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a geographical area belonging to a jurdiction
authorative direction or control
force theory
using force to control a group or indiv.d
mixture of cultures
evolutionary theory
the leaders evolved to be leaders
divine right
someone is chosen by a god
social contract
people pick a representative
Roots of Democracy
Fundamental worth of the indiv.
equality of all people
majority rule/minorty rights
necessity of comprimise
indiv. freedom
forms of gov
confederate=alliance of ind. states
pres gove=seperation of powers
parlimentary=prime minister and his cabinet
dictatorship=those who rule are not responsible to the will of the people
democracy=supreme pol. power rests with the ppl
direct democracy
exists the will of people is translated into the public policy
representative (indirect) democracy
small group of persons rule
article 1
legislative branch
article 1
legislative branch
section 2: house of representatives
article 1
section 3: senate
article 1
section 8: enumerated powers of congress
article 1
clause 18= elastic clause
section 8, article 1
Basic Principles of Government:
1.government means different things to different ppl
2.think outside the box is in everything we do is necessary
politically organized body of people occupying a definite territory
whole number of ppl
supreme power