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Manufactures ribosome parts ,RNA...


structure that forms the outer boundary of an animal cell:

cell membrane

is the cell wall found in the plant cell or the animal cell?

plant cell

site of protein synthesis...


special structures in the cell that perform specific functions are called...


function of cytoplasm...

gel like substance inside cells

nucleus function...

directs cell activities

endoplasmic reticulum function...

transports materials

ribosomes function...

manufactures proteins

mitochondria function...

produces ATP energy

function of chromatin...

long, tangled form of DNA

chloroplast function...

where photosynthesis occurs

vacuole function...

stores water, food and waste

golgi body function...

materials transforms into forms cells can use

lysosomes function...

digests wastes

state the three parts of the cell theory

1) all living things are made of cells

2) cells are the basic units of structures and functions in living things

3) living cells come only from other living cells

what three structures do only plant cells have?

1) cell wall

2) chloroplasts
3) large vacuole

what three structures do only animal cells have?

1) Centriole

2) Cilia

3) flagella

function of the cilia and flagella?

move liquid past the surface of the cell (Ex. sperm)
















two reasons why cells divide...

1) cell growth

2) cell repair

how is cytokinesis in animal cells different from cytokinesis in platn cells?

in plant cells, a cell plate forms towards the end of telophase & cytokinesis sees the cell wall growing on the plate 

in plant cells, a cell plate forms towards the end of telophase & cytokinesis sees the cell wall growing on the plate

how do DNA ,chromosomes , genes and protein relate to each other?

-genes are like the blueprint for proteins

-genes code for a single trait

- proteins are like "robots" which catalyze reactions in the cell

DNA-->(winds up)-->chromosome-->gene

what causes a mutation in dna? (list 3)

-natural causes

-artificial causes


what is a tumor?

swelling of a part of the body caused by abnormal growth of tissue

what is cancer

uncontrollable growth of cells, cells may grow at a faster rate and no ability to sense surrounding cells

what are the four main organs of a plant

1) leaves

2) stem


4) flower

what is photosynthesis ?

process in plants converting CO2 and water into glucose and oxygen using the sun's energy

are cells more or less complex than tissue?

less complex

four major types of animal tissues

1) epithelial (skin)

2) nervous (communicates between brain and spinal cord)

3)connective tissue (bones ,fat, blood)

4) muscle ( skeletal, cardiac [only in the heart] )

what is a stem cell?

unspecialized cells that can produce various specialized cells

3 factors that influence cell specialization in animals

1) contents of cell cytoplasm

2) environmental conditions

3) influence of nearby cells

list in order the sections in which blood pumps through the heart (10 parts)

1) right atrium

2) right ventricle

3) pulmonary artery

4) lungs

5) pulmonary veins

6) left atrium

7) left ventricle

8)vena cava

9) aorta

10) body cells

vessels carrying blood away from heart...


vessels carrying blood TOWARDS heart...


tiny blood vessels with walls one cell thick...


upper chambers of the heart that recieve blood..


lower chambers that pump blood out of heart...


only artery in the body rich in carbon dioxide...

pulmonary artery

the only vein in the body rich in oxygen...

pulmonary vein

how does the human digestive system cooperate with the circulatory system?

blood passes where nutrients are absorbed and carried into the blood stream. circulatory system delivers the nutrients involved in digestion.

how does the human respiratory syst. cooperate with the circulatory system?

air we breathe goes to lungs where gas exchange occurs. blood vessels surrounds the alveoli. carbon dio. rich blood is carried to lungs where oxygen is exchanged. carbon dio. blown off during exhalation and oxygen goes back to the heart .

Circulatory system function

Transports materials

Circulatory system function

Transports materials

Endocrine system function

Makes and releases hormones

Nervous system function

Detects changes in environment and signals responses

Excretory system function

Removes waste from body

Digestive system function

Breakdown of food, absorbs nutrients and removes wastes

Respiratory system function

Controls breathing,exchange of gases in lungs