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as a Consequence of
Corruption as a Consequence of Colonialism - as portrayed in Achebe’s The African Trilogy.
a debate over
Stabbing death sparks debate over Toronto panhandlers.
a responsibility to
Do A-list bloggers have a responsibility to link to others?
a sequence of
Displaying a sequence of images, this page features the same animation.
able to X
Users of Skype were able to instantly log on and use the free phone service.
Maximising access to this information promotes justice and the rule of law.
agree with (person/idea)
I agree with you, completely.
agree to (a plan of action)
IBM, PwC Agree to Settle Kickback Allegations.
allow for
The new encryption allows for better security and privacy.
appeal for
Red Cross launches global appeal for NKorea.
approve of/disapprove of
Does God approve of slavery?
an instance of
One should not quote this case as an instance of corruption.
as a result of
Air pollution reduced as a result of smoking ban in City X.
as good as
Your guess is as good as mine.
as great as
Jaguar XK drives as great as it looks.
as many...as
As many as 25 students died in Colorado school attack.
as much as
Romney is worth as much as $250 million.
as X as to Y
Macs are as easy to hack as to use.
ask X to Y
Coaches ask Favre to play safe.
associate with
I do not wish to be associated with music.
Please attend to your customers.
attribute to
The company attributed its decline to some bad investments.
based on
The court ruling backs pay based only on commission.
be afraid of
Who's afraid of Google? Everyone.
believe X to be Y
Poisoned toothpaste in Panama is believed to be from China.
better served by X
Clients may be better served by a takeover.
better than
Is bottled water better than tap water?
both X and Y
Both Mary and Philip failed the exam.
capable of
Is he capable of finishing this project?
centers on
A standard view of probability centers on hypothesis testing.
claim to be
There is long list of people who have claimed to be Jesus Christ.
compare to (similarities)
Scientists sometimes compare the human brain to a computer.
compare with (differences)
That little bauble is not to be compared with this enormous jewel.
concerned with
Romanian people are concerned with swine fever outbreak.
conform to
Most fertility clinic web sites do not conform to applicable advertising codes.
connection between X and Y
The connection between a good job and happiness is sometimes overrated.
consider X
Her success is not surprising if you consider her excellent training.
contend that
The Conservatives contend that their earlier decision was rational.
contrast X with Y
EU's woes contrast with Japanese uplift.
credited with
The brave policeman was credited with saving the life of a man.
declare X Y
The Jury should declare Dilana the winner.
defined as
Some crimes are defined as more serious than others.
demand that
Israeli protesters demand that Prime Minister resign. (subjunctive use)
dependent on
US has become too dependent on foreign oil.
depend on whether
The new tax plan depends on whether people will be willing to pay more in taxes.
depicted as
There was outcry in media after Sonia Gandhi was depicted as goddess in a recent movie.
determined by
The quality of education should not determined by number of graduating students.
differ from

differ with
How do tsunamis differ from other water waves?

I beg to differ with your point of view.
different from

different than

different to
My car is different from yours.

(different than and different to and expression with the same meaning but considered sloppy use of language so should be replaced with different from).
disagree with (person/idea)
I disagree with you on this point.
discourage from
He was discouraged from going into business.
dispute whether
There seems a dispute whether high voltage powerlines should used in residential areas.
distinguish between X and Y (similar things)

distinguish X from Y (dissimilar things)
It's not easy to distinguish between an employee and a contractor in some cases.

We must learn to distinguish good from evil.
doubt that

doubt whether
If you really doubt that something is true (suspect that it’s false), use “doubt that”: “I doubt that Fred has really lost 25 pounds.” If you want to express uncertainty, use “whether”: “I doubt whether we’ll see the comet if the clouds don’t clear soon.”
due to

because of
Because of: an adverbial phrase
Due to: an adjectival phrase

# His defeat was due to the lottery issue.
# He was defeated because of the lottery issue.
either X or Y
Either he or his wife stole the bag.
enable X to Y
Financial support from his family enabled him to pay for his MBA degree.
encourage X to Y
My family encouraged me to work hard on my projects.
estimated to be
Indus Valley civilization is estimated to be eight million years old.
except for
There was complete silence except for the sound of someone coughing.
expect to
Scientists expect to create life from scratch in next 10 years.
enough X that Y
It's not enough that we do our best; sometimes we have to do what's required.
fascinated by
Why are we so fascinated by the lives of others?
forbid X to Y

forbid from
He was forbidden to watch television during the exams.

He was forbidden from watching television during the exams.
identical with
Health is desirable because it is identical with good life.
in contrast to
In contrast to Vancouver, Halifax has a cold winter.
in danger of
Research shows that Lebanon's coast is in danger of being devastated by tsunami.
independent from
A good editorial must be independent from any biases.
indifferent towards
Kharrazi says Iran may not remain indifferent towards Iraq.
insist that
Elderly pilots always insist that they are fit to fly.
isolated from
Cuba now finds itself isolated from the rest of the world.
resemblance between
As researchers continue to probe the highly expressive vocal and postural language of wolves, the close resemblance between wolves and dogs becomes ever more striking.
distinction of
Has any other president's family had the distinction of being connected to the Nazi War Machine?
Present tense: As I walk past, I lay the tools on the workbench.
Past tense: As I walked past, I laid the tools on the workbench. And: I laid an egg in class when I tried to tell that joke.
Past participle: . . . I had laid the tools on the workbench.
Present tense: I lie down on my bed to rest my weary bones.
Past tense: Yesterday, I lay there thinking about what I had to do during the day.
Past participle: But I remembered that I had lain there all morning one day last week.
potential to
He has the potential to score 700 in GMAT.
disdain of (not for)
For all his professed disdain of such activities, Auden was an inveterate literary gossip.
conider (consider as is wrong idiom and often tested in GMAT)
The King decided to free the more than 500 slaves who were legally considered his property.