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Whole positive and negative numbers are called what?
Is 0 an Integer?
Describe the number 642 using "digits"
6 hundreds digits
4 tens digits
2 units digits
List all even numbers between -5 and 5
-4, -2, 0, 2, 4
Note: 0 is an even number
Is the result even or odd if:
a. even x even = ?
b. odd x odd = ?
c. even x odd = ?
a. even
b. odd
c. even
Is the resule even of odd if:
a. even + even = ?
b. odd + odd = ?
c. even + odd = ?
a. even
b. even
c. odd
an integer than can only be divided by itself and and 1 without any remainder is called what?
List examples...

Examples: 2, 3, 5, 7, 11, 13
How can you quickly tell if a number is evenly divisible by 2?
Check to see if the sum of the digits is divisible by 2. If so, then the number is divisible by 2.

Note: the same is true of 3's. If the sum of digits is evenly divisible by 3 then the number is divisible by 3.
How can you quickly tell if a number is evenly divisible by 4?
If the number formed by the last two digits is evenly divisible by 4 then the whole number is divisible by 4.
How can you quickly tell if a number is evenly divisible by 6?
It must be evenly divisible by BOTH 2 and 3.
5/7 + 3/7 = ?

Note: If the denominator is the same you just add the numberators and put them over the same denominator.
1/2 + 2/3 = ?

Note: When adding or subtracking fractions with different denominators you must change them to common denominators. In this case 1/2 = 3/6 and 2/3 = 4/6. 3/6 + 4/6 = 7/6
What is the rule for multiplying fractions?
multiply the two numerators to get the solution's numberator & multiple the two denominators to get the solution's denominator.
2/3 x 6/5 = ?
12/15 OR 4/5 (reduced)
What is the rule for dividing fractions?
Invert one number and then multiply.
2/3 divided by 3/4 = ?

Found by inverting 3/4. 2/3 x 4/3 = 2 x 4 / 3 x 3 = 8/9
If 2 boxes hold a total of 14 shirts, how many shirts are contained in 3 boxes?

This is a proportion test. Setup a proportion equation and solve for x. The proportion equation here is:

2/14 = 3/x. Solve for x. Cross multiply the equation to determine 2x = 42. x therefore is 21.
How do you solve for x in the following equation?

2/14 = 3/x
Cross multiply and solve for x. X = 21 in this case.