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The war between Great Britain and its 13 American Colonies(1775-1783) that led to founding of America
American Revolution
A friendly person or country that joins with another for a common purpose
Money people pay to the government
A colonist who supported Great Britain in the American Revolution
The official document issued by the second contintental congress on July 4, 1776 explaining why the American colonies were breaking away from Great Britain
Declaration of Independence
American colonist who supported the fight for independence
A group of volunteers who fought in times of emergency during the colonial period and American Revolution
A conflict between Great Britain and France in North America in which Colonists fought against the French and Native Americans(Indians)
French and Indian War
A law passed by British Parliament requiring colonists to pay tax on newspapers, pamphlets, documents, playings cards
The Stamp Act
Soldiers from Germany paid to fight for England against the Continental Army in the American Revolution