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Brachyelytrum aristosum/ long-awned wood grass

Carex albursina/sedge

Carex arctata/ sedge

Carex deweyana/sedge

Carex hirtifolia/sedge

Carex intumescens/sedge

Carex leptonervia/ sedge

Carex pedunculata/sedge

Carex plantaginea/sedge

Carex radiata/ straight styled wood sedge

Carex rosea/ Curly-styled wood sedge

Carex woodii/ sedge

Elymus hystrix/ Bottlebrush grass

Festuca occidentalis/ Western fescue

Milium effusum/ wood millet

Oryzopsis asperifolia/ Rough-leaved rice-grass

Poa alsodes/ bluegrass

Poa saltuensis/bluegrass

Schizachne purpurascens/ false melic