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Coordinating Cunjunctions join elements which are ___________ in gramatical rank
generally speaking it is considered good grammar for the object to _______________________ in a preposistional phrase
follow the preposistion
a preposistion and its object make a
preposistional phrase
the term preposistion litterally means....
"Posistion Before"
The word very or adverbs that mean about the same thing as very are?
If the word is not followed by a noun it is a __________
Certain adverbs that answer the question how much?
Subordinating conjunctions join elemens that are ___________ in gramatical rank
Simple or pure conjunctions are
and,but,or,nor,neither,and in some situations yet
An object of the preposistion must ALWAYS be a
Noun or pronoun or another word or group of words used as a noun
when nor and neither are not used together but alone they are
Simple conjunctions
Used in pairs
Coorelative conjunctions
adverbs used to join independent clauses
Conjunctive Adverbs
When a conjunctive adverb has more than one syllablewhat comes ahead of it and what goes behind it
a ; ahead and , before
used to connect elements that are along the same line or in the same direction of thought
used to contrast contrasting elements
used to connect elements showing positive alternatives
used to connect elements showing negative alternatives
nor, neither
if a conjunctive adverb has one syllable what kind of punctuation do you use and where do you put it
a ; ahead of it
all conjunctive adverbs a preceeded by a
Interupters are
words that may be used as conjunctive adverbsare sometimes not used to directlyconnect independent clauses
interupters are punctuated with
only comas
A part of speech that makes an independent exclamation
can some interjections stand as sentences alone
is botheration a interjection
A part of speech that modifies a adjective, verb, or adverb
A Adverb
A part of speech used to connect or link a words or word groups such as phrases and clauses
A part of Speech that shows the relationship between a noun or pronoun to some other word in the sentence
the noun or pronoun following the preposistion is the_________
Object of the preposistion
I f the word is followed by a noun it is probally a _________