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The company has access ----- large capital reserves.
acess to

The company has access to large capital reserves.

The poison pill in the contract acts --- a preventative measure against hostile takeovers.
act as

The poison pill in the contract acts as a preventative measure against hostile takeovers.

The design of the robot arm allows --- great flexibility.
allows for

The design of the robot arm allows for great flexibility.

Chocolate tastes as good --- ice cream
as ..as

Chocolate tastes as good as ice cream

He associates beer ---- potato chips.
associate with is right not associate to

He associates beer with potato chips.

The poor first quarter results are attributed --- the restructuring
attribute to attribute something to someone attribute something to something…….Not attribute with

The poor first quarter results are attributed to the restructuring
a responsibility

The CEO has a fiduciary responsibility ---- all shareholders.
a responsibility to

In case of the use of responsibility in direction, we need to use only responsibility to , not of. Of determines possession , that the responsibility belongs to somebody.
The CEO has a fiduciary responsibility to all shareholders.
The CEO has a fiduciary responsibility of all shareholders.
a result

The recent NASDAQ decline is a result ---- higher interest rates.
a result of

The recent NASDAQ decline is a result of higher interest rates.
a sequence

The Sumerian text was a sequence ---- incomprehensible symbols.
a sequence of
The Sumerian text was a sequence of incomprehensible symbols.

The Teamsters do not agree ---- the Republicans on many issues.
agree with

The Teamsters do not agree with the Republicans on many issues.
With is used for association , so when agree is used in an association manner, we use agree with instead of agree to because to generally refers to direction.
I agree with the proposal
I agree to the proposal . is awkward.
among (or) amongst
among (or) amongst
Used when discussing more than two items. He was the finest policeman among the hundreds of rookies.
The new house looks --- great as I had hoped.
as great as = equal
The new house looks as great as I had hoped.

The emergency room doctor attended ---- the injured victim.
attend to (someone)
The emergency room doctor attended to the injured victim.
a debate

We had a debate ----- the current US policies
a debate over

We had a debate over the current US policies
a lot
a lot + Perfect tense

A lot has been said about the situation
A lot had been said about the situation.
able + < >
able + infinitive

He has the ability to get the job done.
Acsess + -----
Access to

Can I have access to the lab.
agree + -------
Agree with (person/Idea)

The market trends do not agree with the predictions made last year.
agree + -------
Agree to (plan or action)

The government arrested the people who disagreed with the name chanege, so agree ---- disagree at your own peril.
agreed + -------
agreed on <gerund>

We all agreed on talking to the president.
in aid +---- +< >
in aid of something or someone.

WE have set up relief camps in aid of the victims
begin +------
begin to ..

lets begin to cook.

Begin + infinitve
allows + -----
The plan allows for some flexibility,
appeal + -----
appeal to
---- + approval + ----
as an approval of
---- + instance +-----
an instance of
as --- as -----
as X as to Y
associate -----
associate with
attend -----
attend to (someone)
attribute X --- Y
attribute X to Y
based ----
based on
<be verb> afraid <of>
beleive X ---- Y
believe X to be Y
better served --- X -----
better served by X thsn by Y
built by
------capable ----
<be verb> capable of
centers -----
centers on <noun>
claim -----
claim <be verb>
compare ---- similarities
compare to
compare ------ dissim
compare with
consider -----
consider <nothing> XY

no to be
contend ----
contend that
contrast X ---Y
contrast X with Y

not from
Credit ----- <responsibility>
credit with
Credit ------< give money>
Credit to
Credit -------<money recieved>
credit for
choose + -----
Choose <infinitive>
concerned -------
concerned about
conform -------
conform to

When you work at a new company, you should try to conform to its corporate culture.
consistent ------
consistent with
continue ------
continue <infinitive>

Please continue to do your work.
convert ------
convert to

Convert to X
count ----- +< >
count on +<noun>
created -------
created with
consider + <----->
consider <noun>
declare --------
declare XY
declare YX
defined ------
defined as

not to be, by . we are not measuring anything.
demand -------
demand that

Subjunctive mood
dependent -----
dependent on <noun>
depicted ------
depicted as

This is in capacity.
determined -------
determined by
differ ------
differ from
different -----
different from

not different than. used with numerical than
disagree ------
disagree with
dispute -----
dispute whether
distinguish ---------
distinguish X from Y
doubt ------
doubt that

Subjunctive mood.
decide ------
decide <infinitive>
decide ------ <noun>
decide on noun
difficult -------
difficult <infinitive>
dwindle -------
dwindle from
distinguish ------- X ----y
distinguish between X and Y
enable X-----Y
enable X to Y
encourage X-------Y
encourage X to Y
enough X ------- Y
enough X that Y
estimated ------
estimated to be

not by
except ------
except for
-----+ essential + ------
<be verb> essential <noun>
Elect <------> -------
Elect <person> for
Emerges -------
Emerges from
encourage + <-------> <------->
encourage person infinitive
Except for + <------>
Except for + gerund, person / thing
Focus ------ + <------>
Focus on + thing/person
forbid ----
forbid to
forbid X -------------Y
forbid X to do Y
not forbid X from Y
give credit ------
give credit for
give credit ----
give credit to
in contrast -------
in contrast to

in contrast with -- leads to association ,
in contrast to leads to direction.
know ------
know to do X
likley -----
likely to be
mandate ------
mandate that
help <------> + -----
help <noun> to
Their direct business model helped them to grow rapidly.
indicate -------
indicate that
invest -------
invest in

no on
indifferent -------
indifferent from
mistake + <------> + -----
mistake <noun> for
modelled -------
modelled after
more ......------
more ......than ever
more commmon among X -----Y
more common among X than among y
native to
There is a unique business culture native to the U.S.
a native of
It infects those who are not even a native of America.
not ------X ------Y
not so much X as Y
not X --------Y
not X but rather Y
noted ------
noted that
need ----
need to
Living in New York City is an experience everyone needs to try.
---- + necessary + -----
to be + necessary + to
It is necessary to get a high GMAT score to get into Stanford.
prohibit from + -------
prohibit from + gerund
You are prohibited from using a calculator on test day
potential ------
potential to
A graduate of a top business school has the potential to make over $100,000.
permit X ----Y
Permit X to Y
persuade X ----Y
persuade X to Y
prefer X ---Y
prefer X to Y
Prohibit X ---- y
prohibit X from Y
rates -----
rates for

not rates to
regard -----
regard as
requiring ------
requiring that XY

responsible ------
responsible for
retroactive -----
retroactive to

not of
require + -----+ ----
require + noun + to
You require a GMAT score to go to most U.S. business schools.
save ------
save for
Save for William, no one else passed the exam.
so -------
so that
So should not be used as an adjective: GMAT preparation is so... boring. Use it with "that."
seem to indicate
subscribe -------
subscribe to
such X -----Y -----Z
such X as Y and Z
targeted -----
targeted at
tie -----
tie to
The contract should be tied to concessions.
used +---------
used + infinitive
Japan used to be the model industrial economy.
----- + used to
to be + used to
After five practice tests, he was used to the GMAT CAT format.
view X ----Y
view X as Y
worried -----
worried about

not worried over
X -----Y

when comparing number
X out of Y
Aid --
Aid in
Allergy --
Allergy to
alternative to
alternative to
appear to -- ---
appear to as to Y
assume ------
assume --- to be of
benefit from
Concerned for --- worried
Concerned with---- related to
depicted ---
depicted as
doubt ---
doubt that
entrusted ---
entrusted with
fascinated ---
fascinated by
Interaction ---
interaction of
just as ----
just as ---- so too
persuade X -----
persuade X to do Y
research ----
research to
subscribe ---
subscribe to
to monitor
X is attributed --- Y
X is attributed to Y
X is different ---Y
X is different From Y
X ---- what Y ----
X is to what is to