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organization that makes a community’s rules, settles its disputes, and protects its
a written plan, or framework, of government. Ohio has its own written plan of
government called the Ohio Constitution. The Ohio Constitution tells how the state government should
be organized and guarantees the rights of individuals.
a form of government in which the people have the final say in how their government acts.
Common Good
describes a specific "good" that is shared and beneficial for most members of a given
to select government leaders and representative or to decide issues directly. Elections are a
fair, equal and peaceful way to vote for leaders and decide on important issues.
This is important because it gives the people the most power in a democracy.
a member of a community, exercising the full rights and responsibilities of membership.
Personal Responsibilties
private duties such as taking advantage of the opportunity to be educated
Civic Responsibilities
duties towards the community such as obeying the law and respecting the rights
of others
a person who holds a position of power or has an influence over others
A democratic constitution has 3 main purposes:
to provide a plan or framework for government
to limit the power of government
to define the authority of elected officials
The 3 branches of government and their responsibilities are:
Legislative branch-writes/makes/passes laws
Executive branch-carries out and enforce laws
Judicial branch-interprets and applies the laws
Executive Branch
branch of govt. that carries out and enforces laws
Judicial Branch
branch of govt. that interprets laws
Legislative Branch
branch of govt. that writes/makes/passes laws
Checks and Balances
This system was put in place so
that none of the branches could have more power than the others.
The 5 purposes of government:
1. Protect the health and safety of citizens
2. Provide and Maintain public services
3. Provide a system of justice
4. protect the rights of individual citizens
5. promote the common welfare (well-being)
Citizens can promote the common good and influence their government by:
communicating with officials
participating in civic and service organization
performing voluntary service
Four qualities of a good citizen are:
1. respect
2. responsibility
3. civic minded
4. open minded
Leaders have 3 requirements
1. have a vision for the future
2. communicate that vision to others
3. get others to act
Good leader has good qualitites....some of them include:
courage, fairness, honesty, reliability, respect for the right of others, wisdom
the ability to face difficulty, danger, or pain without fear; the act of being brave. Courage is an
important quality for a leader to have.
the ability to be fair or to judge a situation without bias. Fairness is important in leaders
because a good leader will not take sides just to make friends or other important people happy.
the ability to tell the truth. Honesty is very important in leaders because people expect their
leaders to tell the truth.
the ability of a person to let others depend on him or her when needed; also the ability of a
person to let others depend on him or her being there, no matter what. It is very important for leaders
to be reliable because people need a leader they can depend on to listen to the different sides of an
issue or to listen to a new issue people have.
respect for the right of others
It is important for leaders to respect other people and the rights other
people have.
also known as intelligence. It is important for leaders to have wisdom because it helps leaders
make difficult decisions.