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a governments authority
is evidenced when government officials use their right to exercise power
according to political scientist Louis Harts, the united states
was 'born free'
French philosopher Michel Foucault referred to politics as ________
was by other means
which of the following describes socialism as practiced today in sweden
the gov does not attempt to manage the overall economy, but owns a number of major industries and provides for peoples basic economic needs
where is the bill of rights found I the constitution
the first ten amendments
the annaplois convention
was attended by less than half the thirteen states
the words of the declaration of independence reflected

lockes philosophy of inalienable rights

which of the following chronologies is correct
boston tea party, first continental congress, and the beginning of the American revolution
the constitution was ratified by
the states
president john adams publicly indicated that
the constitution was designed for a governing elite
the bill of rights added to the constitution, amoung other things
a guarantee of freedom of speech
which of the following is not one of the core values of American political culture
in a democratic society, who or what is responsible for personal development
the individuals
which important aspect of European thought had a big impact on the formation of the political culture of america
____ is the ability of persons, groups, or institutions of influence political developments
roughly two thirds of all lobbyists in the nations capital represent
business firms
the united states economy operates primarily as a
free market system
in a survey of college studnets the intercollegiate studies association found that the best prediction later participation in the nations civic and political life is
a solid understanding of public affairs
what is the major barrier to political thinking
unwillingness of citizens to make the effort
what is a major limit on majoritarianism suggested by the text
the public as a whole takes an intesest in only a few of the hundrededs of policys
in which of the following policy areas does the us spend more than European nations
military policy
which of the following has democracy come to mean in practice
majority rule throught the free and open election of representatives
Europeans have a greater accemptance than americans of
tax and social policies tht redistribute weath
sociologist C Wright Mills was a proponent of the theory of
the citizens of which of the following countries pat the lowest tax rates
based on his conception of responsible citizenship John Stuart Mill felt that the best form of gov was
compared to two decades ago contemporary americans are on average
paying more attention to news sources that have an obvious ideological bias
what is a major limit on majoritarianism suggest by the text
the public as a whole takes an interest in only a few of the hundreds of policy decisions
in a constitutional system
there are lawful restrictions on a governments power
which one of the following is not true of cultural or political beliefs in america
Americas origins as a wilderness society led to the belief that gov is responsible for material assistance to its citizens
the fact that farmers have more influence over agricultural price supports than do other groups
according to the declaration of independence govs get their ' just powers' from
'the consent of the governed'
what new policy was established by the US supreme courts landmark Gideon V Wainwright ruling
gov provision of free legal counsel to the accused if they are too poor to hire a lawyer
a goernments authority
is evidenced when gov officials use their rights to exercise power
the term civil liberties refers to specific indviduals rights that
are constitutionally protected from infringement by government
what was the main conclusion of the supreme courts 2008 decision in District of Columbia vs Heller and its 2010 decision in McDonald vs Chicago
citizens are allowed to own guns for legitimate pruposes such as protecting the home
libel applies to defamation of an individuals reputation through the
written word
the inclusion of certain provisions of the bill of rights through the fourteenth amendment, is called
selective incorporation
what Illinois policy did the Supreme Court invalidate with its decision in Witherspoon v. Illinois
allowing the prosecution an unlimited number of challenges in capital cases
which constitutional amendment protects the inviividual against self incrimination
The Edward Snowden leaks about he NSA surveilliance program
brought changes in how Americans phone data was stored for NSA retrieval
in the case of United states v. Virginia the supreme court ruled that
male only admissions policies at state supported military academies were unconstitutional
the demand that women should receive equal pay relative to men for work that is similarly demanding involves similar responsibilities and requires similar levels of education and training is the basis of the concept of
comparable worth
native americans were made official citizens of the US in
the supreme court halted the general use of quotes in the granting of federal contracts in the 1995 case of
Adarand v. Pena
of the following states which one has the lowest percentage of Hispanics in the population

the civil rights act of 1964 was aimed at

eliminating discrimination

by private individuals in their employment

practices and in their operation of public accommodations (hotels restrauants)

today women currently hold about ____ of the seats in the house of representatives
18 percent

the first woman ever to serve on the US

Supreme court was appointed by

president Reagon
what was politically significant about Geraldine Ferrario in 1984
she became the first woman to run on the national ticket of a major political party
the 1996 defense of marriage act
authorized states to deny marital rights to the same sex couple that had been granted these rights by another state
the influence of interest groups through the courts occurs through
both initiating lawsuits and lobbying for certain judges to be appointed to the bench
economic groups have an advantage over noneconomic groups because
they have greater access to financial resources

most lobbyists receive support from elected

officials in direct exchange for

the airwe breathe is an example of a
collective good
a pluralist could be expected to argue that
society is best seen as a collection of separate interests

the theory that societys interests are most

effectively represented through group action is

pluralist theory

some groups pursue collective goods, a

collective good is one that

cannot be selectively granted or denied to individuals; it must be shared
the supreme court decision in citizens United v. Federal Election Commission
allows corporations and labor unions to spend unlimited funds on campaigns
the ctiizens United v. Federal election commission ruling held that super FAC spending

must not be corrdinated with election


regular voters tend to be characterized by a
strong sense of civic duty

research suggests which of the following is

primarily to blame for the increase in faulty perceptions of news items among the public

changes in the forms of communication
according to the declaration of independent govs get there 'just powers' from
the consent of the governed
the greek words demos and kratis together mean
the people rule
which of the following describes socialism as practiced today in sweden
the gov does not attempt to manage the overall economy, but owns a number of major industries and provides for the peoples basic economic needs
from 1945 until the late 1960's there was the highest degree of bipartisanship in the area of
foreign affairs
the patient protection and affordable Care Act
decreased state control over health insurance
the tenth amendment addressed the concerns of ANti Federalists about
the powers of state governments

states in which region receive more of their

revenue from the federal gov than do most other states

the south
______ advocated a 'new federalism'
president Ronald Reagan
Fiscal federalism refers to the
expenditure of federal fund on programs run in part through state and local gov
during the great depression of the 1930's the national gov
asserted the power to regulate the nations economy
the federal governments power to tax regulate commerce among the states and declare war are all examples of _____ powers
according to the Anti Federalists too strong of a national gov meant
eventual encroachment upon the sovereignty of the states
the constituation allows states to
govern intrastate commerce
all the following countries have a unitary or modified unitary form of gov excempt