLOG n.障碍, v. 阻塞(考) clog : drainage / stalemate : negotiations(阻塞排水/使谈判僵 局)
cloister CLOISTER ['kl0ist2]
CLOISTER n. 修道院(英) n. 修道院 (monastery or convent; nunnery)(记) cloist=close+er→关 闭之地→修道院;(同) 派生词: cloistered (adj. 隐居的secluded)
closet CLOSET ['kl0zit]
CLOSET n.壁橱, adj. 秘密的(考) pantry : food / closet : clothes(储藏室用来放食品/ 壁橱用来放衣服)
closure CLOSURE ['kl2u72]
CLOSURE n. 关闭; 终止(英) n. 关闭 (a closing or being closed);终止(end; conclusion)
clot CLOT [kl0t]
CLOT ]n. 凝块 v. 使凝成块(英) n. 凝块 (a thickened lump formed within a liquid);v. 使凝成块 (to thicken into a clot; coagulate)(考) clot : dissolved / crowd : dispersed(凝块被溶解/人群被 驱散)(记) 比较:cloy(甜得发腻) ,colt(小马)(同) 近形词:cloy(甜得发 腻); colt(小马); plot(情节, 阴谋); slot(狭缝; 投币口)
cloture CLOTURE ['kl2ut62(r)]
CLOTURE n.国会或其他立法议 会中的借投票表决以 终止辩论的方法(英) n.国会或其他立法议 会中的借投票表决以 终止辩论的方法(meth od of ending a debate by taking a vote)(考) voting : roll call / termination : cloture(唱名是一种选举过程 /投票终止是一种终止)(记) closure的变体
cloudburst CLOUDBURST ['klaudb2:st]
CLOUDBURST n. 大暴雨,豪雨(英) n. 大暴雨,豪雨 (a sudden, very heavy rain)(考) gust : wind / cloudburst : rainfall(狂风是很大的风/暴 雨是很大的雨)(记) 组合词cloud(云)+bur st(爆裂)(例) The steamy day ended in a cloudburst.
cloudiness CLOUDINESS ['klaudinis]
CLOUDINESS n.乌云密布(英) n.乌云密布(state of covering with clouds)
clout CLOUT [klaut]
CLOUT n. 用手猛击; 权力,影响力(英) n. 用手猛击(heavy blow with the hand);权力,影响力(power, influence)(考) 反义词:impuissance (无能)(例) get a clout across the back of the head
clown CLOWN [klaun]
CLOWN n.小丑; v.扮小丑(英) n.小丑(comic entertainer );v.扮小丑(act stupidly; play the fool)
cloy CLOY [kl0i]
CLOY n. (吃甜食)生腻,吃腻(英) n. (吃甜食)生腻,吃腻 (to surfeit by too much of something sweet, rich; satiate)
cloying CLOYING ['kl0ii8]
CLOYING adj. 甜得发腻的(英) adj. 甜得发腻的(too much of sweetness)(考) garrulous(loquacious): talkative / cloying : sweet(喋喋不休是过分多话 /腻是过分甜)
clumsily CLUMSILY ['kl3mzili]
CLUMSILY adv. (行动或形状)笨拙而 难看地(英) adv. (行动或形状)笨拙而 难看地(awkwardly)
clumsy CLUMSY ['kl3mzi]
CLUMSY adj. 笨拙的; 拙劣的(英) adj. 笨拙的 (lacking grace; awkward);拙劣的(il l-constructed)(同) adv. clumsily
cluster CLUSTER ['kl3st2]
CLUSTER n. 串,束,群; v. 成群,成串(英) n. 串,束,群 (a number of things of the same sort gathered together or growing together; bunch);v. 成群,成串 (to gather or grow in a cluster or clusters)(记) clust=clot(凝成块)+ er→凝块→成群;(例) The men clustered to and sang songs.
coach COACH [k2ut6]
COACH n.长途公共汽车; 运动员的教练(英) n. 运动员的教练(person who trains sportsmen esp for contests)(例) a tennis coach
coagulant COAGULANT [k2u'9gljul2nt]
COAGULANT n. 凝结剂(考) antibiotic : infection / coagulant : bleeding(抗生素防止感染/止 血剂防止流血)coagulant : thicken / solvent : dissolve(凝结剂使变厚/溶剂 使溶解)
coagulate COAGULATE [k2u'9gjuleit]
COAGULATE v. 使凝结(英) v. 使凝结 (curdle; clot)(记) co(一起)+ag(做)+ula te→做到一起→凝结 ,合并(同) 同根词:coagent(合 作者)(例) The blood coagulated, and the wound began to heal.
coagulation COAGULATION [k2u`9gju'lei62n]
COAGULATION n. 凝固(a thick and semi-solid state)
coalesce COALESCE [`k2u2'les]
COALESCE v. 联合,合并(英) v. 联合,合并(to unite or merge into a single body; mix)(考) 反义词:disaggregat e(分散); bifurcate(分叉); fragment(分裂)(记) co+al=ally(联盟)+es ce→一起联盟→联合(例) The three old parties coalesced to form a new one.
coalition COALITION [`k2u2'li62n]
COALITION n. 结合,联合(英) n. 结合,联合 (a combination; union; alliance)
coarse COARSE [k0:s]
COARSE adj.粗糙的; 低劣的;粗俗的(英) adj.粗糙的; 低劣的(of low quality);粗俗的(not refined)(考) 反义词:fastidious( 过分讲究的)(同) 近形词: hoarse(嗓子沙哑的); course(课程, 道路)(例) coarse manners, laughter
coarsen COARSEN ['k0:s(2)n]
COARSEN v. 使某物变粗糙(英) v. 使某物变粗糙(cause sth to become coarse)(例) The sea air coarsened her skin.
coax COAX [k2uks]
COAX v. 哄诱,巧言诱哄(英) v. 哄诱,巧言诱哄 (to induce; persuade by soothing words; cajole; wheedle)(考) blandishment : coax / medal : honor / prevarication : deceive(甜言蜜语是为了哄骗 /奖章是为了奖励/支 吾其词是为了欺骗)equivocation : coax / explanation : enlighten(含糊其词起到哄骗作 用/解释起到开导作用)(记) 参考hoax(欺骗); 同记:coaxal(同轴的)(同) 近形词: hoax(欺骗); coaxal(同轴的)(例) to coax a child to eat vegetables
cob COB [k0b]
COB n. 玉米棒子; 长圆面包
cobbler COBBLER ['k0bl2]
COBBLER n. 补鞋匠(同) 近形词: cobble(圆石块,鹅卵 石); coddle(娇养, 溺爱)
cocoon COCOON [k2'ku:n]
COCOON n. 茧(英) n. 茧(silky covering made by an insect larva)(例) wrapped in a cocoon of blankets
coda CODA ['k2ud2]
CODA n. 乐曲的尾声(英) n. 乐曲的尾声(final passage of a piece of music)(考) epilogue : novel(play)/ coda : symphony(sonata) / peroration : speech / dessert : meal(小说[戏剧]结尾是后 记/交响乐[奏鸣曲]的 结尾是尾声/演讲的结 尾是结束语/用餐的结 尾是甜点)反义词:prelude(序 曲)
coddle CODDLE ['k0dl]
CODDLE v. 溺爱; 悉心照料(英) v. 溺爱; 悉心照料(treat with great care and tenderness)(例) He'll need to be coddled after his illness .drf cfsdfdfsddgdg
code CODE [k2ud]
CODE n. 密码,暗号; v.将某事物编写成密 码(英) 密码,暗号(system of words, letters, symbols, that represent others, used for secret messages)将某事物编写成密码( put or write sth in code)(例) coded messages
codicil CODICIL ['k2udisil]
CODICIL n. 遗嘱修改附录(英) n. 遗嘱修改附录(supple ment to a will)(例) She added a codicil to her will just before she died.
codify CODIFY ['k2udifai]
CODIFY v. 将法律,规则等编成法 典(英) v. 将法律,规则等编成法 典(arrange laws, rules systematically into a code)(同) 派生词: codification (n. 编纂,整理compilatio n)
coerce COERCE [k2u'2:s]
COERCE v. 强迫; 压制(英) v. 强迫 (to force or compel to do something);压制 (to restrain or constrain by force)(同) 派生词: coercion (n.强制,高压统治go vernment by force)
coeval COEVAL [k2u'i:v2l]
COEVAL adj. 同年代的(英) adj. 同年代的(existing at the same time )(考) congruent : dimensions / coeval : age(全等是大小相同/同 时代是时代相同)(记) co(共同)+ev(时代)+a l→同时代的
coexistence COEXISTENCE [`k2uig'zist2ns]
COEXISTENCE n. 共处,共存(英) 共处,共存(coexistin g)(记) co+existence
coffer COFFER ['k0f2]
COFFER n. 保险柜(同) 近形词: coffin(棺材); coffee(咖啡); scoff(嘲笑)
cogent COGENT ['k2ud72nt]
COGENT adj. 有说服力的(英) adj. 有说服力的 (compelling; convincing; valid)(考) cogent : convince / repugnant : repel(使人信服的使信服/ 令人讨厌的使讨厌)(记) 分割记忆:cog(齿轮 牙)+ent,像齿轮牙一 样咬合→有说服力的(同) 派生词: cogency (n. 说服力,中肯)(例) The defense attorney's cogent argument was persuasive.
cogitate COGITATE ['k0d7iteit]
COGITATE v. 慎重思考,思索(英) v. 慎重思考,思索 (to think seriously and deeply; ponder; meditate)(考) philosopher : cogitate / iconoclast : attack(哲学家喜欢思考/打 破旧习的人喜欢攻击)(记) 和cogent一起记,有 说服力的东西总是经 过慎重思考的(someth ing which is cogent must be cogitated)(同) 派生词: cogitation (n. 思考,苦思)(例) to cogitate one's problem
cognate COGNATE ['k0gneit]
COGNATE adj. 同词源的; 同类的(英) adj. 同词源的 (related through the same source);同类的 (having the same nature or quality)(记) cogn(认识)+ate→认 识的→同类的(同) 同根词:cognizance( 认识,观察); recognize(认出)
cognitive COGNITIVE ['k0gnitiv]
COGNITIVE adj. 认知的,有关认识的(英) adj. 认知的,有关认识的( relating to cognition)(记) cogn(知道)+itive→ 知道的状态→认知的
cognizance COGNIZANCE ['k0gniz2ns]
COGNIZANCE n. 知觉,认识(英) n. 知觉,认识(knowledge , awareness)(例) These matters fall within the cognizance of this court.
cognizant COGNIZANT ['k0gniz2nt]
COGNIZANT adj. 知道的,认识的(英) adj. 知道的,认识的(havin g knowledge of sth)(考) incognizance : knowledgeable / penury : wealthy(无知不会有见识/贫 困不会有富裕)
cognomen COGNOMEN [k0g'n2um2n]
COGNOMEN n. 姓(英) n. 姓 (any family name; surname)(记) cogn(认识)+nomen(名 字)→认同的名字→姓(同) 同根词:nominal(名 义上的); nominate(提名)
cohabit COHABIT [k2u'h9bit]
COHABIT v. (通常指未婚的)双方 同居(英) v. (通常指未婚的)双方 同居(usu of an unmarried couple live together)(考) cohadit : reside / conspire : plot(同居是共同居住/共 谋是共同密谋)(记) co(共同)+habit(居住 ) →同居(同) 同根词: habitat(动物栖息地) ; inhabitant(居民)
coherence COHERENCE [k2u'hi2r2ns]
COHERENCE n. 连贯性; 凝聚(英) n. 连贯性; 凝聚(being stick together in a mass or group)(考) disjointed : coherence / banal : originality(脱节的无连贯/陈腐 的无新颖)(记) 来自cohere(v.附着, 粘着;co+here[粘] →粘在一起)
coherent COHERENT [k2u'hi2r2nt]
COHERENT adj. 连贯的,一致的(英) adj. 连贯的,一致的 (consistent; clearly articulated)(记) co+her(粘连)+ent→ 共同粘连→连贯的
cohesion COHESION [k2u'hi:72n]
COHESION n. 内聚力; 凝聚(英) n. 内聚力; 凝聚 (tendency to stick together)
cohesive COHESIVE [k2u'hi:siv]
COHESIVE adj. 凝聚的,凝结的(英) adj. 凝聚的,凝结的 (sticking together)
coincide COINCIDE [`k2uin'said]
COINCIDE v. 巧合; 一致(英) v. 巧合 (to occur at the same time);一致 (correspond exactly)(考) contiguous : abut / simultaneous : coincide(接触的是接壤/同时 发生的是巧合)(记) co+in+cide(落下)→ 共同落下→巧合(例) Our vacations coincided , so we traveled together.
coincidence COINCIDENCE [k2u'insid2ns]
coincident COINCIDENT [k2u'insid2nt]
COINCIDENT adj. 巧合的(英) adj. 巧合的(happening at the same time by chance)(记) 来自coincide(v.一致 ,符合;co+in[进]+cid e[掉下] →共同掉进来→巧合)
colander COLANDER ['k3l2nd2]
COLANDER n. 滤器,漏勺(英) n. 滤器,漏勺 (a perforated pan)(考) astrolabe : nautical / colander : culinary(星盘是航海的工具/ 滤器是烹饪的工具)centrifuge : separate / colander : drain(离心机有分离作用/ 滤器有排液作用)(记) 参考calender(历法); 分割记忆co-land-er(同) 近形词: calender(历法);cyl inder(圆筒)
cold-blooded COLD-BLOODED [k2uld]
COLD-BLOODED adj. (生)冷血的; 残酷的(英) adj. (生)冷血的; 残酷的(without pity)(例) a cold-blooded murderer
collaborate COLLABORATE [k2'l9b2reit]
COLLABORATE v. 合作,协作; 通敌(英) v. 合作,协作(work together with sb);通敌(helping enemy occupying one's country)(记) col(共同)+labor(劳 动)+ate→共同劳动(同) 派生词: collaboration(n.合 作, 通敌); collaborative (adj. 合作的,协作的); collaborator (n. 合作者)
collage COLLAGE ['k0l7]
COLLAGE n. 拼贴画(英) n. 拼贴画 (an art form in which newspaper, cloth, pressed flowers, etc. are pasted together on a surface in incongruous relationship for their symbolic or suggestive effect)(记) 参考college(学院), 仅一字母之差(同) 近形词: college(学院); collate(校对)
collapse COLLAPSE [k2'l9ps]
COLLAPSE v. 坍塌, 塌陷;指人晕倒(英) v. 坍塌, 塌陷(break into pieces and fall down suddenly);指人晕倒(become unconscious because of illness)(考) collapse : volume / attenuate : thickness(倒塌减少体积/使稀 薄减少浓度)collapse : implode / divide : sunder(向内破裂倒塌/切成 二半分开)(记) col+lapse(滑倒) →全部滑倒→倒塌
collar COLLAR ['k0l2]
COLLAR n. 衣领; 戴在动物颈部的项圈(英) n. 衣领(band round the neck of a shirt)(记) 来自词根: coll(脖子)(同) 近形词: dollar(美圆); cellar(地窖)
collate COLLATE [k2'leit]
COLLATE v. 对照,核对(英) v. 对照,核对 (to compare critically in order to consolidate)(记) col(共同)+late(放) →放到一起→核对(同) 派生词: collation (n. 校勘,整理)(例) The secretary collates and distributes the reports.
collateral COLLATERAL [k2'l9t2r2l]
COLLATERAL adj. 平行的; 旁系的(英) adj. 平行的 (side by side; parallel)(记) col+later(边缘)+al →共同的边→平行的(同) 同根词:bilateral( 双边的); equilateral(等边的)collateral[kE'lXtEr El]n. 担保品(英) n. 担保品 (anything, such as stocks or bonds, that secures or guarantees the discharge of an obligation)
colleague COLLEAGUE ['k0li:g]
COLLEAGUE n. 同事(英) n. 同事(person with whom one works)(记) col(共同)+leagur(捆 绑) →捆绑在一起的人→ 同事
collected COLLECTED [k2'lektid]
COLLECTED adj.泰然自若的(英) adj.泰然自若的(comp osed; calm; self-possessed)(例) She always stays cool, calm and collected in a crisis.
collection COLLECTION [k2'lek62n]
COLLECTION n. 收藏品(英) n. 收藏品(group of objects that have been collected)(考) compendium : summary / anthology : collection(概要是一种总结/选 集是一种文集)(记) 来自collect
collective COLLECTIVE [k2'lektiv]
COLLECTIVE adj. 集体的,共有的(英) adj. 集体的,共有的( relating to a group or society as a whole)
collide COLLIDE [k2'laid]
COLLIDE v. 碰撞; 冲突(英) v. 碰撞 (crash);冲突 (to come into conflict; clash)(记) col+lide(受伤)→共 同受伤→碰撞;(同) 近形词: collude(串通,勾结)(例) The two planes collided in the midair.
collision COLLISION [k2'li72n]
COLLISION n. 碰撞,冲突(记) col+lide(受伤)→共 同受伤→碰撞; 比较:collusion(串通 ,勾结)(同) 近形词: collusion(串通, 勾结)
colloquial COLLOQUIAL [k2'l2ukwi2l]
COLLOQUIAL adj. 口语的,口头的(英) 口语的,口头的(of words, phrases belonging to normal conversation but not formal speech or writing)(记) col+loqu(说)+ial→ 两人一起说→口语会 话的
colloquialism COLLOQUIALISM [k2'l2ukwi2liz2m]
COLLOQUIALISM n. 口语的词语(英) n. 口语的词语(colloqui al word or phrase)
colloquium COLLOQUIUM [k2'l2ukwi2m]
COLLOQUIUM n. 学术讨论会(英) n. 学术讨论会 (an organized conference or seminar on some subject)
colloquy COLLOQUY ['k0l2kwi]
COLLOQUY n.(非正式的)交谈,会 谈(英) n.(非正式的)交谈,会 谈(informal discussion; conversation)
collude COLLUDE [k2'lu:d]
COLLUDE v. 串通,共谋(英) v. 串通,共谋 (to act in conspire)(考) collude : cooperate / smuggle : convey(串通是偷偷合作/走 私是偷偷运输)(记) col+lude(玩弄)→共 同玩弄→串通(同) 同根词:ludicrous( 荒谬可笑的)
collusion COLLUSION [k2'lu:72n]
COLLUSION n. 勾结,串通(考) collusion : conspirators / cooperation : partners(同谋者一起合谋/搭 档一起合作)
colon COLON ['k2ul2n]
COLON n.冒号(英) n.冒号(punctuation mark[:])
colonize COLONIZE ['k0l2naiz]
COLONIZE v. 在一地区建立殖民地(英) v. 在一地区建立殖民地( establish a colony in an area)(同) 派生词: colonization (n. 殖民地化)(例) Britain colonized many parts of Africa.
colony COLONY ['k0l2ni]
COLONY n. 菌群; 殖民地(英) 殖民地(area conquered by people from anothers country and controlled by that country)(考) bacterium : colony / citizen : nation(细菌组成菌落/公民 组成国家)(例) a former British colony
coloration COLORATION [k3l2'rei62n]
COLORATION n.着色法,染色法;颜 色,色泽(英) n.着色法,染色法(the method of dying);颜色,色泽(color)(考) 反义词: variegation(上杂色) -uniform coloration(上单色)
colorless COLORLESS ['k3l2lis]
COLORLESS adj. 无色的;呆板而无趣的(英) adj. 无色的(without color);呆板而无趣的(dull and uninteresting)(考) 反义词:chromatic( 彩色的)(例) a colorless character
colossal COLOSSAL [k2'l0s2l]
COLOSSAL adj. 巨大的,庞大的(英) adj. 巨大的,庞大的 (like a colossus in size; huge; gigantic)
colossus COLOSSUS [k2'l0s2s]
COLOSSUS adj. 巨人; 巨型雕像(英) n. 巨人 (any important person or thing);巨型雕像 (a gigantic statue)(考) colossus : figurine / boulder : pebble(巨型雕像对小雕像/ 大卵石对小卵石)
colt COLT [k2ult]
COLT n. 小雄驹(同) 近形词: bolt(门闩); cult(崇拜); dolt(笨蛋); molt(脱毛)
coltish COLTISH ['k2ulti6]
COLTISH adj. 似小马的; 不受拘束的(英) adj. 似小马的; 不受拘束的 (frisky, frolicsome)(考) coltish : discipline / loutish : grace(无拘束的不会有纪律 /粗野的不会优雅)(记) 注意不要和clot(凝块 )相混
coma COMA ['k2um2]
COMA n. 昏迷状态(英) n. 昏迷状态 (deep, prolonged unconsciousness)(考) coma : unconsciousness / delirium : confusion(昏迷是很无知觉/精 神错乱是很糊涂)
comatose COMATOSE ['k2um2t2us]
COMATOSE adj. 昏迷的(例) Eventually, the comatose patient revived.
combat COMBAT ['k0mb9t]
COMBAT n. 格斗,搏斗; v.格斗,搏斗(英) n. 格斗,搏斗(fight between two people, armies)(记) com(共同)+bat(打,击 ) →共同打→战斗
combatant COMBATANT ['k3mb2t2nt]
COMBATANT n. 参战者,战士(英) n. 参战者,战士(person involved in fighting in a war)(例) In modern wars, both combatants and non-combatants are killed .
combative COMBATIVE ['k0mb2tiv]
COMBATIVE adj.斗志旺盛的(英) adj.斗志旺盛的(eage r to fight or argue)(例) in a combative mood
combination COMBINATION [`k0mbi'nei62n]
COMBINATION n. 结合,联合(英) n. 结合,联合(joining together of two or more things)
combine COMBINE [k2m'bain]
COMBINE v. 联合,组合(英) v. 联合,组合(to join together to form a whole)(记) com(共同)+bine(捆) →捆在一起→结合
combustible COMBUSTIBLE [k2m'b3st2b2l]
COMBUSTIBLE adj. 易燃的; 易激动的(英) adj. 易燃的 (flammable);易激动 的 (easily aroused)(考) combustible : ignite / malleable : shape(易燃的容易点燃/可 锻的容易成形)impervious : friable / nonflammable : combustible(反义: 不受影响的→易受影 响的/不燃烧的→燃烧 的)(记) com+bust(燃烧)+ible →易燃的
combustion COMBUSTION [k2m'b3st62n]
COMBUSTION n. 燃烧(英) n. 燃烧 (the act or process of burning)(考) soot : combustion / sawdust : woodcutting(燃烧形成烟尘/锯木 头形成锯屑)(记) com+bust(燃烧)+ible →易燃的参考:flamma ble(易燃的)
comedienne COMEDIENNE [`k2mi:di'en]
COMEDIENNE n. 说笑话,演滑稽剧等的 女演员(英) 说笑话,演滑稽剧等的 演员(entertainer who tells jokes, performs sketches, etc to amuse an audience)(记) 来自comedy(喜剧)+en ne(女人)
comedy COMEDY ['k0midi]
COMEDY n. 喜剧(英) n. 喜剧(amusing play or film usu with a happy ending)(记) com(宴会)+edy(表名 词) →像宴会一样热闹→ 喜剧
comely COMELY ['k3mli]
COMELY adj. 动人的,美丽的(英) adj. 动人的,美丽的 (pleasant to look at; attractive)(考) 反义词: unattractiveness(没 有吸引力)(同) 派生词: comeliness(n.美丽动 人)(例) a comely young woman(动人女郎)
comestible COMESTIBLE [k2'mestibl]
COMESTIBLE n.食物,食品; adj. 可吃的(英) n.食物,食品(somethi ng fit to be eaten)(记) 分割记忆: come(来)+s+tible(想 成table) →来到桌上→食品
comet COMET ['k0mit]
COMET n. 彗星(英) 彗星(object that moves round the sun and looks like a bright star with a long, less bright tail)
comic COMIC ['k0mik]
COMIC adj. 可笑的; 喜剧的 n. 喜剧演员(英) adj. 可笑的; 喜剧的(using comedy);n. 喜剧演员(comedian)(考) didactic : instruct / comic : amuse(教诲的[东西]教导/ 发笑的[东西]娱乐)(记) com(宴会)+ic→喜剧 的
comity COMITY ['k0miti]
COMITY n.礼让,礼仪(英) n.礼让,礼仪(courtes y; civility)
comma COMMA ['k0m2]
COMMA n. 逗号(英) n. 逗号(punctuation mark[,]to indicate a light pause)(考) caret : insertion / comma : pause(插字符表示插入/逗 号表示暂停)enclose : parentheses / separate : comma(括号起包括作用/逗 号起分隔作用)
command COMMAND [k2'mnd]
COMMAND v./n. 命令; 控制(英) v./n. 命令(order);控制(be in control of )(考) lien : claim / subpoena : command(扣押权是一种权利/ 传票是一种命令)request(entreaty) : command / propose : stipulate / invite : summon / entice : goad(强烈请求是命令/强 烈建议是规定/坚决邀 请是召集/强烈诱惑是 激励)(记) com(一起) +mand(命令) →命令大家一起做→ 指挥(同) 同根词: demand(强求); countermand(撤消命 令); mandatory(命令的)(例) to have command of a regiment
commandeer COMMANDEER [`k0m2n'di2]
COMMANDEER v. 强占;征用(英) v. 强占(take (private property) for military use without needing permission or giving payment);征用( draft for military purposes)
commander COMMANDER [k2'mnd2]
COMMANDER n. 指挥官(英) n. 指挥官(person who commands)(记) com(一起)+mand(命令 )→命令大家一起做→ 指挥
commandment COMMANDMENT [k2'mndm2nt]
COMMANDMENT n. 命令; 戒律(英) n. 命令; 戒律 (mandate; precept)(记) com+mand(命令)+ment →共同的命令→戒律
commemorate COMMEMORATE [k2'mem2reit]
COMMEMORATE v. 纪念(伟人,大事件等)(英) 纪念伟人,大事件等(k eep a great person event, etc in people's memories)(记) com(共同)+memor(记 住)+ate →大家一起记住→纪念
commence COMMENCE [k2'mens]
COMMENCE v. 开始,倡导(英) v. 开始,倡导 (to begin; start; originate)(记) com(共同)+mence(说 ,做)→一起说,做→ 开始,倡导
commencement COMMENCEMENT [k2'mensm2nt]
COMMENCEMENT n. 开始,(大学的)毕业典 礼(英) n. 开始,(大学的)毕业 典礼 (the ceremonies at which degrees or diplomas are conferred at a school or college)(考) 反义词:cessation( 停止); cease(停止); matriculation(录取 入学)(记) com(共同)+mence(说, 做)→一起说,做→开 始,倡导(同) 同根词:mention(提到 )
commend COMMEND [k2'mend]
COMMEND v. 称赞,颂扬(英) v. 称赞,颂扬 (to express approval of; praise)(考) 反义词:censure(责 难)(记) com+mend(相信)→大 家相信→称赞;(同) 参考:recommendatio n(推荐)(例) The employee was commended with a bonus.
commendable COMMENDABLE [k2'mend2b2l]
COMMENDABLE adj. 值得称赞的(考) 反义词: execrable(可憎的)
commensurate COMMENSURATE [k2'men62rit]
COMMENSURATE adj. 同样大小的; 相称的(英) adj. 同样大小的 (equal in measure);相称的 (proportionate)(考) 反义词:preponderan t(有优势的)(记) com+mensur(测量)+at e→测量相同→相称的(例) What you receive will be commensurate with what you give.
comment COMMENT ['k0ment]
COMMENT n. 意见,评论; v.评论,发表意见(英) v.评论,发表意见(giv e one's opinion)(考) pungeut : odor / caustic : comment(辛辣的气味/尖刻的 评论)(例) Asked about the date of the election, the Prime Minister commented that no decision had yet been made.
commentary COMMENTARY ['k0m2nt2ri]
COMMENTARY n. 实况报道;(对书等的) 集注(英) n. 实况报道(spoken description of an event as it happens);(对书等的)集注(set of explanatory notes on a book)(例) a Bible commentary
commentator COMMENTATOR ['k0m2nteit2]
COMMENTATOR n. 解说员;评论员;集注 的作者(英) 实况报道的解说员(pe rson who commentates)评论员(person who comments)集注的作者(writer of a commentary)
commerce COMMERCE ['k0m2:s]
COMMERCE n. 商业(英) n. 商业(trade esp between countries )(考) filibuster : legislation / blockade : commerce(阻碍立法不让立法进 行/封锁贸易不让贸易 进行)theater : performance / market : commerce(剧院是演出的地方/ 市场是贸易的地方)quarantine : contagion(contact) / embargo : commerce(隔离使不能传染/禁 运使不能贸易)(记) com(共同)+merce(交 易) →共同交易→商业
commercial COMMERCIAL [k2'm2:62l]
COMMERCIAL adj. 商业的,贸易的; n. 电视或无线电中的广 告(英) n. 电视或无线电中的广 告(advertisement on TV or radio)(考) advertising : commercial / publishing : journal(做广告/出版期刊)
commingle COMMINGLE [k2'mi8gl]
COMMINGLE v. 搀和,混合(英) v. 搀和,混合(mix up)(记) com(共同)+mingle(结 合,混合); 注意: mingle本身是一个单词
commiserate COMMISERATE [k2'miz2reit]
COMMISERATE v. 同情,怜悯(英) v. 同情,怜悯 (to feel or show sorrow or pity for)(记) com+miser(可怜)+ate →共同可怜→同情;(同) 同根词:miserable( 可怜的); miser(吝啬鬼)派生词: commiseration (n. 同情的言语expressio n of sympathy)(例) I commiserated with my friend after his accident.
commission COMMISSION [k2'mi62n]
COMMISSION n. 委托;佣金(英) n. 委托(piece of work given to sb to do);佣金(payment to sb for selling goods)(记) com+miss(送,放出)+ ion→共同送出→委托
commit COMMIT [k2'mit]
COMMIT v. 托付;承诺;犯罪(英) v. 托付(consign)承诺(to bind or obligate)犯罪(perpetrate)(记) com+mit(送)+ment→ 一起送给→把…交托 给(commit a child to the care of a nursary ),对方接受后便要承 诺责任
commitment COMMITMENT [k2'mitm2nt]
COMMITMENT n. 承诺; 责任(英) n. 承诺(a pledge or promise);责任 (a financial liability)(考) equivocate : commitment / procrastinate : action(含糊其词不想承诺/ 拖拖拉拉不想行动)crime : misdemeanor / commitment : decision(罪行重于小过/承诺 重于决定)dilettante : commitment / nonentity : consequence(业余爱好者没有一心 一意/无足轻重者没有 重要性)disaffected : contentment / dubious : commitment(conviction)(不满的难以满足/不 确定的难以承诺)(记) com+mit(送send)→一 起送给→把...交托给 (commit a child to the care of a nursary ),对方接受后便要承 担责任,所以有“责任”一意(例) I don't want to get married because I don't want any commitments.
committed COMMITTED [k2'mitid]
COMMITTED adj. (对事业,本职工作等) 尽忠的(英) adj. (对事业,本职工作等) 尽忠的(devoted to a cause )(考) profligate : solvent / mercurial : committed(挥霍的不会有偿债能 力/反复无常的不会尽 忠)(记) 来自commit(v.委任;c om+mit[送,放出] →共同送→委任)
commodious COMMODIOUS [k2'm2udi2s]
COMMODIOUS adj. 宽敞的(英) adj. 宽敞的 (offering plenty of room; spacious; roomy)(考) 反义词:cramped / (constricted)(狭窄 的)taut : commodious / extraordinary : purlieu(紧张的不宽敞/异常 的不普通)(记) com+mod=code(方式, 范围)+ious→大的范 围→宽敞的;(同) 近形词:commodity( 商品); v. accommodation(适应, 膳食)
commodity COMMODITY [k2'm0diti]
COMMODITY n. 商品(英) n. 商品 (any article of commerce)(考) barter : commodities / correspond : letters(易货贸易是商品交换 /通信是信件交换)(记) com+mod(样式)+ity→ 各种各样的东西→商品
commonplace COMMONPLACE ['k0m2npleis]
COMMONPLACE adj. 平常的(英) adj. 平常的(ordinary, not interesting)(考) 反义词:inimitable( 独特的)(例) He's not at all exciting, in fact he's really rather commonplace .
commonsensical COMMONSENSICAL ['k0m2n'sensik2l]
COMMONSENSICAL adj.有常识的,明白人 情事理的(考) 反义词:preposterou s(荒谬的)(记) 来自common sense(常识)
commonwealth COMMONWEALTH ['k0m2nwel4]
COMMONWEALTH n.人民国家(英) n.人民国家(nation governed by the people)
commotion COMMOTION [k2'm2u62n]
COMMOTION n. 骚动,动乱(英) n. 骚动,动乱 (violent motion; trubulence)(考) squall : commotion / flash : illumination(狂叫是一种骚乱/闪 光是一种照明)反义词:tranquillit y(宁静)(记) com(共同)+mot(动)+i on→大家动→动乱(同) 同根词:motivation( 动机); promotion(提升, 增加)
communal COMMUNAL ['k0mjun2l]
COMMUNAL adj.全体共用的,共享 的(英) adj.全体共用的,共享 的(held in common)(记) com+mun(公共)+al→ 公共的(例) The flat has four separate bedrooms and a communal kitchen.
communicable COMMUNICABLE [k2'mju:nik2ble]
COMMUNICABLE adj. 可传达的, 会传染的(英) adj. 可传达的, 会传染的(that can be transmitted)(记) com(共同)+mun(公共 的)+ic+able→在公众 场合下的→可传达的
communicate COMMUNICATE [k2'mju:nikeit]
COMMUNICATE v. 传送信息, 沟通(英) v. 传送信息, 沟通(make sth known)(考) tamper : adjust / misrepresent : communicate(篡改妨碍校准/误传 阻止沟通)censorship : communication / preservative : decay(审查制度防止交流/ 防腐剂防止腐烂)(记) com+mun(公共)+ic+at e→大家共有 →交流(同) 派生词: communication n. 传递,传播(act of communicating)
community COMMUNITY [k2'mju:niti]
COMMUNITY n. 社区,集体(英) n. 社区,集体(the people living in one place)(记) commun(公共的)+ity( 状态) →公共状态→社区,社会
commute COMMUTE [k2'mju:t]
COMMUTE v.交换, 坐公共交通车上下班(英) v.交换(to change or exchange)(记) com[共同]+mut[改变] →坐车换车→坐公共 车)
commuter COMMUTER [k2'mju:t2]
COMMUTER n. 坐公共交通车上下班 的人(英) n. 坐公共交通车上下班 的人(person who commutes)(记) 来自commute(v.交换, 坐公共交通车上下班; com[共同]+mute[改变 ] →和大家一起变动→ 坐公共车)
compact COMPACT ['k0mp9kt]
COMPACT adj. 结实的; 简洁的(英) adj. 结实的 (dense; solid);简洁的 (not diffuse or wordy)(记) com+pact(打包,压紧 )→一起压紧→结实的 ;pact本身是一个单词compact['kOmpXkt]n. 合同,协议(英) n. 合同,协议 (an agreement between two or more; covenant)(记) com+pact(打包,压紧) →一起压紧→结实的; pact本身是一个单词
companion COMPANION [k2m'p9ni2n]
COMPANION n. 同伴,同伙; 受雇的陪伴人(英) n. 同伴,同伙(comrade, mate)(记) 来自company(一群朋 友, 公司)(例) to take a post as a paid companion
comparable COMPARABLE ['k0mp2r2b2l]
COMPARABLE adj. 可比较的(英) adj. 可比较的(able to be compared)(记) compare(比较)+able →能比较的(同) 派生词: comparability (n. 可比性,相似性)
comparison COMPARISON [k2m'p9ris2n]
COMPARISON n. 比较(英) n. 比较(comparing)(记) compare(比较,对照)+ ison
compartment COMPARTMENT [k2m'ptm2nt]
COMPARTMENT n.隔间,车室(英) n.隔间,车室(one of the parts into which an enclosed space is divided)(记) com+part(部分)+ment →一个空间分成几个 部分→隔间
compass COMPASS ['k3mp2s]
COMPASS n. 指南针,罗盘; 界限,范围(英) n. 指南针,罗盘; 界限,范围(scope, range)(考) thermometer : temperature / compass : direction(温度计用来测温度/ 指南针用来指方向)(记) com(共同)+pass(通过 ) →共同的地方→做事 的范围
compassion COMPASSION [k2m'p962n]
COMPASSION n. 同情,怜悯(sorrow for the sufferings or trouble of others)同根词:dispassiona te(a. 心平气和的);impass ive(a. 冷漠的)反义词:indifferenc e(n. 不关心的)
compassionate COMPASSIONATE [k2m'p962nit]
COMPASSIONATE adj. 有同情心的(英) adj. 有同情心的(sympathe tic)(记) com+pass(感情)+ion →一起感情→同情(同) 同根词:dispassionat e(心平气和的)(例) He is compassionate and likes to help those less fortunate than himself.
compatible COMPATIBLE [k2m'p9t2b2l]
COMPATIBLE adj. 和谐共处的,相容的(英) adj. 和谐共处的,相容的( capable of living together harmoniously)(记) com+pat(可看作put)+ ible→可放在一起的 →相容的(同) 派生词: compatibility (n.和谐共处,不矛盾 )(例) My coworker and I are not compatible at all.
compatriot COMPATRIOT [k2m'p9tri2t]
COMPATRIOT n. 同胞,同国人(英) n. 同胞,同国人(person who was born in the same country)(记) com(共同)+patriot( 爱国者)→共同热爱祖 国的人→同胞
compel COMPEL [k2m'pel]
COMPEL v. 强迫(英) v. 强迫 (to force or constrain, as to do something)(记) com+pel(推)→共同推 →强迫(同) 同根词:repel(打退) ;expel(开除)(例) The boss compelled us to work over the weekend.
compellation COMPELLATION [`k0mp2'lei62n]
COMPELLATION n. 姓名,头衔(英) n. 姓名,头衔 (appellation)
compelling COMPELLING [k2m'peli8]
COMPELLING adj. 引起兴趣的(英) adj. 引起兴趣的 (keenly interesting; captivating)(例) a compelling story
compendious COMPENDIOUS [k2m'pendi2s]
COMPENDIOUS adj. 简洁的,简要的(英) adj. 简洁的,简要的 (concise but comprehensive)
compendium COMPENDIUM [k2m'pendi2m]
COMPENDIUM n. 简要,概略(英) n. 简要,概略 (a summary or abstract)(考) compendium : summary / anthology : collection(概要是一种总结/文 集是一种选集)(记) com+pend(挂)+ium→ 挂在一起→概要(例) a compendium of several novels
compensate COMPENSATE ['k0mpenseit]
COMPENSATE v. 补偿,赔偿(英) v. 补偿,赔偿 (to make equivalent return to; recompense)(记) com+pens(挂,花费)+ ate→全部给予花费→ 赔偿;(同) 同根词:expense(支 出); dispense(分发, 分配)派生词: compensation (n. 补偿,报偿)(例) The volunteers were not compensated for their time.
compete COMPETE [k2m'pi:t]
COMPETE v. 竞争,对抗(英) v. 竞争,对抗( try to win sth by defeating others)(考) rival : competition / sycophant : flattery(竞争者竞争/谄媚者 奉承)(记) com(共同)+pete(追求 ,寻求) →共同追求(一个目标 ) →竞争(同) 派生词:competition (n. 竞赛); competitive (adj. 竞赛的)
competence COMPETENCE ['k0mpit2ns]
COMPETENCE n. 胜任,能力(英) n. 胜任,能力(being competent, ability)(记) compete(竞争)+ence →竞争的(能力)→能 力, 资格
competent COMPETENT ['k0mpit2nt]
COMPETENT adj. 指人能干的;不错的(英) adj. 指人能干的(having the necessary ability );不错的(quite good)(记) compete(竞争)+ent→ 有竞争力的
compile COMPILE [k2m'pail]
COMPILE v. 汇集; 编辑(英) v. 汇集 (to gather and put together);编辑(to compose of materials gathered from various sources )(记) com+pile(堆)→堆积 一起→汇集
complacent COMPLACENT [k2m'pleis2nt]
COMPLACENT adj. 自满的,得意的(英) adj. 自满的,得意的 (self-satisfied, or smug)(记) com+plac(平静,满足 )+ent→全部满足→自 满的; 注意不要和complaisa nt(随和的)相混(同) 派生词: complacency (n. 自满,自得)
complaisant COMPLAISANT [k2m'pleiz2nt]
COMPLAISANT adj. 顺从的,讨好的(英) adj. 顺从的,讨好的 (affably agreeable; obliging)(考) complaisance : intractable / adeptness : maladroit(柔顺的不难处理/熟 练的不笨拙)反义词: churlishness(粗野); obdurate(固执的); obstinacy(固执)(记) com+plais(可能等于p lease)+ant→please others→讨好的(同) 派生词: complaisance (n. 迁就,奉承)
complement COMPLEMENT ['k0mplim2nt]
COMPLEMENT n. 补足物; v.补足(英) n. 补足物(that which completes)(记) com(全部)+ple(满,填 满)+ment→全部满→ 补足(同) 派生词: complementary(adj. 补充的)
complexion COMPLEXION [k2m'plek62n]
COMPLEXION n. 肤色; 局面(英) n. 肤色 (the skin colour and texture of the face);局面(character; aspect)(记) com+plex(重叠交叉)+ ion→重叠交叉的外表 →脸面(同) 同根词:complexity( 复杂); duplicity(口是心非)(例) She has a fair complexion. Your statement put a different complexion on this matter.
complexity COMPLEXITY [k2m'pleksiti]
COMPLEXITY n. 复杂性;复杂的事物(英) n. 复杂性(state of being complex)(记) 来自complex (adj.复杂的;com[全 部]+plex[重叠])→全 部重叠→复杂
compliant COMPLIANT [k2m'plai2nt]
COMPLIANT adj. 服从的,顺从的(英) adj. 服从的,顺从的 (complying; yielding; submissive)(考) frugal : penurious / compliant : obsequious(过分节俭是吝啬/过 分服从是谄媚)compliant : servile / trusting : gullible(过分服从是奴性/过 分信任是易受骗)obsequious : fawn / compliant : yield(谄媚的人喜欢奉承/ 服从的人喜欢屈服)(记) com+pliant(柔顺的) →顺从的(同) 同根词: pliant(柔顺的); suppliant(恳求的)派生词: compliance n. 服从,听从(例) The salesman was compliant with the customer's wishes.
complicate COMPLICATE ['k0mplikeit]
COMPLICATE v. 使某事复杂化(英) v. 使某事复杂化(make sth more difficult to do)(记) com(全部)+plic(重叠 )+ate→全部重叠起来 →弄复杂(同) 派生词: complicated (adj. 复杂的); complication (n. 复杂的情况)
complicity COMPLICITY [k2m'plisiti]
COMPLICITY n. 合谋,串通(英) n. 合谋,串通(participa tion; involvement in a crime)(记) com+plic(重叠)+ity →共同重叠→同谋关系
compliment COMPLIMENT ['k0mplim2nt]
COMPLIMENT v./n. 恭维,称赞(英) v./n. 恭维,称赞 (praise, or flattery)(考) compliment : flattery / deference : subservience(过分称赞成为奉承/ 过分尊敬成为阿谀)apologize : contrite / compliment : impressed(由于后悔才道歉/由 于被打动才称赞)courageous : bravado / complimentary : fulsomeness(故作勇敢的不是真的 勇敢/故作恭维的不是 真的称赞)反义词: sc(记) 不要和complement(补 充)相混(同) 派生词: complimentary (adj. 赞赏的)近形词: complement(补充); implement(工具, 实现)
comply COMPLY [k2m'plai]
COMPLY n. 遵循(英) n. 遵循 (to act in accordance)(考) mandatory : comply / forbidden : abstain(强制的必须遵守/禁 止的必须禁绝)(例) A good citizen complies with the laws of the country.
component COMPONENT [k2m'p2un2nt]
COMPONENT n. 成分,零部件(英) n. 成分,零部件(any of the parts of which sth is made)(考) 反义词:nexus(连接) -disconnected components(不相关的 元素)(记) com(共同)+pon(放)+e nt→放到一起[的东西 ] →成分
comport COMPORT [k2m'p0:t]
COMPORT v. 举止,行为(英) v. 举止,行为 (to behave or conduct in a specified manner)(记) com+port(带)→一个 人带有的全部仪态→ 举止(同) 同根词:transportat ion(运输); portable(可携带的)派生词: comportment (n. 举止, 动作)(例) That little girl comported herself very well at the party last night.
compose COMPOSE [k2m'p2uz]
COMPOSE v. 写,创作; 组成(英) v. 写,创作(write [music opera,etc]);组成(of elements of sth form a whole)(考) construct : remodel / compose : edit(改建是对原来建造的 进行修改/剪辑是对原 来创作的进行修改)sonnet : poet / symphony : composer(诗人写十四行诗/作 曲家写交响乐)(记) com(一起)+pose(放) →放到一起→组成(同) 派生词: composer (n. 创作者, 作曲家); composition (n. 作品)
composed COMPOSED [k2m'p2uzd]
COMPOSED adj. 镇定的, 沉着的(英) adj. 镇定的, 沉着的 (tranquil, self-possessed)(考) 反义词:distraught( 发狂的)(例) Water is composed of hydrogen and oxygen.
composite COMPOSITE ['k0mp2zit]
COMPOSITE adj. 混合成的 n. 合成物(英) adj.混合成的 (formed of distinct parts);n. 合成物(compound)(记) com+pos(放)+ite→ 放在一起的→混合成的(例) This is a composite map made from many small maps.
compost COMPOST ['k0mp0st]
COMPOST n. 混合肥料(英) n. 混合肥料(mixture of decayed organic matter)
composure COMPOSURE [k2m'p2u72]
COMPOSURE n. 镇静,沉着,自若(英) n. 镇静,沉着 ,自若 (tranquillity; equanimity)(考) chary : caution / imperturbable : composure(谨慎的[人]谨慎/镇 静的[人]镇静)tedious : energy / disturbing : composure(沉闷的东西使人失去 精力/扰乱的东西使人 失去镇静)(记) com+pos (放)+ure(状态)→放 在一起的状态→沉着
compound COMPOUND [k2m'paund]
COMPOUND n. 复合物;v. 搀和(英) n. 复合物(thing made up of separate things);v. 搀和(mix sth together)(考) soldier : army / element : compound(士兵组成军队/元素 组成化合物)反义词:separate(分 开)(例) the vat in which the chemicals are compounded.
comprehend COMPREHEND [`k0mpri'hend]
COMPREHEND v. 理解, 包括(英) v. 理解, 包括(understand sth fully)(考) garbled : comprehend / obscured : recognize(歪曲的不易理解/模 糊的不易认识)反义词:hermetic(深 奥的)(记) com(全部)+prehend( 抓住) →全部抓住→包括,理解
comprehensible COMPREHENSIBLE [`k0mpri'hens2b2l]
COMPREHENSIBLE adj. 能充分理解的(英) adj. 能充分理解的(that can be understood fully)(记) com+prehens(抓住)+i ble
comprehensive COMPREHENSIVE [`k0mpri'hensiv]
COMPREHENSIVE adj. 全面的,综合的(英) adj. 全面的,综合的 (dealing with all of the relevant details; inclusive)(记) com+prehens(抓住) +ive→全部抓住→全 面的;(同) 同根词:prehensile( 适于抓住的); apprehensive(担忧的)(例) a comprehensive survey
compress COMPRESS [k2m'pres]
COMPRESS v. 压缩,浓缩(英) v. 压缩,浓缩 (to press together; contract)(考) 反义词: distention(膨胀); increase in volume(增大体积)(记) com+press(压)→全 部压→压缩(同) 同根词:depression( 压抑,萧条); suppress(镇压)派生词: compression(n. 压缩)
compromise COMPROMISE ['k0mpr2maiz]
COMPROMISE v. 妥协; 危害(英) v. 妥协 (to settle by concessions);危害(to lay open to danger or disrepute)(考) implacable : compromise / honest : swindle(难以抚慰的不会妥协 /诚实的不会诈骗)mediation : compromise / prosecution : conviction(调停为了达成和解/ 起诉为了定罪)反义词:intransigen t(不妥协的)-open to compromise(寻求和解 的)(记) com+promise(保证) →相互保证→妥协,尤 其要注意'危害'一意(例) John felt compromised by what Jean had said about his friendship with the crimina
compulsion COMPULSION [k2m'p3l6(2)n]
COMPULSION n. 强迫; 难以抗拒的冲动(英) n. 强迫 (that which compels);难以抗拒的冲动 (an irresistible, irrational impulse to perform some act)(记) com+puls(推,冲)+ ion→一起推→冲动, 压力(同) 同根词:repulse(反 击,击退); repulsive(排斥的)
compulsive COMPULSIVE [k2m'p3lsiv]
COMPULSIVE adj. 难以抑制的(例) Bill is compulsive about saving everything. He can't throw anything away.
compulsory COMPULSORY [k2m'p3ls2ri]
COMPULSORY adj. 强制性的,命令性的(英) adj. 强制性的,命令性的 (compelling; coercive)(例) Each gymnast performed a compulsory routine.
compunction COMPUNCTION [k2m'p38k62n]
COMPUNCTION n. 懊悔,良心不安(英) n. 懊悔,良心不安 (a sense of guilt; remorse; penitence; qualm)(记) com+punct(刺)+ion →(心)不断被刺→良 心不安;(同) 同根词:punctual(准 时的); acupuncture(针灸)(例) He spoke with compunction about his mistakes and regrets.
concatenate CONCATENATE [k0n'k9tineit]
CONCATENATE v. 连结,连锁(英) v. 连结,连锁 ( to link together)(考) 反义词:separate(分 开)(记) con+caten(铁链chai n)+ate→在一根铁链 中→连锁(同) 派生词: concatenation (n. 连结,一连串)
concave CONCAVE [`k0n'keiv]
CONCAVE adj. 凹的(英) adj. 凹的 (hollow and curved like the inside of a bowl)(考) 反义词:convex (凸出的)scoop : concave / spatula : flat(勺子的形状是凹的/ 刮刀的形状是平的)(记) con+cave(空,洞)→ 全部是洞→凹的;
conceal CONCEAL [k2n'si:l]
CONCEAL v. 隐藏, 隐瞒(英) 隐藏,掩盖某事物,某 人(keep sth/SB from being seen or known about)(考) 反义词: evince(表明); unearth(发现)(记) con(共同)+ceal(藏) →隐藏
concede CONCEDE [k2n'si:d]
CONCEDE v. 承认(为正确); 让步(英) v. 承认(为正确) (to admit as true or valid);让步 (to make a concession)(考) 反义词:refuse to grant(拒绝承认)(记) con+cede(割让)→让 出去→让步;(同) 参考:cede(割让, 放弃)派生词: concession (n. 让步yielding;特许 权 a privilege)(例) I conceded and admitted I was wrong.
conceit CONCEIT [k2n'si:t]
CONCEIT n. 自负,自大(英) n. 自负,自大 (an exaggerated opinion of oneself; vanity)(记) con+ceit=ceive(拿) →拿出架子→自负(同) 派生词: conceited (adj. 自负的,自高自大的)(例) That girl's full of conceit.
conceive CONCEIVE [k2n'si:v]
CONCEIVE v. 想象,构想(to imagine);怀孕(to become pregnant)同根词:perceive(v. 知觉);receive(v. 收到)派生词:conceivable (a. 想象得出的,可心的)
concentrate CONCENTRATE ['k0ns2ntreit]
CONCENTRATE v. 聚集, 浓缩(考) 反义词: deploy(散开); dilute solution (稀释); rarefy(稀释)
concentric CONCENTRIC [k2n'sentrik]
CONCENTRIC adj.(指数个圆)有同 一中心的(英) adj.(指数个圆)有同 一中心的(having a common center)(记) con+centr(中心)+ic →共同中心的(同) 同根词: concentrate(集中); eccentric(古怪的)
conceptual CONCEPTUAL [k2n'sept6u2l]
CONCEPTUAL adj. 概念上的(考) 反义词: concrete(具体的)
concern CONCERN [k2n's2:n]
CONCERN v. 关心(考) arrhythmic : regularity / apathetic : concern(无节奏的无规则/冷 漠的无关心)baleful : menace / solicitous : concern(有害的东西危害/关 心的人关心)flip : respect / nonchalant : concern(不敬的无尊敬/不关 心的无关心)firm : intransigent / concerned : obsessed{(同) 派生词: concerned(adj.关心 的)
concert CONCERT ['k0ns2t]
CONCERT n. 音乐会(考) exhibition : painting / concert : symphony(展览是展出画/音乐 会是表演交响乐)program : concert / agenda : meeting(节目单是音乐会的程 序/会议议程是会议的 程序)
concerted CONCERTED [k2n's2:tid]
CONCERTED adj. 共同做的(考) 反义词: individually devised(单独设计的)(例) take concerted action (采取一致行动)
concerto CONCERTO [k2n't6e2:t2u]
CONCERTO n. 协奏曲(英) n. 协奏曲 (a musical composition)(记) concert(音乐会)+o →协奏曲
concession CONCESSION [k2n'se62n]
CONCESSION n. 让步(英) 让步(an act or instance of conceding, granting, or yielding);特许权 (a privilege granted by a government, company, etc.)(考) stratagem : deceive / concession : placate(谋略达到欺骗的目的 /让步达到抚慰的目的)
conciliate CONCILIATE [k2n'silieit]
CONCILIATE v. 安抚;驯服; 调和(英) v. 安抚; 驯服(soothe the anger of; placate);调和(to reconcile;; pacify)(考) recalcitrant : authority / implacable : conciliation(反抗的无法接受权威 /难以抚慰的无法接受 抚慰)sop : conciliatory / subsidy : supportive(安抚物的作用是安抚 /抚恤金的作用是援助)反义词: polemical(争论的)-c onciliatory(调和的) ; vex(使烦恼)(记) concil=council(协商 )+iate→协商(解决) →调和; 比较:ciliated(有睫 毛的,有纤毛的);(同) 派生词: conciliation (n. 安慰,安抚); conciliatory(adj.调 和的)(例) She tried to conciliate the angry guest. His conciliation helped bring the arguing parties together.
concise CONCISE [k2n'sais]
CONCISE adj. 简洁的(英) adj. 简洁的 (brief; terse; laconic; succinct)(考) synopsis : conciseness / distillate : purity(概要的特点是简明/ 蒸馏物的特点是纯净)反义词: prolixity(冗长)-con ciseness(简明)(记) con+cise(切掉)→把 (多余的)全部切掉→ 简洁的(同) 派生词: concision (n. 简明,简洁); conciseness(简明)(例) a concise collection of short stories
conclave CONCLAVE ['k08kleiv]
CONCLAVE n.秘密会议(英) n.秘密会议(private secret meeting)
conclude CONCLUDE [k2n'klu:d]
CONCLUDE v. 使...结束(英) v. 使...结束(bring sth to an end)(考) 反义词:begin(开始) ; embark on(开始)(记) con(全部)+clude(关 闭) →全部关掉→结束(同) 同根词: exclude (排除在外); seclude(使孤立)派生词: conclusion (n. 结束,结尾; 结论); conclusive (adj.结论性的,证据 确凿的)
concoct CONCOCT [k2n'k0kt]
CONCOCT v. 调制,捏造(英) v. 调制,捏造 (to make by combining various ingredients)(记) con+coct=cook(烹调 )→调制(同) 派生词: concoction (n. 调配[物],谎言)(例) John concocted an excuse for being late.
concomitant CONCOMITANT [k2n'k0mit2nt]
CONCOMITANT adj. 伴随而来的(英) adj. 伴随而来的 (accompanying; attendant)(记) con+comit(伴随)+a nt→伴随而来的;分割记忆:con(共同) +comit=come(来)→一 起来→伴随而来(同) 同根词:comity(礼貌 ,礼节); comely(美丽动人的)(例) war with all its concomitant sufferings
concord CONCORD ['k08k0:d]
CONCORD n. 和睦; 公约(英) n. 和睦 (friendly and peaceful relations);公约(agreement)(考) 反义词:dissonance( 不和谐); dissension(分歧)(记) con+cord(心,一致) →心在一起→和睦(同) 同根词:discordant( 不和谐的); accord(一致, 调和)
concordant CONCORDANT [k2n'k0:d2nt]
CONCORDANT adj. 和谐的,一致的(英) adj. 和谐的,一致的 (agreeing; consonant; harmonious)
concrete CONCRETE ['k08kri:t]
CONCRETE adj.具体存在的; n.混凝土(英) adj.具体存在的(exis ting in material form)(考) 反义词:conceptual( 概念的)(记) con(共同)+crete(产 生) →共同产生→具体的
concurrent CONCURRENT [k2n'k3r2nt]
CONCURRENT adj. 同时发生的,一致的(英) adj. 同时发生的,一致的 (occuring at the same time)(记) con+curr(跑)→共同 跑的→同时发生的(同) 同根词: occurrence (发生的事件); curriculum(课程表)派生词: concurrence (n. 同意,一致agreement)
concussion CONCUSSION [k2n'k362n]
CONCUSSION n. 脑震荡; 强烈震动(英) n. 脑震荡;强烈震动(a violent shaking)(记) con+cuss(震动)→io n→震荡(同) 同根词:percussion( 撞击,震动); discussion(讨论)(例) a concussion caused by the explosion
condemn CONDEMN [k2n'dem]
CONDEMN v. 极力谴责; 判刑(英) v. 极力谴责 (disapprove of strongly; censure);判刑(inflict a penalty upon)(考) 反义词:countenance (支持); approbation(认可)-c ondemnation(谴责)ex altation(提升); extol(赞美)(记) con+demn=damn(诅咒 )→大家诅咒→谴责(同) 同根词:damnify(损 害); indemnify(赔偿, 补偿)派生词: condemnation (n. 谴责,定罪)(例) Most people are willing to condemn violence of any sort.
condense CONDENSE [k2n'dens]
CONDENSE v. 浓缩(英) v. 浓缩(cause sth to become thicker )(考) rust : corrosion / dew : condensation(腐蚀产生锈/凝缩产 生露)反义词:rarefy(稀释 ); rarefaction(稀薄)-c ondensation(浓缩)(记) con(全部)+dense(浓 密) →全部浓缩(同) 派生词: condensation (n. 浓缩,凝结)
condensed CONDENSED [k2n'denst]
CONDENSED adj. 浓缩的(考) synopsis : condensed / appendix : supplementary(概要特点是浓缩/附 录特点是补充)
condescend CONDESCEND [`k0ndi'send]
CONDESCEND v. 屈尊,俯就(英) v. 屈尊,俯就 (to descend voluntarily to a lower level; deign; stoop)(考) patronize : condescension / deride : mockery(用恩赐态度资助/用 嘲弄态度嘲笑)condescending : patronize / obsequious : fawn(屈尊的[人]惠顾/奉 承的[人]奉承)(记) con+de+scend(爬) →全部向下爬→俯就(同) 同根词:descend(下 降); ascend(上升)派生词: condescension(n.屈 尊, 贬低); condescending(谦逊 的)(例) The boss condescends to eat lunch in the company cafeteria.
condign CONDIGN [k2n'dain]
CONDIGN adj.罪有应得的;适 宜的(英) adj.罪有应得的;适 宜的([of punishment] severe and well deserved)(考) 反义词:undeserved( 不应该的); unmerited(不配的)(记) con+dign(高贵)→ 惩罚罪行,弘扬高贵(同) 同根词:indignant( 愤怒的);indignity (侮辱)
condiment CONDIMENT ['k0ndim2nt]
CONDIMENT n. 调味品,佐料(英) n. 调味品,佐料 (a seasoning or relish for food)(记) condi(隐藏)+ment→ 隐藏(坏味道)的东西 →佐料(同) 同根词:abscond(潜 逃);recondite(深 奥的)
conditional CONDITIONAL [k2n'di62n2l]
CONDITIONAL adj. 有条件的(英) adj. 有条件的(depending on sth)(记) 来自condition(n. 条件:con[共同]+dit[ 给予]+ion→共同给出 的[条件])
condole CONDOLE [k2n'd2ul]
CONDOLE v. 向…吊慰(英) v. 向…吊慰 (to express sympathy; commiserate)(记) con+dol(痛苦)→一 起痛苦→哀悼;(同) 同根词:indolence(n .懒惰,不痛); doleful(adj.悲哀的)派生词: condolence (n. 吊唁,哀悼)
condone CONDONE [k2n'd2un]
CONDONE v. 宽恕,原谅(英) v. 宽恕,原谅(treat an offence as if it were not serious )(考) 反义词:denounce(谴 责)(记) con(共同)+done(给予 ) →给出大度→原谅(同) 同根词: donate(捐赠); pardon(原谅)
condor CONDOR ['k0nd2]
CONDOR n. 秃鹰; 神鹰(英) n. 秃鹰; 神鹰(type of large vulture)
conduce CONDUCE [k2n'dju:s]
CONDUCE (to) v.有助于; 有益于(英) (to) v.有助于; 有益于(to contribute to)(记) con+duce(引导)→引 到(好的一面)→有助 于…(同) 同根词:induce(引诱 ); traduce(v.诽谤)
conducive CONDUCIVE [k2n'dju:siv]
CONDUCIVE adj. 有助于...的(英) adj. 有助于…的 (that contributes or leading to)(考) conducive : foment / tonic : invigorate(助长的[东西]煽动/ 营养的[东西]使健壮)(例) Plenty of exercise is conducive to good health.
conduct CONDUCT ['k0nd2kt,'k0nd3kt]
CONDUCT n. 品德,行为;v. 领导, 引导(英) n. 品德,行为(person's behavior);v. 领导, 引导(lead or guide)(考) grammar : language / protocol : conduct(语法是语言的规则/ 礼仪是行为的规则)(记) con+duct(引导,带来) →引导大家一起做→ 指挥
conductor CONDUCTOR [k2n'd3kt2]
CONDUCTOR n. 领导者; 指挥家(英) n. 领导者; 指挥家(person who directs the performance of an orchestra or a choir )(考) pilot : ship / conductor : orchestra(领航员指导船航行/ 指挥指导乐队表演)symphony : conductor / film : director(指挥指导交响乐/导 演指导电影)director : scipt / conductor : score(导演根据剧本指导/ 指挥根据乐谱指导)conductor : instrumentalist / director : actor{E(记) conduct+or
conduit CONDUIT ['k0ndit]
CONDUIT n.沟渠; 水管(英) n.沟渠; 水管(aqueduct; passageway for fluids)
cone CONE [k2un]
CONE n. 松果; 圆锥体(英) n. 松果; 圆锥体(solid body that narrows to a point from a circular flat base)
confection CONFECTION [k2n'fek62n]
CONFECTION n. 甜食,糖果(英) n. 甜食,糖果 (any kind of candy or other sweet preparation)(记) con+fect(做)+ion →大家一起做的(食品 )甜食;(同) 近形词: infection(感染); affection(感情); perfection(完美)
confederacy CONFEDERACY [k2n'fed2r2si]
CONFEDERACY n. 联盟或同盟(英) n. 联盟或同盟(alliance )(记) con(共同)+feder(联 盟)+acy→联盟