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Explain the different meanings upward and downward inflections convey
Upward inflection-puts question mark at end
Downward inflection-makes you sound knowledgeable and decisive because sentence does not sound like a question
Three types of businesses that may deal with high stress situations on the phone
1. customer service calls
2. telemarketing calls
3. emergency dispatch units
List three occasions when speaking slowly on the telephone is beneficial
1. spelling out names & numbers
2. giving a message that you wish to be written down exactly
3. talking with an angry person
Explain how your telephone techniques could affect the company for which you work?
Your voice is the only impression callers recieve of you and the company
What are two steps in active listening that help when dealing with an angry caller
Name three techniques to help reduce physical stress while at work
1. watch the caffeine and sugar
2. move around, change positions from time to time
3. exercise every day
How can asking judgemental questions make a stressful conversation worse
Judgemental questions make a person defensive, feel like they are being attacked
How can stress change the quality of a persons voice
When you are stressed, you may speak too loudly, softly, too rapidly, slowly. Your pitch may rise and your tone will not be pleasant
Explain how stress, when not overwhelming, is productive
It heightens your anticipation, focus your attention, helps you think quickly, and sharpens your performance
What are three ways to take full advantage of a companys training program
1. take notes
2. concentrate
3. ask questions
Four steps involved in effective listening
1. the physical act of sensing or hearing
2. interpreting the sound
3. evaluating the data and deciding how to use it.
4. responding
What is the key to maintaining professional objectivity in the workplace
controlling and changing negative thoughts and resisting the urge to act on them
State three factors that would affect an employee's telephone voice
1. pronounciation of words
2. tone, pitch, speed, volume, emphasis
3. quality of equipment
What are three ways to expand you knowledge about your company after you've been employed
1. read company announcements
2. use procedure manuals, reports, catalogs and files
3. read trade magazines and other publications
Explain the difference between pronunciation and articulation
Pronunciation-voicing the standard, accepted sounds in each word
Articulation-producing the sounds clearly, distinctly and smoothly
Three drawbacks and three benefits to using the telephone
-socialize at moments notice, able to get info. about anything, quick way to reach emergency service
-interupts, does not produce a written record, annoyance
Three tools for taking an effective message
1. keep pens and pencils in reach
2. keep a supply of message pads/paper
3. leave messages where people will be able to spot them easily
Name three steps used to control negative thoughts
1. Be aware of negative moods so as to be able to change them immediately
2. generate positive thoughts and concentrate on them
3. after concentrating on a positive thought for one or two minutes, go back to your productive work
Effective communication between two people requires that both have the opportunity to....
Speak and Listen
Three types of internal and three types of external roadblocks to effective listening
Internal roadblocks:
-anticipation, fear, physical aspects
External roadblocks:
-construction work, traffic, phones ringing