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Testicular Feminization
Female with xy chromosomes intersexed with testes in the abdomen that produce sperm but can never be activated. Female features. Faulty x-chromosome. It causes developmental confusion.
any agent which elevates the mutation rate above the spontaneous level. ie. x-ray, gamma ray, UV, sudden temp chgs.
Y-linked characteristic
characteristic that develops from the same chromosome. In this case Y-male development control gene TDF/SRY.
Gene interaction
when 2 or more loci interact and give an enexpected phenotype.
Frameshift mutation
addition or deletion of 1 or more base pairs
On keeping our genes clean
Dr.McKenzie's Presentation to the Watauga Club on genetic mutations->due to environmental/mutaGEN,carcinoGEN/teratoGEN/conditions or exposure
Barr Body
Inactive x-chromosome
Adrenal Virilism
condition caused by overproduction of male/male like hormones
autosomal RECESSIVE characteristic involving a block in the pheylalamine metabolic pathway
Reduced Penetrance
Not all Pp individuals are polydactylous
Hemizygous Dominant
male with normal red-green color vision
Kline felter syndrome
Individual with an extra x-chromosome, xxy karyotype
Turner Syndrome
Condition where an individual is missing a sex chromosome, ie. has and xo karyotype
Y-linked male development control gene